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Best Education Path To Learn Video Game Programming?

dfdashh Contribute to open source games first (240 comments)

While what people are saying here is likely valid (game development is not "fun and games", etc etc), I'd like to suggest an alternative to lying to them or pawning them off to a school that will only postpone their decision-making process wrt game development: suggest that they work on an open source game. Working with an open source game is

- a tremendous learning experience
- a resume booster
- free
- easily accessible

Personal example: I never wanted to be a game developer, but I was interested in how games work and how to make them better feature-wise. After looking around I found the Xonotic project, for which I now provide feedback and test for. It's a win/win for me and the project team; I've learned a lot in the process and the project team gets free map reviews and gameplay videos.

more than 4 years ago

Drizzle's Future Moving To Rackspace?

dfdashh Drizzle = what devs felt MySQL should have been (41 comments)

Background reading: one of the Drizzle guys who is moving over to Rackspace has a pretty good blog post on the move.

Although Drizzle is a really stripped down version of MySQL at the moment, it seems like the developers are trying to make it into what they thought MySQL should have been in the first place: a simple, modular database for web applications. From their FAQ:

What is the goal?
A micro-kernel that we then extend to add what we need. All additions come through interfaces that can be compiled/loaded in as needed. The target for the project is web infrastructure backend and cloud components.

Rackspace sounds like a perfect environment for them to fine tune their project under real world loads. Good on 'em.

more than 4 years ago

Did We Lose the Privacy War?

dfdashh Re:Try to skew their stats, if you must... (521 comments)

verifying regular expressions must be too complicated for the dumb programmer wannabees, employed by these companies

Before you hand wave e-mail address validation off as a simple regular expression, you may want to take a look at the code behind an actual RFC-compliant validator. Hardly just a regular expression.

more than 4 years ago

Barnes & Noble's Nook, Reviewed

dfdashh Why buy either? (260 comments)

Could someone please explain the advantage of a dedicated e-book reader? I don't understand why I would buy either when I can get a netbook for $50 more (at worst) that can read both PDFs and Amazon e-books. Is it the battery life of these things, or is the hardware form factor really nice? I don't know.

about 5 years ago

Server Failure Destroys Sidekick Users' Backup Data

dfdashh It's all in the name (304 comments)

Clerk: Danger Powers personal effects [shows box of off-site tapes and such]
MS: Actually my name is Microsoft Powers...
Clerk: It says here - name: Danger Powers
MS: No no no no no... Danger is my middle name
Clerk: Okay, Microsoft Danger Powers...

more than 5 years ago

CentOS Project Administrator Goes AWOL

dfdashh Re:An Alternative (492 comments)

Garth Algar: Uhm, Wayne? What do you do if every time you see this one incredible project administrator, you think you're gonna hurl?
Wayne Campbell: I say hurl. If you blow chunks and he comes back, he's yours. But if you spew and she bolts, then it was never meant to be.

more than 5 years ago

Novell Ponders "Open-Source Apps Store"

dfdashh Re:Apt (183 comments)

I would guess that they would want to put a new web GUI around their repositories, with metadata and shiny pictures to guide the user towards applications they might want. It is a new concept on what we've had for years now, only with a less-clunky interface (no offense to ATrpms and friends - they do a great job!).

more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 "Not Much Faster" Than Vista

dfdashh Re:Windows 98 FTW (821 comments)

Go throw Ubuntu on a computer from 2001 and then go cry about how Linux has gotten slower.

That's exactly what I did for the MythTV system down in my basement. It is working quite fine, thank you very much.

more than 5 years ago

Do We Need Running Shoes To Run?

dfdashh Yes, they are needed in today's environment (776 comments)

Long time distance runner here. While running barefoot converts more of your energy into forward motion, shoes can protect us against those oh-so-prevalent sharp things on the ground. Granted if you run barefoot enough you will develop thicker skin, but (speaking from experience) I would still check the ground first before I ran barefoot on it. The last thing I need is to step on tiny shards of glass when training for a marathon. Ouch.

The article also spends little time discussing one big factor in the increase of running injuries: the surface on which most people run these days. Soft earth is infinitely more forgiving than asphalt, but due to its convenience asphalt/pavement is probably used the most. This leads to more running injuries as more and more runners are literally out in the streets, pounding their poor feet on a surface that doesn't give.

more than 5 years ago

James Bond Villain Data Center

dfdashh Dupe (103 comments)

We've read about this particular data center before, though we didn't have this video. The first link in TFA has layouts and other pictures. Very cool.

more than 5 years ago

South Park Creators Given Signed Photo of Saddam Hussein

dfdashh Re:Huh. (1297 comments)

My kingdom for mod points! You are spot on. Mod up people!

more than 5 years ago

Google App Engine Adds Java Support, Groovy Meta-Programming

dfdashh Re:Groovy? Why not java? (168 comments)

I was forced to learn it for the job (Quest Foglight uses Groovy for its internal ruleset), but I ended up liking it for its:

  • Interactive console
  • Perl-like regular expression support
  • Optional typing
  • Support for "for i in $array" syntax

more than 5 years ago

Google App Engine Adds Java Support, Groovy Meta-Programming

dfdashh Re:cash cow (168 comments)

Or, are you suggesting that everyone write their web apps in C?

YES. And you'll like it too, dammit!

more than 5 years ago

Google CEO Warns Newspapers Not To Anger Readers

dfdashh Re:He may be a lawyer, but he doesn't understand (328 comments)

This is ultimately an Advertiser business.

And what is it, exactly, that you think draws advertisers to the news outlet in the first place?

more than 5 years ago

Warner Bros. Acquires The Pirate Bay

dfdashh End this now. (348 comments)

I get it - it's April 1st. Can we move on to real articles now? FYI, here is a head's up on some other tech-related April Fools Jokes we will see on the /. front page.

more than 5 years ago

Young People Prefer "Sizzle Sounds" of MP3 Format

dfdashh Re:Digital Artifacts.. (743 comments)

Attempts to clone artists for personal, "analog" performances have largely been unsuccessful. The members of Led Zeppelin participated in cloning tests in 1975, but backed out after finding the process yielded 4 replicates of Barry Manilow instead of themselves. Needless to say, the focus groups were unimpressed.

more than 5 years ago

What Has Fox Got Against Its Own Sci-Fi Shows?

dfdashh Re:My take on the problem (753 comments)

Arrested Development is actually a great example. Despite great fanfare and awards galore, Fox didn't want to give its creator (Mitch Hurwitz) the money he felt he deserved for both his own salary and the show's budget. He left and the production team didn't feel they could pick the show back up without him (article here).

more than 5 years ago



Fannie Mae worker indicted for malicious script

dfdashh dfdashh writes  |  more than 5 years ago

dfdashh (1060546) writes "A former Fannie Mae contractor has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Baltimore, MD for computer intrusion. He attempted to propagate a malicious script throughout the company's 4,000 servers. The DC Examiner has details of the incident:

Had this malicious script executed, [Fannie Mae] engineers expect it would have caused millions of dollars of damage and reduced if not shutdown operations at [Fannie Mae] for at least one week

Fannie Mae engineers discovered and stopped the script before its scheduled run time of Jan 31st. Phew!"
Link to Original Source


dfdashh dfdashh writes  |  more than 7 years ago

dfdashh (1060546) writes "Today the news tells me that Paris Hilton was let out of jail and into her home to serve the rest of her sentence in house arrest, supposedly due to an "unspecified medical condition." This got me thinking about how often someone can wiggle out of a ruling — was it just her public clout/fame, or does this happen to John Q. Public everywhere? What other stunning examples of "justice" have you encountered?"
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