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Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

dlt074 Re:Militia, then vs now (1463 comments)

you sure can.

the branch dividians purposely didn't pay the tax on their weapons in order to instigate a standoff with the Feds. if you pay the proper tax, you can legally own any of the weapons they were killed over.

the FBI/ATF did not have to step in and stop it anymore then they have to enforce any other failure to pay taxes.

the Man wanted blood and the dividians gave them an excuse. just remember, all those people died because they didn't pay the tax. money == freedom and in this case life.

2 days ago

Climate Scientist: Climate Engineering Might Be the Answer To Warming

dlt074 Re:the 70's called (340 comments)

i have yet to see one dire prediction from the 70's on that has come to pass regarding the environment, global climate charade, and population.

burn me at the stake.

2 days ago

Climate Scientist: Climate Engineering Might Be the Answer To Warming

dlt074 the 70's called (340 comments)

good thing we didn't cover the poles with dark soot, like they were calling for in the 70's to stop the impending ice age.

3 days ago

$250K Reward Offered In California Power Grid Attack

dlt074 Re:Why? (111 comments)

"This was mostly like one drunk teenager. "

i wish you were right on this. this attack was no drunken stunt. it was deliberate and calculated. i advocate hardening our vital infrastructure and i don't get any piece of the pie. the power grid goes down for any length of time, people are going to die.

ignore and hide from the facts all you like it won't change the fact that people around the world wish to do us harm and are working to do so.

about a week ago

Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

dlt074 Re:Good choice (313 comments)

The attacks crippled the economy, not the president.

Iraq was already draining resources pre-war. No fly zones are expensive and protecting Kuwait is/was as well.

I doubt there would be any president who wouldn't have invaded Afghanistan after 9/11.

However, I will admit the war is taking too long. Play to win or don't play at all.

After the invasion of Iraq, Kadafi got in line and played ball, and did everything we demanded. Look where that got him under Obama. Now, there is zero incentive to do what the US tells you.

You will never find an army that goes to war with everything they want. NEVER. You will never find a army that is 100% ready to go to war. NEVER. If the commanders say they are, they are covering their asses. There are just degrees of readiness.

Would you prefer we not use the Reserves and just keep a larger standing army? Using the Reserve is a great way to save some money and great for the Reserve.

PTSD does exist, but not in the numbers the press would have you believe. Deployments do not automatically cause PTSD and having PTSD does not necessarily make you incapable of doing multiple tours.

Veteran care is as good as it's ever been. It sucks, but you can't expect government agencies to provide any level of service or care worth a dam in the first place.

Yes, they did lower the standards to get in. That's what you do when you need people and don't want to draft. You'd rather serve next to somebody who fits the perfect standard but does not want to be there and does not give a damn if the guy next to him dies, or serve next to somebody who isn't perfect but would give his life to watch your back?


about a week ago

Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

dlt074 Re:Good choice (313 comments)

"* Got our troops out of Kuwait, and anywhere else too close to Mecca"

um no, US troops have been and will continue to be in Kuwait. not to mention Qutar.

"*... and showing other tin-pot dictators that the US should be feared."

the only thing Bush did that Obama has undone.

about a week ago

One Person Successfully Removed From US No-Fly List

dlt074 Re:Hack it to add American names like "John Smith" (286 comments)

i like an inefficient government. i shudder to think how much faster they could stick it to me if they were competent. we never want an efficient bureaucracy, the only way to win, is not to let them play. defund, disintegrate, and disregard them.

about three weeks ago

Russians Take Ukraine's Last Land Base In Crimea

dlt074 Re:I dont get it (551 comments)

to finer tune your point, the Ukranians stand alone and will lose even more if/when this escalates.

about three weeks ago

Ex-Head of Troubled Health Insurance Site May Sue, Citing 'Cover-Up'

dlt074 Re:Explain Oregon Politics to Me (162 comments)

be careful with those valid concerns. you may get labeled a racist, or worse yet, a "climate change" denier!

