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Data Archiving Standards Need To Be Future-Proofed

dkf Re:Paper tape (110 comments)

Get the acid-free paper. Will last forever

Or until it gets wet.


3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room

dkf Re:Anthropometrics (818 comments)

The solution is simple: load them up with tranquilizers/sedatives and stack 'em in like cordwood. ;)

A seemingly good idea that will fall apart as soon as someone overdoses on sedatives and their next-of-kin sue. Good luck with persuading a judge that some getout clause in a 3pt font prevents any liability attaching...

about two weeks ago

Mozilla 1024-Bit Cert Deprecation Leaves 107,000 Sites Untrusted

dkf Re:So 1024 Bits Not Enough Now? (67 comments)

You're confusing the cost of legitimate operations with the cost of searching the key space. You don't want legit users to bear too much cost since everyone ends up paying that over and over, but you do want the cost of searching to be high since that's not something that people should be doing.

about two weeks ago

Two Explorers Descend Into An Active Volcano, and Live to Tell About It

dkf Re:The last sentence of the summary is spot on (66 comments)

The trek itself was trivial compared to summiting Everest but the visuals were just a lot more impressive.

You don't need such fancy protective gear when doing Everest, which is just cold and lacking in oxygen, not outright chemically hostile and hot as hell. (Some volcanoes are even worse. The ones that spew fluorine gas (or hydrofluoric acid) are just awful...)

about two weeks ago

New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster

dkf Re:Kodak had the right idea decades ago (161 comments)

It's called JPEG2000, uses wavelet transformations instead of discrete cosine transformations that JPEG uses and has been around since over a decade ago. No one uses it.

You're wrong there. It's used quite a lot in high-capacity digital image storage. Libraries, that sort of thing. You might have the space and time to waste on using standard JPEG and you might not care too much about the compression artefacts, but libraries really do care. (A billion high-resolution images is only a medium-sized library...)

about two weeks ago

Islamic State "Laptop of Doom" Hints At Plots Including Bubonic Plague

dkf Re:Self-Inflicted Damage (369 comments)

Is d) going to be "Profit!"?

about three weeks ago

How the World's Fastest Electric Car Is Pushing Wireless Charging Tech

dkf Re:LOL (49 comments)

How about if could charge your car wireleslly a bit at a time at each stop light.

If you think that's viable, you're spending too much of your life waiting at stop lights.

about three weeks ago

How many devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi?

dkf Re: Phones + 1 laptop. (260 comments)

I've heard of power line adapters. They seem to work well if you're wiring us if the right type. Otherwise speeds can degrade quickly.

They still beat wireless through a 2' load-bearing stone (or brick) wall. Which is the GP's point.

about three weeks ago

UK Prisons Ministry Fined For Lack of Encryption At Prisons

dkf Re:As a former employee... (74 comments)

All built and supported by one of the most predatory firms in the UK, affectionately known as Twatos.

Don't worry. They're just as bad in many other european countries too.

Terry Gilliam must be laughing in his grave.

Fortunately for him, Terry Gilliam appears to be still alive. Terribly selfish that, not dying on you just so that you could lazily use a cliché like that.

about three weeks ago

Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According To a Koch-Backed Astroturf Group

dkf Re:What's so American (531 comments)

Net neutrality isn't about what tier of service you have. It is about ensuring that you aren't getting purposefully manipulated speed for the tier you have.

Technically, it's about ensuring that you get what you think you have paid for and ensuring that you can use what you have paid for for whatever you want to. These things are absolutely fundamental to a free market even being possible.

about three weeks ago

Oregon Sues Oracle For "Abysmal" Healthcare Website

dkf Re:Reputation (212 comments)

Worst piece of enterprise software I've ever seen. I have physical pain any time I have to use it.

I know it's enterprise software, but you're really not supposed to shove it up your ass each time you use it.

about a month ago

Finding an ISIS Training Camp Using Google Earth

dkf Re:Time to build a cruise missile and send it over (134 comments)

I did and they have another hostage ready to chop his head off.

The way to deal with these people is to ignore whether they have the second hostage (assume he's already dead, even if that's technically premature) and to bomb the area, preferably with something like white phosphorous incendiaries. It also needs to be done soon, because people regard such actions less favourably when it is longer from the event which the punishment is being meted out for. Make it very clear that once someone starts killing hostages, reprisals will come. If you don't, the next damn terrorist group will think they can get away with this sort of thing too; you're not protecting those already captured, you're protecting everyone else.

