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Apple Outrages Users By Automatically Installing U2's Album On Their Devices

dmomo Re:It's not your phone (600 comments)

Come on. You're kidding yourself. Don't tell me that Apple did it this way because it was easier on their developers. iTunes has countless ways of selling, promoting, and giving away music. This company certainly has the resources to make iTunes behave exactly how they want it to. This was a very deliberate move aimed at putting this album on your device.

2 days ago

Apple Outrages Users By Automatically Installing U2's Album On Their Devices

dmomo Rate it one star (600 comments)

I sort of like U2 sometimes, But I refuse to take part in this. I deleted it and gave it a bad review. I suggest everyone else do the same.

2 days ago

Is "Scorpion" Really a Genius?

dmomo This Story Reeks of Advertisement (391 comments)

I haven't heard of this show until now. I wonder Anonymous Coward is just a sort of straw man trying to drum up interest.

about a month ago

Idiot Leaves Driver's Seat In Self-Driving Infiniti, On the Highway

dmomo Shhh (406 comments)

Autonomous cars already hear.

about a month ago

Nuclear Missile Command Drops Grades From Tests To Discourage Cheating

dmomo Summary Less Exciting than Headline (122 comments)

It reads as if they were delivering test results via missile launch. I sit here very disappointed.

about a month and a half ago

A New Form of Online Tracking: Canvas Fingerprinting

dmomo Re:Why does this work (194 comments)

"I'm more curious about why "different computer draws the image slightly differently"
Accessibility. This is important. The HTML5 canvas is about more than just images. It's live elements that can contain text content and other display elements. HTML should render in a sensible manner on any device as dictated by the owner of the machine. All owners are not created equal. All renderings should not be equal.

"Browsers are supposed to provide abstraction from the machine" even if that's true, there's also a matter of canvas dimensions, which can vary depending on your resolution and browser's width. Those are not attributes of the machine, but of the display environment for the page. HTML is designed to adapt to different dimensions, font settings.

about 2 months ago

How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

dmomo Irresponsible to roll them out at all... (285 comments)

While quite sturdy devices, iPads are not designed for rolling. Couldn't they have just carried them out? Typical government idiocy.

about 2 months ago

Alcatel-Lucent's XG-FAST Pushes 10,000Mbps Over Copper Phone Lines

dmomo Re:big up your garden? (149 comments)

Big ups to my garden, big ups to my hoe.
What the dill w/ my weeds and my dill-yo?
Gotta keep the green flowing round my grill-yo.

My lyrics is tight.
My rhymes on target.
I drop fatter beets
Than a farmer's market.

about 2 months ago

Wikipedia Forcing Editors To Disclose If They're Paid

dmomo Good luck with that. (135 comments)

Need we comment further?

about 2 months ago

The Government Can No Longer Track Your Cell Phone Without a Warrant

dmomo Correction (173 comments)

That word ("can" not)... I don't think it means what you think it means.

The word you are probably looking for is "may" not.

about 3 months ago

Microsoft Is Paying Brazilian Users In Skype Credit To Switch to Bing

dmomo Re:Not just Brazil (90 comments)

I remember when Google was starting out in 98 or so. They were paying people to use their search engine too. I made a small amount of money using them instead of Yahoo, Alta Vista, or Lycos. Substandard has little to do with it. It's hard to make people switch out of what they're used to.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Does Your Job Need To Exist?

dmomo 12 doing the work of 10 is OK (343 comments)

... seeing that it's twelve getting paid what 8 deserve.

about 4 months ago

In SF: an App For Auctioning Off Your Public Parking Spot

dmomo Now I can finance owning a car! (427 comments)

1. Walk up to spot. Stand next to car I do not own.
2. Check in with app
3. Accept Bids
4. ....
5. Profit (and run like Hell)

about 4 months ago

SanDisk Announces 4TB SSD, Plans For 8TB Next Year

dmomo Re:Clean or Not, It Makes No Sense (264 comments)

Oh my. This was supposed to be posted to the previous story. MOD ME INTO OBLIVION!

about 4 months ago

SanDisk Announces 4TB SSD, Plans For 8TB Next Year

dmomo Clean or Not, It Makes No Sense (264 comments)

If the goal is to clean up the UI, why show the URL at all unless asked for (CTRL+L or clicking on the "CHIP")? Don't lie to me... I'd rather you hide the URL all together than show me an incorrect one. By showing the protocol, then host name, you're showing me a valid URL, but it's the wrong one. Either say: Domain: , or just show the "Chip" and omit the url all together.

about 4 months ago

Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings

dmomo Intuit will lose a service, but gain another. (423 comments)

Simplified filing is meant to be just that. Simple. That doesn't necessarily mean it's the best way for a tax-payer to file.

A new service from Intuit would offer, for free, to calculate, but not file your taxes. It would then compare the results to the "simplified filing" scenario. If it's in the tax-payers advantage to have Intuit file, Intuit can do so for a fee.

Intuit will lose out on lots of cases where a person's tax scenario really IS that simple... but they'll still have plenty of money to get in the middle of.

about 5 months ago
top Ends Free Dynamic DNS

dmomo Re:Another case for open source firmware. (242 comments)

Indeed. Thank you for your contribution. I have no issue with dyndns ceasing a free service. I have a problem with netgear selling the feature as "free for life" and locking down the option to use other providers. And I did complain to them.

about 5 months ago



Amazon Price Check App Draws Protests from Retaile

dmomo dmomo writes  |  more than 2 years ago

dmomo (256005) writes "'s Price Check allows shoppers to scan items in brick-and-mortar stores to instantly compare prices. Some retailers are protesting, saying that they cannot compete so long as has a tax advantage. While we see growth year over year in shopping, I don't see physical stores going away any times soon. Could this backfire on Amazon as we see increased efforts by the big-box retailers to lobby for new tax laws regarding online purchases? Or, will that pale in comparison to the revenue this app brings in, given the advantage Amazon already enjoys in lower costs (and therefor smaller margins) and higher volume?"
Link to Original Source


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