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Indiana University Researchers Get $1 Million Grant To Study Memes

dkman Re:Real Reason for funding this (125 comments)

The university kids do just want to do what they say [the study], and the government does have a shadowy agenda.

Did I clear that up? I'm not necessarily saying they do, but history would dictate that it's likely.


FBI Investigates 'Sophisticated' Cyber Attack On JP Morgan, 4 More US Banks

dkman Re:Honest question from a non-USian (97 comments)

Yea pretty much this.
The FBI gets involved because they have more clout overseas to get the perpetrator arrested. The organization hacked by itself doesn't have much. And the FBI has more potential access to NSA data to find the perp in the first place. The FBI regularly gets involved in wire fraud and bank related cases that cross borders. They have a cyber investigation division for this sort of thing.

Like Bill said though, grandma's $20,000 life savings whisked off to Nigeria isn't likely to raise their eyebrows however.

2 days ago

FBI Investigates 'Sophisticated' Cyber Attack On JP Morgan, 4 More US Banks

dkman Re:old but somewhat effective (97 comments)

Every time I see one of these things I want to go look up the quote from 1984 where is says something along the lines of "we were always at war with Eurasia or Oceana". Over the years it has really become ridiculous. Even in the 80's when we sort of had peace we were fear mongering about Russia. Over the past 15 years we've been at war in Afghanistan and Iraq. We're not currently in Iraq, but just getting into that should have been foreseen as a bad idea. I don't think any country has had luck in a two front war.

2 days ago

U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

dkman Re:By GoPro Stock now. (601 comments)

I read the summary as "Senator says I own stock in wearable cameras. Cameras should be required." Which also means the price of wearable cameras will increase 10-fold the day after it passes.
There needs to be limits on the amount of BS that comes out of Washington. If they wanted to do it in a fair way they would need to set limits on the cost of such cameras. Such as "if cameras are obtainable under x dollars a piece you need to use them to get funding". That way costs don't go through the roof. Every time something is required the people are getting gouged for it.

2 days ago

GOG Introduces DRM-Free Movie Store

dkman Re:Watermarks? (126 comments)

+1 Insightful. True. True enough.
I always have mod points the day before I want to use them.

2 days ago

Robo Brain Project Wants To Turn the Internet Into a Robotic Hivemind

dkman what about (108 comments)

"Robo Brain looks at a chair or a stool, and knows that these are things that people sit on."

What about when a comedian sets his mug on a stool while on stage? Using the stool as a table rather than a seat.
Not that it's terribly important, but it's the sort of thing the human brain can handle, but might confuse a machine. There are also top load traditional toasters vs toaster ovens.
Even things like under the counter microwaves might confuse a human at first (at least finding the microwave).

I guess I'm just pointing out that there are lots of variables, but that also justifies why he's starting the process of "just sucking things in" so it has a good breadth of knowledge/experience.

4 days ago

Microsoft Lobby Denies the State of Chile Access To Free Software

dkman Re:Or you could blame Chile's MPs (159 comments)

"The news" would be far better if it had more facts, and focused less on trying to generate outrage.


about a week ago

Tech Looks To Obama To Save Them From 'Just Sort of OK' US Workers

dkman Re:That's why slashdot is against tech immigration (441 comments)

Apparently you company has a soul. Sadly, that is not the norm.

My first reaction to the summary (because, let's face it, I didn't read the article) was that "If you want better workers TRAIN THEM!" But why invest in your workforce when they can leave? Visa "hostages" are stuck with you.

about a week ago

Swedish Dad Takes Gamer Kids To Warzone

dkman Re:Americans don't know what war really is... (419 comments)

Yea, except the kid doesn't "decide" to go fight a war. The politician decides to fight a war, then he sends the poor who had little choice but join the military [while hoping politicians wouldn't be douche bags].

about two weeks ago

Facebook Seeks Devs To Make Linux Network Stack As Good As FreeBSD's

dkman Re:FreeBSD network stack (195 comments)

If I knew what made it superior I'd be sending a resume, not writing this post.

about three weeks ago

Windows XP Falls Below 25% Market Share, Windows 8 Drops Slightly

dkman Re:Who has the market share? (336 comments)

This sounds like the classic "we saw the same thing and came to different conclusions" scenario.

He's saying "the desktop PC is legacy because everyone uses laptops now" period.

You're saying "lots of people use a laptop in a desktop environment (ie, as a desktop)".

I don't think that he claimed that wasn't the case. He was just saying the PC form factor is a diminishing slice of the pie.

Granted, ever since "the PC is dying" BS started many of us knew that it was BS. Even my home machine is a laptop that barely ever moves, simply for the convenient size and energy consumption - with the bonus that it can move easily if I want it to. I wouldn't have much of a problem with someone referring to PC/desktop/laptop/computer interchangeably at this point. The extra detail helps, and is nice to have, but doesn't carry a ton of "meaning".

about three weeks ago

Google Spots Explicit Images of a Child In Man's Email, Tips Off Police

dkman Re:Well at least they saved the children! (790 comments)

I agree.

