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The Sony Pictures Hack Was Even Worse Than Everyone Thought

dimethylxanthine North Korea? (528 comments)

There's a lot of talk going around right now, mainly from Sony itself, that North Korea is likely behind it. Seriously though - would expect a bunch of people who don't know what Internet is, who likely don't live and breathe IT, security - basically everything capitalism stands for, let alone having a pipe fast enough to rip 100TB of data...

Now I understand they could be trained and based elsewhere, but might as well say the Martians did it...

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35?

dimethylxanthine Instead of carrying on as a one-man band - (376 comments)

Hire a few people. Delegate. Train them. As your projects get more complex - grow your team. Before you know it - you're the boss of a sizeable team, able to manage several projects concurrently, whose portfolio grows exponentially. Unless of course you want to be pulling your own cart well into the 'standard' retirement age... Just a thought...

about three weeks ago

Isaac Asimov: How Do People Get New Ideas?

dimethylxanthine Re:Bell Labs (150 comments)

The only thing I would even dare venture to guess is that the great ideas of the ages have come from people who were looking for things, even if they found something other than what they were looking for (like Penicillin).

Or LSD. Or cortexiphan.

about 2 months ago

The Woman Who Should Have Been the First Female Astronaut

dimethylxanthine Women outside the house... (200 comments)

It's posts like these that will get even Slashdot banned in the Middle East one day... Well, I say we send the radical islamists to space first.

about 2 months ago

Exxon and Russian Operation Discovers Oil Field Larger Than the Gulf of Mexico

dimethylxanthine Question is... (201 comments)

Will we have enough oxygen to burn it enough electricity to power all those A/C units in a couple of years time...

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Remote Support For Disconnected, Computer-Illiterate Relatives

dimethylxanthine What year is it? (334 comments)

Thought it was 1997 for a minute...

about 3 months ago

Newly Discovered 60-foot Asteroid About To Buzz By Earth

dimethylxanthine Matter of coice (68 comments)

This one decided it would rather spend another aeon in the cold of space alone than land in Russia.

about 3 months ago

Mysterious, Phony Cell Towers Found Throughout US

dimethylxanthine Re: Around or on top of millitary bases? (237 comments)

Why Chinese, right away? They could be Russian for all you know. They're still no different from the commission we know and plenty of ruthless crooks there too. *cough* Putin *cough*

about 4 months ago

NASA Can't Ethically Send Astronauts On One-Way Missions To Deep Space

dimethylxanthine Ethically? (402 comments)

If we had done anything ethically on this planet we wouldn't have to be looking for a new one to move to in the first place...

about 9 months ago

Enlightenment E19 Pre-Alpha Released

dimethylxanthine One word... (89 comments)


about 10 months ago

How the Web Makes a Real-Life Breaking Bad Possible

dimethylxanthine Ban the internet! (194 comments)

Joking. Interesting read. Clearly some drugs, by all means not all, should be legalised - better quality, increased safety, less incentives to invent untested and often hazardous chemicals and, last but not least, PROFIT for the country's budget! Old school politics and the WOD nonsense have caused enough damage already. Even the head of UK Police is saying it: End war on drugs, says Durham police chief Mike Barton

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Events Calendar Software For Local Community?

dimethylxanthine Owncloud (120 comments)

Though it provides a handful of other features, such as file storage and address books, it has a pretty robust CalDAV management interface, complete with user & group sharing and mobile device support - which is what I've primarily set it up to do for our SME without the need of signing up for Google Apps at $5 a pop.

Hope this helps.

about a year ago

iPhone 4, iPad 2 Get US Import Ban

dimethylxanthine Old hardware still being produced?? (213 comments)

Is this really such a big deal? How long since iPhone 4 / iPad 2 have gone out of production and replaced by newer models? Doubt the ruling will have any serious impact...

about a year and a half ago



Pacific Island of Niue to Mint Star Wars Coins

dimethylxanthine dimethylxanthine writes  |  more than 3 years ago

dimethylxanthine writes "Niue residents will soon be able to choose from several collections of Star Wars themed coince, including a set featuring Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan, R2-D2 + C3PO, Yoda and Han Solo / Chewbacca. While legal tender with a denominations of $2NZ, the coins will be minted from 1oz pure silver and as such not for daily use by most people — "No one is going to go buy an ice-cream with them", as New Zealand Mint spokesman Chris Kirkness put it. A total of 7500 will be minted, so coin collectors should be thiking about finding a transport for this pacific island, which is far far away from most places before November, which is when the coints will go into production."
Link to Original Source

KDE Ships the first beta of KDE 4.7

dimethylxanthine dimethylxanthine writes  |  more than 3 years ago

dimethylxanthine writes "May 25th, 2011. Today, KDE has released a first beta of the upcoming 4.7 release of the Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, the KDE Applications and the KDE Frameworks, which is planned for July 27, 2011. With API, dependency and feature freezes in place, the KDE team's focus is now on fixing bugs and further polishing new and old functionality.

The 4.7 release will bring a number of exciting improvments:

        KWin, Plasma's window manager now supports OpenGL-ES 2.0, improving performance and deployability on mobile devices
        Dolphin, KDE's flexible file manager has seen user interface improvements and now sports a better user experience for searching in files' metadata.
        KDM, KDE's login manager now interfaces with the Grub2 bootloader
        Marble, the virtual globe now supports offline address search, especially making its mobile version more useful on the road"

Link to Original Source

How Form 696 could pull the plug on live music

dimethylxanthine dimethylxanthine writes  |  about 6 years ago

dimethylxanthine writes "The 696 Form compels licensees who wish to hold live music events in 21 London Boroughs to report to the police the names, addresses, aliases and telephone numbers of performers, and most worryingly, the likely ethnicity of their audience. Failure to comply could result in fines or imprisonment. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/how-form-696-could-pull-the-plug-on-the-capitals-music-scene-1028240.html Thanks!"

Career advise for aspiring environmental scientist

dimethylxanthine dimethylxanthine writes  |  more than 6 years ago

dimethylxanthine writes "Greetings Earthlings! Biotech is the best topic I could find for this inquiry (I was looking for the Ecology/Nature section, which seem to be missing from the list at the moment), but before I digress... The reason I implore upon your wisdom, is because I believe that among you (us?) might be those exotic individuals that willingly chose to put themselves in harsh outdoor environments extended periods of time outdoors, studying nature, plants animals and trying to figure out how humans or aliens (ecology), can fit in the mix without disrupting the balance, or better yet, figuring out how to restore it. The real reason behind the question, is that my soul mate, who has been doing work not related to her degree for past 3 years wants to get back to her life's passion and do research in Ecology, namely subaquatic marine aliens and their mediation. Also since finding the right information which would fit one's needs like the right gear ratio on a converted electric Aprila is hard to hit even on the internet, so I'm directing this to the crowd who might have the relevant information for an aspiring environmental scientist. Kudos! (Note to editor: feel free to edit links/comparisons at your convenience)"


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