about a month ago

WV Senator Calls For Ban On All Unregulated Cryptocurrencies

dlt074 Re:But ... FREEDOM! (240 comments)

i think it also has something to do with the fact that they need everyone to keep using US $'s. the ponzi scheme that is our current monetary system, only works if people keep believing their money has value and keep using it. the house of cards quickly collapses once enough people realize their money is only worth the paper it's printed on.

about 2 months ago

Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

dlt074 Re:First blacks, (917 comments)

no. he was comparing their authority to legislate on the issue, not their position/title/appointments. the 10th Amendment is very clear on who can do what.

i would trust the neighbor kid and their rational, common sense "rulings" over anyone we currently have in office today.

about 2 months ago

NSA and GHCQ Employing Shills To Poison Web Forum Discourse

dlt074 what, me worry? (347 comments)

why worry about it? after all, we are so free today!!
why just the other day it was pointed out how free we truly are.

about 2 months ago

We Can Avoid a Surveillance State Dystopia

dlt074 you're thinking too small. (267 comments)

while some injustices and arbitrary limitations of certain minority groups have been undone, giving the illusion of more "freedom". individual liberty has gone so far backwards as to make it impossible for a person of any sex, or race to live free with out paying the government for the pleasure. we in fact have become property of the state.

don't believe me? attempt to feed your family or just yourself without having to pay the government, be it via a hunting fishing tax, a tax on your income or sales of any goods you may manufacture. live off the land? you have to pay property tax on that. live on "public" land? in what fantasy world? and even then, there's probably a "use tax" but don't get caught harvesting anything.

you only keep your "freedom" as long as you pay the vig to the man. stop paying and you'll quickly be on the wrong end of a man with a gun. you'll then pay up or be shipped off to a prison.

choosing to not pay is an option, but you are then labeled a criminal and are not allowed to play in the walled garden with the other inmates... i mean citizens.

our masters are very clever and have done a very good job making most of us think we are free. your comment is a very good example of that. keep telling everyone how free we have become, and believe it. life is just easier that way.

about 2 months ago

Study Shows Agent Orange Still Taints Aging C-123s

dlt074 Re:Malice? I think not. (166 comments)

I gave the VA the benefit of the doubt and tried them out. yes the people there seem to care and I doubt there is any malice. However, I refuse to use them for anything beyond my benefits physical. I'll have to be unconscious and near death before I'll go back to them. The level of care is slightly above active duty health care... which is to say, still not very good. you're just another number in their system waiting to be processed. Just trying to schedule a visit for something simple was painful, as the governmental red tape and group think are absurd and almost amusing, if you can go elsewhere.

I preferred to pay out of pocket and get real care and have my issues taken care of in a timely fashion the first visit. I really feel for those who can't afford to take care of themselves and have to rely on government options.

about 2 months ago

We Can Avoid a Surveillance State Dystopia

dlt074 umm no (267 comments)

we are not more free. we are over regulated, over ruled, over interfered with. period.

you can double-speak it anyway you like. spin spin spin. we are less free then ever here in the US of A.

about 2 months ago

National Lab Working To Mix Metals and Polymers For 3D Printing

dlt074 that's rich (65 comments)

says the hypocrite who already has a firearm to protect himself and his family.

i'd post AC as well if i were such a judgmental, holier then thou, racist prick. africans have the right to protect themselves whether you like guns or not.

people like you are the reason they continue to wallow in death. rich 1st worlders telling them what they can and can't do with this weapon or this chemical, or this technology.

about 3 months ago

National Lab Working To Mix Metals and Polymers For 3D Printing

dlt074 Re:But why 3D printing? (65 comments)

weapons in the hands of the right poor people is what will help the poor people in africa. everything else will just be broken/taken by the wrong people with guns in africa.

about 3 months ago

China's Government Unveils 'China Operating System' To Great Skepticism

dlt074 Re:before you go there (223 comments)

oh, i'm well aware. pots calling kettles black. or something...

about 3 months ago

China's Government Unveils 'China Operating System' To Great Skepticism

dlt074 before you go there (223 comments)

remember, people in glass houses should not throw rocks. or something...

at this point i trust our current mobile OS's as much as i trust theirs. at least with theirs i have no doubts i'm being watched.

about 3 months ago


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