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Apple Tells Retailers To Stop Selling Certain Samsung Devices

dew-genen-ny Re:You know what? (308 comments)

Couldn't. Agree. More. There's a reason I've ditched my iphone and will be soon to ditch my ipad.... not that they're not totally cool devices, just that Apple are acting like such douches. I remember how much I used to hate on Microsoft for not being open, not allowing everyone to play and now here we are, Apple are doing the EXACT same thing. Thank fuck Android is open source, this bullshit ends here.

more than 2 years ago

A 3D Display You Can Touch

dew-genen-ny Vertical resolution (63 comments)

Past about 6in and the resolution/consistency of image is shocking.... Notice how he has to keep dragging the image down to be close to the air outlet? Doesn't really look ready for prime time. (and come to think about it I can't imagine how they will solve keeping the air flows regular over large distances....)

more than 3 years ago

Plate Readers Abound in DC Area, With Little Regard For Privacy

dew-genen-ny Anyone know if this is possible (268 comments)

Using generic webcam type parts and open source software? Perhaps we should build an open system that anyone can log plate captures to....to be honest some of the douche bags that drive up my street way too fast could do with being shopped, replete with photo and license plate details....

more than 3 years ago

Solar Cell Achieves 40% Efficiency

dew-genen-ny Re:transport losses? (632 comments)

When you say energy losses due to transportation, are you just talking about transmission over wires?

How about conversion to something like hydrogen?

There are lots of desert areas that I'm sure could be used for energy generation, at least it would be better than polluting our way to global death....

more than 8 years ago


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