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German Foreign Office Going Back To Windows

dhruvx Looks like... (901 comments)

all those studies microsoft did about higher TCO for OpenSource turned out to be true. *ducks* In retrospect, they are telling us things that we already know for years - OpenSource / Linux on desktop is NOT ready. Linux / OpenSource is great on the server side. Definitely 2011 is not the year of the Linux desktop :) Nothing to see, move along... Disclaimer: For the utterly daft, my statement about the TCO study was sarcasm incase you missed it.

more than 3 years ago

iPhone Antitrust and Computer Fraud Claims Upheld

dhruvx Re:Precisely (273 comments)

Which actually seems reasonably fair; if someone takes a car and decides to tinker in the brake system and try to come up with their own antilock braking system they feel is better, that's fine. But if they then have an accident, they can't realistically hold the car manufacturer responsible for the ABS they modified.

Your analogy is flawed. It would make sense to say, you buy a car. Tinker with the brakes. After a while send it for "upgrades" ( say, they put in a fly-by-wire instead of the hydraulics ) and that "upgrade" bricks your car. You sue the manufacturer for the bricked car :P THAT would be a correct analogy.

more than 6 years ago


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