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Researchers Demo Hardware Attacks Against India's E-Voting Machines

digTro Tampered EVMs may have already been used (179 comments)

There have been allegations in the past that political parties in India have rigged EVMs and I think that is quite likely despite the lack of "evidence". To understand that, you need to know how the voting system works in Indian elections.

The educated elite in India are apathetic to voting. They have no trust in the administrative system and have no hope that the endemic corruption will ever end. So come election time, the people who vote are mostly the poor who hope that some day, the extravagant promises made by the political parties will be kept . Before election day, the voters are bribed with free liquor and food. The women folk are given new clothes. And finally cash is also distributed to bias the voters to chose a particular candidate. The system which issues voter identification cards is broken and sometimes you can find impostors voting on behalf of actual voters.

Given the amount of money that politicians spend on rigging manual voting, tampering EVMs is just good business practice. It is cheaper and you don't need to chase around thousands of voters.

more than 4 years ago

Indian Copyright Bill Declares Private, Personal Copying "Fair Dealing"

digTro Re:SuddenOutbreakOf... (192 comments)

Caste system has been made illegal only in name, but is still practiced in a different form by the people in power. In fact it has become endemic to the entire administrative structure of the government. Pick any government office and I'll eat my shoe if you can't find caste politics at play.

Politicians do everything they can to keep people divided on caste lines so that come election time, they are guaranteed a certain percentage of votes. Instead of backing off affirmative action for under-privileged classes after they attain some economic freedom, as was originally intended at the time of writing of the Indian constitution, politicians work very hard at bringing in more people under affirmative action, to build up their voter base. Casteism is far from gone from India. It is just thriving in a different form.

more than 4 years ago

Following In Bing's Footsteps, Yahoo! and Flickr Censor Porn In India

digTro Re:So are you redirected to wholesome Bollywood? (167 comments)

There really is no sex in Bollywood. Everything upto the point of getting nude and having sex is allowed, but the line is drawn at sex. Now a days the situation is better. At least they show people kissing each other, but a decade earlier, movies used "rich" symbolisms like bees hovering over a flower, two flowers jostling each other in the wind and shots of lightning to indicate that actors are engaged in passion and sex.

about 5 years ago

Indian Nationalists Forcibly Censor Orkut

digTro Re:Are you *kidding* me? (360 comments)

The Shiv Sena and RSS are Hindu chauvinist thugs that aren't taken seriously by anyone educated.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case always. RSS and their likes have some very strong student unions who actively campaign in many colleges and people do join them. Its usually these students who are sent to do low level vandalizing (like disrupt Valentine's day celebrations, thrash Internet cafes).

Also there are many people (highly educated, mind you), who I know, support this censorship. It basically comes down to not being able to ignore badmouthing. No one is gets hurt when someone writes some inflammatory things on some website. But people chose to get insulted and they are happy that Shivsena and RSS are fighting the "fight" for them.

more than 7 years ago



digTro digTro writes  |  more than 7 years ago

digTro (940778) writes "Microsoft is participating in this year's Linux Asia conference. From the article 'If you can't beat them why not join them. This could well be Microsoft's new mantra. For the first time ever Redmond Giant Microsoft will be rubbing shoulders with its arch rival, the Penguin (Linux mascot) at Linux Asia 2007'. A Microsoft director had some interesting things to say about Linux: '"Microsoft also has a record of patching up vulnerabilities in one-third of the time compared to Linux. You need to pay to get security updates in Linux whereas in Windows its free," Mr Balakrishnan said.'"


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