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Data Entry Errors Resulted In Improper Sentences

dfjunior Re:isn't that why we have judges (138 comments)

except the problem here is the D.A. is a fucktard who can't add 2+2 *with* a calculator

more than 5 years ago

Amazon & TuneCore To Cut Out the RIAA Middleman

dfjunior Re:Awesome debate! (291 comments)

Well, if you want opinions, you're in the right place...
You've likely gained yourself a couple thousand customers by being visible here

more than 5 years ago

Warrantless GPS Tracking Is Legal, Says WI Court

dfjunior Re:Guys, it's okay... (594 comments)

so will your axle

more than 5 years ago

FAA Greenlights Satellite-Based Air Traffic Control System

dfjunior Re: gridlock in the sky (138 comments)

None of the benefits you mention really requires satellites as part of the system.

...they generally rely on the airplane transponders which report the GPS...

ur not doin it right

more than 5 years ago

7th-Grader Designs Three Dimensional Solar Cell

dfjunior Re:How? (719 comments)

Mod parent up

mod that kid's parents up

more than 6 years ago


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