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How Far Are You Traveling For the Holidays?

diodegod Re:Much Further (304 comments)

I also just flew from Australia to Canada. Perth to Fredericton, NB each way is 13148 miles (21190 km). Can anyone top that?

Well worth it to see snow for the first time though.

more than 2 years ago

Telco CEO Asks For "Baby Bell Solution" For Australia

diodegod Re:Oh pretty please Mr Government (66 comments)

That can reach about 5% of Aussie homes, let me know when you were planning to cable up Vic Park, I'll be getting NBN by the end of the year. Given the reach of Optus's cable network, iinet is still number 2.

WA represent!

Oh HFC. You could be living in a recently developed suburb (e.g. Dalyellup, maybe Ellenbrook) where it used to be just e-wire cable service, man those guys had it rough in the early days until they got ADSL.

NBNco's WA second stage roll-out maps are low resolution but it looks like the Vic Park installation will cover my suburb too. I will be dropping ADSL2 so hard it's going to leave a crater.

Imagine a future where I can switch ISPs without waiting a month for the churn because I'm already on naked DSL.

more than 3 years ago

New PS3 Firmware Causing HDD Upgrade Problems?

diodegod Re:Meh (82 comments)

Running 3.15 here too, don't want to lose the OtherOS. Do OtherOS-capable PS3s fetch more than regular PS3s? I could sell this and use the money to not buy Sony stuff.

more than 4 years ago

Unusual Physics Engine Game Ported To Linux

diodegod $5 each platform? (117 comments)

Poking around the checkouts I see that you buy the game individually for each operating system as opposed to buy once, run anywhere. If my main mac dies (again) I'll have to shell out again to play it on a Windows or Linux machine. Not a huge fan of this sort of arrangement, I liked Braid where I've paid for it once and have access to Windows and OSX copies.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Going After Yahoo! Again

diodegod Re:Give it up already (218 comments)

What we need is Chris Crocker to do another "leave Britney alone" style video.


I think MS would get the message.

more than 6 years ago


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