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IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt

dgun They're required to give notice (632 comments)

"They gave me no notice, they can't prove that I received any overpayment"

From here

(a)After trying to collect a claim from a person under section 3711(a) of this title, the head of an executive, judicial, or legislative agency may collect the claim by administrative offset. The head of the agency may collect by administrative offset only after giving the debtor-

(1)written notice of the type and amount of the claim, the intention of the head of the agency to collect the claim by administrative offset, and an explanation of the rights of the debtor under this section;

(2)an opportunity to inspect and copy the records of the agency related to the claim;

(3)an opportunity for a review within the agency of the decision of the agency related to the claim; and

(4)an opportunity to make a written agreement with the head of the agency to repay the amount of the claim.

about 6 months ago

JavaScript Inventor Brendan Eich Named New CEO of Mozilla

dgun The name (112 comments)

I don't know that the name was his fault. Originally it was called LiveScript and was changed to JavaScript for marketing purposes. Myself, I have never cared for the name "ECMAScript".

about 7 months ago

Verizon Ordered To Provide All Customer Data To NSA

dgun The last line of the article (609 comments)

The last line: "The recent court order suggests that the collection has continued or at least resumed under the Obama administration." How does that make sense? If it is a 'recent' court order then it doesn't 'suggest' anything. It is a clear indication. And the wired article's main source is a guardian article that I can't pull up at the moment. Is it too much to ask for 'journalists' to use their own sources and to reference the original documents instead of writing an article about an article?

about a year ago

The Two Big Problems With Online College Courses

dgun Re:No, Colleges need to stop catering to the LCD (215 comments)

I agree. And how much is a college degree worth when everyone has one? There is a student loan bubble on the horizon and I guess a mountain of defaults is what it will take before we seriously reconsider how we educate in the US.

about a year and a half ago

Newspaper That Published Gun-Owners List Hires Armed Guards

dgun Re:Assault Rifles (1435 comments)

Hitler was elected.

Hitler was appointed Chancellor. And with the enabling act made himself a dictator.

about 2 years ago

Search Tracking Purports To Show Effect of Racism On '08 Election

dgun Re:Why is this on Slashdot? (511 comments)

I think you’re comparison between the two statements is a false equivalency. If you know a little about American history, then you should know that black Americans are more likely to share common interests, if for no other reason than the long history of racism in the US. ‘White people’ are less likely to have common interests because that is a much broader group. And it is in a lot of ways a sad reminder of what was lost to African Americans when I can identify as not just a descendant of Europeans, but can say that I have French and Scottish roots, and whereas many other white Americans can say they’re Italian or German or Irish, etc. When an influx of Irish immigrated to the north east in the 19th century, would it have been fair to assume that an Irish alderman would likely represent Irish constituents better? Maybe or maybe not, but I wouldn’t consider such an assumption to be bigoted. Or would it be fair to assume that a Jewish council member would better represent a predominantly Jewish ward better? Maybe or maybe not, but again I wouldn’t consider that bigoted. Black American’s interests are aligned with each other to some degree exactly because they are black, and this is in response to the way they’ve been treated over the years. I feel that in the near future this will no longer be the case and the argument that some of you are trying to make will actually have some merit at that point, but for now it’s still bunk.

more than 2 years ago

Search Tracking Purports To Show Effect of Racism On '08 Election

dgun Re:Why is this on Slashdot? (511 comments)

Not necessarily. Blacks tend to support Democrats in national elections. There may have been an assumption that because Obama was black and a Democrat he would represent the interests of black Americans better, but I wouldn’t call that racism. Had Obama ran as a Republican would he have got the same support? Did Herman Cain have a strong following among black people? It is amazing for me to recall how black people in Alabama supported George Wallace. The last time he served as Governor he got 90% of the black vote. Black voters in Alabama supported Wallace because of the choices they had, Wallace represented their interests more than other candidates (his support of public schools at the top of the list, which are always under attack by certain political forces in the state).

more than 2 years ago

Java Web Attack Installs Malware In RAM

dgun Oh no, Java scary! (98 comments)

As the article points out this is a known vulnerability. And there has been a patch available since October 2011.

