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Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

dmbrun Thunderbirds (701 comments)

Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Thunderbirds are Go.

about 3 months ago

The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

dmbrun Re:What difference now does it make? :) Sunk costs (364 comments)

You don't need a Cadillac to deliver a parcel when a Honda will do the same mission. Thus the F35 may be overkill for many missions that the F-18 can accomplish at lower cost.

In the Second World War the Germans had better tanks but sheer numbers built at lower cost were able to overcome them. So a better fighter doesn't mean you can win battles or wars.

about 3 months ago

The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

dmbrun Re:What difference now does it make? :) Sunk costs (364 comments)

>> A proven fighter is one that has been through the teething problems that the F-35 is going through now.

No, it's not.

A proven fighter is one that has shown itself to have a good combat record.

about 3 months ago

Should Microsoft Be Required To Extend Support For Windows XP?

dmbrun Re:Aftermarket patches already exist (650 comments)

WinXP, even patched, is the equivalent of driving around a rust bucket with bad wiring and bald tires. It's an accident waiting to happen.

A bad analogy.

It is more like driving around in an old 1950s car with no seat belts and no air bags and no crush zones.

If it is has been maintained it will still do the job required of it but care must be taken. Why upgrade - spend the money - if the equipment is still capable of doing what is asked of it?

about 6 months ago

Slashdot Asks: Will You Need the Windows XP Black Market?

dmbrun Why Should I Upgrade? (245 comments)

I'm a Windows XP user. I see no need to upgrade. The only circumstances in which I would upgrade is either I can't find hardware to run XP on or the data I process (documents, music, video) have no applications I can use on XP. These circumstances forced me from 98 to 2000 and now XP.

Yes, I'm going to have to take care to stop being infected by malware. Good anti-virus, good firewall, Chrome browser, safe surfing habits, care with email.

If you would like a similar analogy people drive old cars with drum brakes, no seat belts, no air bags and no crush zones in modern traffic. They see no need to upgrade as well. Just take care and be sensible.

about 6 months ago

An Engineer's Eureka Moment With a GM Flaw

dmbrun Re:Public service announcement (357 comments)

If your power steering goes you have very poor leverage no matter what type of steering system you have. And British cars successfully used rack and pinion without power steering, the popular British Morris Minor from 1948 - 1972 was one of these. Two and a quarter turns lock to lock.

about 7 months ago

Military Electronics That Shatter Into Dust On Command

dmbrun Re:Here's my POV on Beta (221 comments)

I'm sure there's a HTML web page usability design guide around that the Slashdot Beta programmers are using.

Does anyone know the name of it because I want to make sure I don't buy it.

about 8 months ago

Is Intel Selling Bay Trail Chips Below Cost?

dmbrun Re:YUP (156 comments)

>> Therefore, $7.2 million of intangible assets and $6.3 million of goodwill related to Slashdot Media were reduced to zero.

And Slashdot Beta reduces the goodwill left in Slashdot Media to below zero, a phenomenon last seen with Stephen Elop and Nokia.

about 8 months ago

YouTube Founders Acquire Delicious

dmbrun Re:But why buy Delicious? (66 comments)


Tidy it up and then sell it off to Google.

more than 3 years ago

Why Use Virtual Memory In Modern Systems?

dmbrun Re:Vista reserves 1 GB (983 comments)

Isn't it only the server versions of XP that you can tweak userspace to 3 GB?

more than 5 years ago



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