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Interview: Ask Theo de Raadt What You Will

destiney openbsd.org (290 comments)

Why is openbsd.org such an ugly website? Is it because you want people to take it seriously or is it because no one on the project knows any CSS?

I respect your large brain and all your highly secure exploit-free software, but if I were responsible for view-source:http://www.openbsd.org/ I'd be pretty fucking embarrassed.

about a year ago

GNU C Library 2.17 Announced, Includes Support For 64-bit ARM

destiney Ulrich Drepper (68 comments)

is not gonna be happy

more than 2 years ago

Fire May Leave US Nuclear Sub Damaged Beyond Repair

destiney Re:Had bad experiences when I was 22 and in port t (228 comments)

When metal burns, depleting it's oxygen supply doesn't always help. When I was in, the SOP for burning metal was to push it overboard and let it sink to the bottom where it could burn out safely.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook's HipHop Also a PHP Webserver

destiney Facebook gets with the program (304 comments)

This isn't news. Lots of highly-loaded websites ALSO do not use Apache. This article should have been titled "Facebook gets with the program and ditches Apache like everyone else with a benchmark tool"

more than 4 years ago

Gmail Moves To HTTPS By Default

destiney Google Groups (275 comments)

How about some love for Google Groups? They're currently overrun with spammers who are bypassing all available moderation measures.

about 5 years ago

HTC Dragging Feet On GPL Source Release For "Hero" Phone

destiney Re:Waiting for the Acer A1 phone (181 comments)

The Hero is nice and all but, like other Android phones, it doesn't have the processing power.

Works great for me. Games seem to run fine.

more than 5 years ago

Use apt-p2p To Improve Ubuntu 9.04 Upgrade

destiney Nope.. (269 comments)

There's ext4 to be had.. I'm not upgrading, I'm reinstalling.

more than 5 years ago

Kernel Hackers On Ext3/4 After 2.6.29 Release

destiney mispelling (316 comments)

Andi Kleen, the l is missing.

more than 5 years ago

Model-View-Controller — Misunderstood and Misused

destiney Re:Author is Pedantic (221 comments)

Author is Pedantic

He seems directly in line with my own opinions of Django. It's really _not_ an MVC framework like many of it's users would have you believe.

And does quite a bit of complaining about Django without completely demonstrating his point.

One does not need to drink an entire glass of sour milk just to know it is sour.

more than 6 years ago

IT Job Without a Degree?

destiney completely possible (1123 comments)

I've been working as a programmer since 1997, with no degree. I currently work in genetics research.

So yeah, it's completely possible. I just bought books and taught myself, it's not that hard.

more than 5 years ago

Second World of Warcraft Expansion Launched, Conquered

destiney level 80 != conquering the game (386 comments)

There are _years_ of "end game" content that you can't even begin to play until you reach max level.

Anyone who thinks getting to 80 is "conquering the game" hasn't a clue as to the depth of WoW.

There's a reason why it has 11M subscribers, and sadly you missed it.

more than 6 years ago

AVG Virus Scanner Removes Critical Windows File

destiney Sucks to be you.. (440 comments)

/me pets his Linux kernel.

more than 6 years ago

EA Recommends Hilarious Work-Around For RA3 CD-Key

destiney hilarious (301 comments)

EA is the Sarah Palin of gaming.

more than 6 years ago



Buyer beware of the HTC Hero from Sprint

destiney destiney writes  |  more than 5 years ago

destiney (149922) writes "I want to report a situation with the newly released HTC Hero from Sprint.

Me and some friends are experiencing some real show-stopper issues with many of the available Marketplace applications where:

1) Install an application.
2) Run application with no problems.
3) Reboot the phone.
4) Application is now broken and crashes or doesn't run.
5) Uninstall and reinstall the application to fix it.
6) Again, run application with no problems.
7) Reboot the phone, application is again broken.

In most all of our test cases, application launcher icons will be broken and the names of the applications under the icons will be something very odd. Sometimes the application launcher icons are replaced with graphics from inside the app.

Some of the applications we are seeing broken are:

Google Voice
Google Sky
Coin Flip
Guitar Tuner Action
GPS Status

There is a fairly lengthy thread on the Android Developers mailing list regarding this. Google seems to think it is unique to the HTC Hero itself since a stock Android device (ie: G1) doesn't have this problem. Other developers are experiencing the same thing.

Android Developer thread:

Several of us have contacted HTC and have received no recognition of the problem nor any responses.

I'm sending this to you guys in order to see if there are any other users out there that are experiencing the same problem. I figure if enough of us are reporting issues, then it might make HTC/Sprint fix the issue.


Link to Original Source

Lighttpd by Andre Bogus

destiney destiney writes  |  about 6 years ago

destiney writes "Chapter 1: This chapter helps you get Lighttpd up and running on your system. I love how Debian appears first on the list of packages commands. It also includes lots of compiler options of you want to build your Lighttpd from source, and who doesn't, right?

Chapter 2: This chapter breaks out a simple server configuration then adds more stuff to it, explaining things along the way. I really like this approach to learning the configuration. Next it begins to cover all the many URL rewrite spells you might cast, and then finishes up with how to easily separate your configuration into include files and what-not.

Chapter 3: This chapter open with a possible virtual host setup using MySQL. I found this fairly interesting. Next it shows many different CGI options with special attention to FastCGI. The chapter finishes with an example of a simple mod_proxy setup.

Chapter 4: This chapter has some very interesting info for large downloads, large directories of downloads, and traffic shaping of it all. After that you see some very nice configuration options for dynamically securing download content against a database or memcache-d server. Last you get the full recipe for how to run your very own You Tube-like server.. nice!

Chapter 5: This chapter explains how to do custom logging and tracking of requests. It's a good reference mostly but the GeoIP location stuff seems useful I will admit.

Chapter 6: This chapter tells you everything you need to know about servicing SSL requests. Being your own CA is explained along with some easy examples for a safe and secure virtual host.

Chapter 7: This chapter explains many ways you might restrict access or provide authenticated access. Next you read examples for evading DoS attacks, logging, and graphing logs using RRDtool. Last are some debug options you can turn on in the event Lighttpd is acting badly.

Chapter 8: This chapter explains how and why you would want to run a chroot'd Lighttpd. Separating your web server from the operating system using local sockets is very simple it turns out. I always want as much security as I can get, don't you?

Chapter 9: This chapter sorts through many ways of squeezing additional performance out of Lighttpd. It shows some ways simple ways to profile and benchmark your server, and how to cache content only where required. Dynamic content is always better and separating things is simple to setup.

Chapter 10: This chapter explains how to take load off an existing Apache setup using Lighttpd as a proxy or gateway. It shows how Lighttpd can run in front of mod_php, mod_perl, mod_python, or even webdav. Seems Lighttpd can be an excellent load balancer in any mixed environment.

Chapter 11: This chapter is more about serving up dynamic CGI content using things like Ruby or PHP. It shows app-level configuration options for things like Ruby on Rails, PHPMyAdmin, and Trac. The chapter made me realize just how customizable a Lighttpd configuration can be.

Chapter 12: This chapter starts out with a simple Lua tutorial and then shows off some existing Lua libraries. I'm not gonna go into any detail here, either you program in Lua or you don't, and I don't.. sorry.

Chapter 13: The final chapter explains how you'd go about writing custom Lighttpd modules in C. I enjoyed this chapter the most. Writing Lighttpd modules is not exactly simple, but if you need a custom job done fast, this is the way to go."

Link to Original Source


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