It's a shame, but being this nasty is the only way of hammering home to idiots that fucking with is a seriously bad idea (unless you can act with more precision and kill just the terrorists). And it does work: it's been proved to work over and over throughout history. It probably needs to be accompanied with a full apology to any innocents caught up in the crossfire to mitigate incidental downstream trouble.

about a month ago

Is Storage Necessary For Renewable Energy?

dkf Re:Expert?? (442 comments)

Gravitational potential energy cannot be used as an energy source.

But you can use it to store energy, and this has indeed been done and it is an important part of how the Grid works. Look up pumped storage hydroelectricity some time.

about a month ago

Are Altcoins Undermining Bitcoin's Credibility?

dkf Re: Self Serving Story? (267 comments)

Really ? you are kidding right ? It's clearly not backed by gold anymore. So what's it backed by ?

It's backed by the fact that the government can shoot people until everyone agrees that it is valid. We could beat around the bush a lot more, but the threat of force (together with the ability to pay taxes that follows from that) is a key thing in making a currency valid.

about a month ago

The Technologies Changing What It Means To Be a Programmer

dkf Re:Yes, no, maybe, potato salad (294 comments)

There is no table, that I know of, that lists all the features versus all the paradigms versus all the languages.

That would be a very large table indeed, as there are a lot of critical nuances and a lot of languages (even if we exclude the ones without the ability to do a useful subset of all system calls).

about a month ago

The Technologies Changing What It Means To Be a Programmer

dkf Re:Some of us do still assemble, even now (294 comments)

Many (most?) AAA games use C++ to build a specialized runtime and the actual game logic is implemented with scripts running on it.

If you're lucky, the scripts are in Lua (or possibly even one of the other embeddable scripting languages). If you're unlucky, they're in something custom...

about a month ago

The Technologies Changing What It Means To Be a Programmer

dkf Re:COBOL was better than JavaScript. (294 comments)

We probably would have ended up with some variant of REXX or TCL on the client-side.

Almost certainly Tcl; the right engineers knew it at the time, but JS managed to get to a shipping browser slightly sooner.

about a month ago

Gas Cooled Reactors Shut Down In UK

dkf Re:Jaw dropping (120 comments)

I think England is culturally tied to the idea of keeping the home fires burning which give nuclear power a kind of hold on them that technically it does not merit. That may explain the huge price they are willing to pay.

The English power consumption profile is winter-biased, and that's when loss of power can really cause trouble. Politicians think it is better (in electoral terms) to over-spend than to have the lights (and heating!) go out; they may be right on that.

about a month ago

Gas Cooled Reactors Shut Down In UK

dkf Re:not big in UK (120 comments)

And the study itself notes, "Silver in PV cells might be replaced by other metals".

What's more, the total amount of silver required by world industry has been dropping a lot recently due to the switch to digital photography. Silver availability really isn't a problem.

about a month ago

Algorithm Predicts US Supreme Court Decisions 70% of Time

dkf Re:Useless (177 comments)

According to the Supreme Court recently affirmed 27% of lower court decisions and reversed 73%. This means that if you guess that the Supreme Court reverses the lower court every time, you'll be 73% accurate. 70% accuracy is ridiculously low if you can get 73% accuracy *without* taking into consideration the records of each justice or any other kind of details.

Of course, the usual reason why the case got to the Supremes in the first place is because there were two cases by different Appeals Circuits which conflicted.

about a month and a half ago



Apple rapped over misleading iPhone ad

dkf dkf writes  |  about 6 years ago

dkf (304284) writes "The BBC is reporting that Apple have been ordered by the Advertising Standards Authority to stop showing their current iPhone advert in the UK. The heart of the issue is that the iPhone does not support either Flash or Java, and this means that significant parts of the content of the internet were not available despite Apple's claims otherwise. It seems that Apple's determination to control their mobile platform has come back to bite them."
Link to Original Source

Tcl/Tk 8.5.0 Finally Released

dkf dkf writes  |  more than 6 years ago

dkf writes "OSNews reports that Tcl/Tk 8.5 has been released for all major platforms after 5 years of development. There are many new goodies in it, including significant speedups through an advanced bytecode engine, stronger localization of applications, integrated arbitrary-precision arithmetic, a whole bunch of brand new skinnable widgets, anti-aliased text support on all platforms, and a new code module management system to make maintenance of installations a snap.

A lot more in-depth information about the features of both this release and Tcl/Tk in general is available at both the official Tcl/Tk website and in Mark Roseman's blog."


dkf has no journal entries.

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