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New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

dlt074 Re:Perspective (323 comments)

tax collectors or their enforcers will eventually show up with guns if you don't pay. the guns imply that force will be used if you don't comply. force == violence. it happens everyday in the United States. just because most people submit when they are arrested, doesn't mean the threat of violence isn't always there.

5 days ago

South Carolina Student Arrested For "Killing Pet Dinosaur"

dlt074 Re:LOL (421 comments)

Murika is conditioning its citizens to fear any and all mention of guns and weapons. none of these types of storys are because of "stupid" administrators and teachers, it's an unspoken, unwritten plan to make all future generations shun weapons and guns.

it's the only way to do away with the pesky notion of personal responsibility and self defense.

an entire generation of children so scared of even talking about guns, will never own a gun let alone vote against anything that bans them.

conditioning at its best.

about a month ago

Two Years of Data On What Military Equipment the Pentagon Gave To Local Police

dlt074 Re:Too much surplus (264 comments)

you actually use Israel as an example? you are proving my point. Israel bends over backwards to warn their enemy, they are going to destroy weapons and facilities used to kill Israelies.

Israelies do not use suicide anything, they don't use human shields and they along with evangelicals do not say convert or die.

having been in the army of the governments they elect and having first hand interaction with the muslims in occupied countries. there is zero intention or incentive for them to convert.

about a month ago

Two Years of Data On What Military Equipment the Pentagon Gave To Local Police

dlt074 Re:Too much surplus (264 comments)

"How is that any different from, say, evangelical christians? Stop exporting your own brand of religious evil before you start casting stones on other people."

last i checked, evangelical's are not conducting suicide attacks and using children as human shields in order to convert people to their side.

until you and your kind can see the huge differences between peaceful religions who have reformed and can play well with others, and the religions who say convert or die, we will continue to have needless death at the hands of these extremists.

about a month ago

Point-and-Shoot: TrackingPoint's New Linux-Controlled AR-15s

dlt074 easier said then done. (219 comments)

the US did not create Al Quaeda, stop repeating that lie.

I do not think you realize how difficult it is to train third world people to use state of the art military equipment.

been there done that. not even something worth doing. i give you the current state of Iraq as an example of 10 years of training flushed down the drain.

besides these weapons should be fairly easy to neutralize by any reasonably modern military.


about a month ago

SpaceX Chooses Texas Site For Private Spaceport

dlt074 Re:And minimum regulations ... (113 comments)

the failure of existing regulatory agencies, should not be a call for more regulatory agencies. it should be a call to defund the current ones that are failing at their appointed tasks.

about a month and a half ago

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

dlt074 Re:Can an "atheist company" refuse too? (1330 comments)

Here is a great place to go to find a charity that best fits your needs.

The solution to your problems and wrongs is not to take it out on others or to create even bigger more inefficient uncaring government programs. government programs do not help, they enslave. they trap its users in the machine.

PS. nice try, but alas just more progressive class/race/gender warfare designed to divide and empower bigger government.

about 2 months ago

Blue Shield Leaks 18,000 Doctors' Social Security Numbers

dlt074 Re:Good news though (74 comments)

Err, no. there is NO place to fill out SS on a 1099 ayment. That is precisely where you have and use your TIN (Tax Identification Number), You only give your SS on your Personal tax forms at EOY in that situation. No, there is no valid reason a Physician should be giving out his personal SS for a business transaction, especially if it is a 1099 and NOT a W2 type form. Taxes are NOT taken out of 1099æ.you are responsible for that on your own at EOY.

when receiving 1099 income, the issuer of the pay, is supposed to report that income to the IRS. how are they supposed to report it without a SSN or TIN? which is why people who get paid via 1099 usually have to fill out a W-9. which does take a SSN or TIN. your choice. the IRS will default people to a sole proprietor status when they do not incorporate. it is perfectly legit to use your SSN for business purposes. remember the tax system is set up so that there is no right answer 100% of the time. this is to ensure they can always stick it to you when they need to and that nobody ever really knows what's going on and lives in constant fear of being caught.

about 2 months ago

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

dlt074 Re:Can an "atheist company" refuse too? (1330 comments)

