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Thousands of Whistle Blowers Vulnerable After Anonymous Hacks SAPS

disasm Why the risk? (132 comments)

This article completely ignores the big elephant in the room. Why was this information on a server hosted on the Internet? Shouldn't information like this be separated on a separate subnet? It talks about Intrusion detection systems and all sorts of technology to mitigate the risk, but the answer is simple. If your business data is isolated completely from your public facing presence, you need an insider or a physical break-in to be at risk.

about a year ago

Google Drops XMPP Support

disasm Once bitlbee breaks I'm done with google (416 comments)

I'll continue to use my google account for chatting with people for now, but if they pull the plug on 3rd party clients such as bitlbee, I'm done with google. I'll either setup my own jabber server running XMPP, or just switch back completely to IRC.

about a year ago


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