The infoworld article mentions that the applet used a "rogue" DLL. Where did that come from? If it didn't install any files on the system, why is there a "rogue" DLL on the system? Did it just "install" that DLL into memory also? And if the malicious applet code managed to get escalated privileges, why didn't it install something on the drive? And isn’t the term “install” being misused in the article? In fact, isn’t it true Mr. Infoworld Article person, that the alleged malware was merely “loaded” into memory? The truth is there was no flight leaving Guantanamo Bay, you doctored the flight logs, you ordered the code red, you framed OJ Simpson

more than 2 years ago

Are Brain Teasers Good Hiring Criteria?

dgun Re:Well, they're a good indicator of intelligence (672 comments)

I agree. But I would prefer a puzzle to questions like "where do you see yourself in 5 years" and "what are your goals". I want to answer "My goal is to get hired. Why else would I answer such stupid questions?"

more than 2 years ago

To Stop BEAST, Mozilla Developer Proposes Blocking Java Framework

dgun Re:Mozilla Craziness (309 comments)

I agree. And I hate to see this happen to Firefox. They seem so eager to appear innovative and edgy, yet haven't really done anything interesting in years.

about 3 years ago

Mass Psychosis In the USA?

dgun Re:Just call it "Soma" ... (542 comments)

Yes but in the book, pop culture is all about sex, and sex itself is trivial, and people are brainwashed and have infantile views.....Ok. But where is my helicopter vehicle thingy?

more than 3 years ago

Anniston, Alabama To Censor Employees' Facebook Pages

dgun I'm from the Anniston area (338 comments)

I live just outside of Anniston. The local paper. the Anniston Star, runs stories on the city council several times a week. It's awesome entertainment, Believe me when I say that the Anniston city council is a complete joke. One of the council members stated that the reason they want to trample on the first amendment rights of their employees (and understand that this is just not about posting on Facebook at work) is that comments made on Facebook could embarrass the city. Which is completely ridiculous considering the City council has been the #1 source of embarrassment for the city for a couple of years now. The last couple of months they have been conducting an "inquiry" at tremendous expense, apparently on the general subject of "bad stuff" that's going on at the city, But it's really about the ego of one council member who was not happy at the results of an investigation conducted by the police department and who was also attempting to punish a police officer who criticised the council member on Facebook, as well as take revenge on a judge who ruled against him.

The mayor and the various council members fight and argue like school children continuously. One of the council members files multiple law suits based on idiotic grounds. In their "inquiry" they have issued subpoena after subpoena, many of which are quashed because they're so damn ridiculous. This latest issues regarding Facebook is just one in a long list of laughable shenanigans perpetrated by the council. Honestly, a reality show based on these people would be awesome and would be the one reality show I would watch. You wouldn't even have to edit anything, just broadcast the council meetings live on Comedy Central. The truth is far more hilarious and amusing than any group of video editors could conjure,

more than 3 years ago

Facebook, Microsoft Team Up Against Google

dgun Re:People use Bing? (297 comments)

A multi-million dollar "thing" breaks between IE7 and IE8? Excuse me while I lolz.

about 4 years ago

Criminals Steal House Thanks To Hacked Email

dgun Who showed up at closing? (227 comments)

Australia doesn't require someone to show up and sign a bunch of crap, I guess. It seems I signed about 5,000 documents both times I purchased a house.

more than 4 years ago

Researchers On The Cusp Of Curing Aging

dgun I love this for this: (1 comments)

For many scientists who know about such things

The scientists who don't know about such things couldn't be reached for comment. And this whole thing has a huge downside. If we all start living forever, at what point does the senior coffee pricing kick in?

more than 4 years ago

Ideas For a Great Control Room?

dgun Stuff you need (421 comments)

Exercise equipment. Personal workspaces for each 24/7 staffer. A schedule that is not completely idiotic. A decent break room. A big red button with a sign that says "NEVER PUSH THIS" but doesn't actually do anything. The red button that actually does something should be several layers deep in locked cabinets. A box within a cabinet within a safe should work. Seriously, the first few things I mentioned should be considered. I speak from experience.

more than 4 years ago

New Jersey County Fights Landfill Odors Using Fragrant Spray Trucks

dgun Why stop there? (104 comments)

Why not the whole state?

more than 4 years ago

Wisconsin Designates State Microbe

dgun In Alabama... (102 comments)

...we're fighting over bingo. So, you know, legislating official microbes actually sounds productive.

more than 4 years ago



GNU/Linux distro requires Windows to install

dgun dgun writes  |  more than 5 years ago

dgun writes "I recently put together a new PC. When I purchased the motherboard, I noticed that it came with an instant on OS, a small GNU/Linux distro known as Splashtop. I assumed that the OS was on a ROM chip on the motherboard. To my great annoyance, when I try to boot to the OS there is a message that says it is not installed. It turns out that motherboard comes with an install disk for this GNU/Linux OS that you can only run from Windows (of course) that will install the OS on the hard drive. First of all, doesn't installing it on the hard drive defeat the point of having an instant on OS? If I wanted to duel boot a small GNU/Linux OS, I'm sure there are plenty to choose from that I could try. Secondly, if distributing GPL'd software by means that completely preclude it from being used without Windows is not a violation of the GPL, should it not be?"


dgun has no journal entries.

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