"3. You are too honest to invent a church just to cheat someone out of health care"

people not wanting to pay for someone else's health care is != to "just to cheat someone out of health care". when did it become acceptable to enslave people to the needs of others? i don't want to be beholden to your needs. i'm a free man and would like to just be left alone to live my life to the best of my ability. if you need help, ask nicely for it. stop using force to extract it from me at gun point. no matter how you spin it, you are forcing me to take care of your needs.

grow up and take care of yourself.

about 3 months ago

The Ethics Cloud Over Ballmer's $2 Billion B-Ball Buy

dlt074 Re:So what's the problem here? (398 comments)

there is nothing wrong or illegal about avoiding taxes. free people are not beholden to pay everything to the government. we are not required to go out of our way to pay more taxes. we can do far better with our money then any government agency can.

about 3 months ago

ESA's Cryosat Mission Sees Antarctic Ice Losses Double

dlt074 and there it is (162 comments)

"if we keep allowing deniers to have a say in policy."

that's what it's all about right there. CONTROL. can't very well let people who disagree to have any say in policy. that would be nuts. we know what's best for everyone. we will make the hard decisions for the greater good. you stupid people get out of our way. we know best.

nothing worse then a bunch of people who know they are smarter then everyone else.

about 4 months ago

UN to Debate Use of Fully Autonomous Weapons, New Report Released

dlt074 how much is a life worth? (180 comments)

"It would be great to get the US to give up making land mines, but unfortunately China and Russia would almost certainly ramp up production to fill any shortfall. That's not a good enough reason for us to keep doing it"

how about, we keep making/using them because they work? they are a very effective, low cost solution that saves the lives of those using them.

i love land mines. much better then throwing soldiers at the problem.

about 4 months ago

Wretched Ride: PS4 Driveclub Game Rental Tied To Paid Subscription

dlt074 change (93 comments)

if you like your video game, you can keep your video game.

about 4 months ago

Talking To the Public: the Biggest Enemy To Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

dlt074 Re:Hairy Reed - Gas Producer (324 comments)

well, when deniers talk the science, the believers go into "burn the heretics at the stake" mode. it's hard to have an honest debate with people who have drank the kool-aid. so, when dealing with cults/religions i think it's valid to point out the hypocrisy of the cults leaders. it's also important to show why they want you to believe what they're selling. it's probably not for the greater good, it's most likely to gain more control and power.

it's always about control and power.

this heretic is ready, mod me down.

about 5 months ago

How 'Fast Lanes' Will Change the Internet

dlt074 Re:Finally (192 comments)

"So now the government is talking about regulating peering. I feared this would happen once someone woke up to how the Internet actually works. I really don't see how any good can come of this."

it's the government, "good" has nothing to do with it. they want control and power. regulate, is what they do. control is what they want. outcome is not important to them. repeat.

about 5 months ago

US Should Use Trampolines To Get Astronauts To the ISS Suggests Russian Official

dlt074 Re:Fat Chance (272 comments)

"While we may be out of an economic depression"

we have just begun our decent into the depression. we have a very bumpy ride ahead. the house of cards is coming down.

about 5 months ago

Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs

dlt074 we have a very long way to go. (1198 comments)

tell that to those who order drone strikes on their own citizens with out so much as a grand jury inditement.

about 5 months ago

Google Using Self-Driving Car Data To Make Cars Smarter

dlt074 Re:In the future... (174 comments)

and they will be incapable of doing another simple daily task.

i love technology, but i shudder to think how bad a collapse will be.

about 5 months ago

Siphons Work Due To Gravity, Not Atmospheric Pressure: Now With Peer Review

dlt074 oh man (360 comments)

that sucks!

about 5 months ago

Identity Dominance: the US Military's Biometric War In Afghanistan

dlt074 one saving grace (83 comments)

getting the info off the devices and back to the DOD does not always happen. i know of numerous times an entire missions worth of data was never uploaded to a computer and/or never sent any further up the chain. it may be collected, but it's not all getting where they want it.

and from what I saw in two tours, the data that does make it up never amounts to anything actionable. a waste of money and resources right now.

i think you're right. it is a good place to beta test and will be much more useful here at home, where people are much easier to identify and track.

about 5 months ago


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