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Why Is the Internet So Infuriatingly Slow?

dk.r*nger Re:Internet Axiom: The internet is slow (812 comments)

the current ISP model

So change the current ISP model. Analyze your traffic, and design three new subscription plans:
- Standard. Is slightly cheaper than you current standard plan, includes enough monthly bandwidth that 60% of your customers can use it with out hitting the limit. Grandma's connection.
- Pro. Slightly more expensive than Standard, higher limit, works for the next 30% or whatever of your clients. Basically everyone between grandma and hogs.
- Elite. Pays pr. gigabyte, minimum of X gb, with X set so high that it's always more expensive than Pro. Tells the hogs to f*** off or pay up. Offer a lower cost pr. GB at night or whenever you have excess capacity.

Silently accept a certain (high) temporary excess usage for the the standard and pro plans, so the grandkid leaving a bittorrent open on grannys computer doesn't get a huge bill. If traffic is consistently too high, send an e-mail or give them a call, and tell them to slow down, upgrade, or be billed for excess usage.

more than 6 years ago



dk.r*nger dk.r*nger writes  |  more than 7 years ago

dk.r*nger writes "A colleague and I have been tasked with the planning for our department (IT — support, helpdesk and development) for a company party. The concept is that all the participants will tour through the five departments and spend an hour in each over the course of a friday evening. Each department will have something planned to entertain thier guests.
I'd like to play on the "nerdyness" of our trade, but I'm a little short on ideas. I'm not sure entertaining the crowd with stupid users stories all night will be as fun for them as it is for us.
Have you been to a great IT-themed party that I can borrow some ideas from? Any typical drinks or snacks for geeks, short of coffee and burritos?"


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