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Google Mobile-Payment Patent Raises Privacy Flags

devokso Google needs to start caring about peoples privacy (83 comments)

Google wants to datamine everything and isn't shy to violate some privacy in the progress? Call me surprised. This isn't even some random company that wants to do it. It's a company which business model is advertising and collecting data. They have a huge larger interest in datamining than usual companies.

When you usually pay your purchases via merchant, the payment processing company only gets the total value of items. They don't know what you're buying. Now Google wants to get all that data too - name of the porn movies you buy, what food you eat, how you never buy any condoms, and how you bought a book that tries to teach you self-respect. They get all this information, when you buy it and where you go. Soon you began seeing related ads everywhere. Your Google searches will be full of "lose weight" and "not getting laid?" advertisements.

I wish there was a payment processor I could pay extra for not trying to fuck me in the ass all the time. But compared to Google, they're just like little kids fingers. But Google, no. Google is the 500lb gorilla that will do major damage to your anus. And it will be bloody, and it will hurt for a long time. I'm getting sick and tired of that, and I hope no more people give in. It's the same issue with software. Who wants to have adware on their computer? Who wants to be tracked all the time? Well, if your primary business model is in the advertising business, that's how you make money off people. Your customers aren't the people using software, they're advertising. When I'm buying software from lets say Microsoft, I know what I will get. I know how they make their money and it is in their best interest not to lose customers faith. We, the people using Microsoft's products, are the customers. Not some shady advertisers who's primary goal is to violate your privacy and steal your hard earned money.

more than 3 years ago

Motorola May Ditch Android, Revive ARM Partnership

devokso Re:Either/Or (207 comments)

Unless they got the team, budget and knowledge, it's better to concentrate on one system. Android has also been losing it's mojo, and is getting legal threats from everywhere.

But since they're ditching Android and turning into ARM based phones, it only means they're going to get Windows Phone 7. A good choice, as the developer tools are rock solid.

more than 3 years ago

MS Wants Laws To Block Products Made By Software Pirates

devokso Good for US economy (617 comments)

Huh, unfair competition laws? Don't you think it's only fair if companies can't buy from companies using pirated software who sell at lower price because frankly they don't need to pay as much costs as lawful companies?

If something this prevents even more work force and money going out of the country to cheap countries like China and puts US companies to a better position again.

I understand that some of you people want to allow piracy for personal use, but this is business. You're making money off pirated products. If such activity wasn't punished then companies could just set up sister companies or even pure proxy companies in countries like China and ignore all and any copyright. Now that US businesses can't just do that, they might even start hiring US work force again and get the economy better. Microsoft and other companies are right in doing this.

more than 3 years ago


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