If you buy a rhinoceros horn your create a market for that. So when someone shoots a rhino for it's horn you ARE responsible for creating the market. Are you physically responsible for another's actions, no - but you sure as hell directly influenced the action.

Same damn thing here. If you remove the market for "shit human's shouldn't do" then you remove motivation to do it.

Will an occasional rhino still get shot, sure, but hopefully a lot less than now.
Will children still get raped, yes, but hopefully a lot less than now.

The goal is to approach zero.

I didn't read the article, but if the guy was storing his pR0n in email so he could claim his computer was smut-free you've gotta admire the ingenuity. I think Google is certainly capable of coming up with a script to scan email attachments for kiddie porn, and respect that they turned him in. I'm fine with that. If it were planted in such a way that things were backdated I think that could be revealed. It's pretty tough to get away with that. Now if all of the emails are dated 2 days ago, well that would look "planted".

about three weeks ago

Critics To FTC: Why Do You Hate In-App Purchasing Freedom?

dkman Re:Obvious and Intuitive (171 comments)

this is what shopping carts were invented for. i'm not sure if itunes has those or not though.
on a website i generally have the option to logout, most in app purchases don't have a log out option so i'm stuck with that 15 minute vulnerability window.

about a month ago

Critics To FTC: Why Do You Hate In-App Purchasing Freedom?

dkman Re:There is a simple solution (171 comments)

No, the much easier solution is adding a damn dropdown to the login page. The login is for "how long do you want to be remembered?" If you select "forget me immediately" you will get prompted at the next in app purchase. Or you can select 1,2,5,15,30,60 minutes. That would solve a hell of a lot of problems and still allow a ton of use cases.

If Tiger Woods wants to let his kids blow $2,000 playing some game that's fine. If my kid blows $200 on in app purchases her ass is grass.
The onus is, and should be, on the parent/user. But deceptive business practice is a problem, and should be dealt with swiftly. It just needs to be done in a way that doesn't penalize people who aren't be deceptive.

about a month ago

Samsung Delays Tizen Phone Launch

dkman Re:Who says there can be only two 'ecosystems' (112 comments)

That's what they keep saying, except there are plenty of people who use Linux on the Desktop. I dual boot my laptop over to Windows less than 6 times a year (averaging once every 2 months, and I would say that's high). I generally just suspend lubuntu and hitting power prompts for my password and I'm back in session. I rarely reboot at all.

I use Windows at work, and I have a surface pro 3 (which is still windows for the time being, but has linux in a VM). I use an android phone, i have 2 android tablets, and an ipad.

I find it difficult to pay the Apple premium for hardware, and difficult to pay MS for OS upgrades. It's not that I can't afford it, there are just better alternatives. Free and interesting is better in my opinion. However, I support other's freedom to choose those paths.

about 1 month ago

Microsoft's Nokia Plans Come Into Better Focus

dkman OCR (149 comments)

>"I can take my Office Lens App, use the camera on the phone, take a picture of anything, and have it automatically OCR recognized and into OneNote in searchable fashion."

Ha, let him try that with a Surface Pro 3!
see for more info on how the SP3 has a fixed focus lens that can't take a readable picture of a page of text.

Though I do recognize that he specifically said "phone".

about a month ago

New Mayhem Malware Targets Linux and UNIX-Like Servers

dkman Re:Too many colors in syntax highlighting (168 comments)

numbers are purple
strings are yellow
variables are white
functions are blue
reserved words are pink
the background is black
It's not that there are too many colors, it's just not my color scheme of choice.

about a month and a half ago

New Mayhem Malware Targets Linux and UNIX-Like Servers

dkman Re:Derp (168 comments)

I know that the information can be found, but is there a nice easy list of IP range and what region they belong to?
I know:

  • ARIN - North America
  • LACNIC - South America
  • APNIC - Asia
  • AFRINIC - Africa
  • AUNIC - Australia

But other that typing an IP in and seeing which one it says (which I could automate), but I would think that info is already somewhere...I just don't know where.

about a month and a half ago

Tractor Beam Created Using Water Waves

dkman Re: Walls (71 comments)

I'm thinking of ships in the open sea, where having something to reflect off of is impractical.

about 2 months ago

DC Entertainment Won't Allow Superman Logo On Murdered Child's Memorial Statue

dkman Re:DC's decision is the right one (249 comments)

They should have seen the income opportunity here and said we will license it out for headstones/memorials at a cost of $X. Then he would have to go raise that much more for his monument. Done deal. They still look like dicks, but then everyone can have their way if they're willing to cough up the cash.

about 2 months ago


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