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Are Lenovo's ThinkPads Getting Worse?

discomike Selling points (271 comments)

I'd say the lack of touchscreen is a positive feature =)

about a year ago

Recycling Excess Heat From the Data Center

discomike Re:I think it's great, but... (121 comments)

He's not talking about distribution inside your house from a central heating point, but for distribution to your house from a central heating point in the city. Like here in Gothenburg(pop ~0,75 million). Total heating capacity for the central system here is a bit over 2000MW, our (clean*)garbage power plant provides 28% of the city's heating & hot water, and 5% of electricity needs. Among other providers is a biogas furnace from the sewage treatment plant, waste heat from industries like refineries, and Volvo, also about 150MW is recovered with heat exchange from the sewage. About 80% of the heat provided used to be waste in some form. *meets future EU-demands on cleaning. First electro filter, then wet cleaning which removes particles and condenses acid gases, then a textile filter which removes almost all dioxin and most of the sulfur.

more than 4 years ago

Low-Energy Laser Etching May Replace Fruit Labels

discomike We don't need no stickers at all.. (475 comments)

You could put the label on the boxes, or on a sign in the store.. come to think of it, they already do, so why the hell do you need stickers on each individual piece of fruit?

more than 4 years ago

Scammer Plants a Fake ATM At Defcon 17

discomike Re:Easy to avoid (394 comments)

At least here in Sweden, the issuing bank transmits data on if the card has a chip or not, and the ATM or terminal requires chip usage if the card is supposed to have a chip. On older store terminals without a chip reader, the mag stripe works, but those are getting replaced as time goes by, and yeah, just using the card in another country is still the safest bet. Though I have noticed being required to use the chip in some other countries now as well.

more than 4 years ago


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