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Ohio Supreme Court Drawn Into Magnetic Homes Case

dietlein Re:I have to wonder... (462 comments)

It's surrounded by a Faraday's Cage... twice.

A Faraday cage (or two) does not block magnetic fields.

about 3 years ago

DoE-Sponsored Project Readies Human Trial For Artificial Retinas

dietlein DOE (82 comments)

And this is sponsored by the Department of Energy for what reason?

For the same reason the Department of Commerce is responsible for our atomic clocks?

Seriously though, the DOC, DOE, etc., each have a variety of national labs, each of which have many areas of research. I'd suppose the DOE's expertise in high-reliability sensors (for light and all other wavelengths of radiation) is one reason why they mesh well with this project.

more than 5 years ago


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