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Sunlight Foundation Announces 'Sarah's Inbox'

doktorstop Worth it? (227 comments)

I bet 50% of those reading Slashdot have access or run all of those Exchange servers... so they are used to the *possibility* to read other people's emails. So what's the big deal? Her minute of fame has passed a long time away. And then, for most of the audience that lives in strange countries like Europe and Asia, who the hell is she anyways?

more than 3 years ago

Russia Moves To Universal ID Card

doktorstop Suspicious article (200 comments)

Just y 2C, but the story looks highly suspicious. First of all, NOWHERE on the website does it say that it will replace the internal passport. Transport passes, social security as a mean of getting services, but in Russia social security number and internal passport are two very different things. Secondly, the website is, I would say, rahter suspicious. Generic Joomla, with even Joomla logos still there (footer, site icon, etc). Looks like something created in 20 mins, providing they had the text. Government structures, although slow, do not work this sloppily. So I would take the whole thing with a grain of salt :)

about 4 years ago

US Banks That Offer Transaction History?

doktorstop low tech solution (359 comments)

Don't switch banks... get a calendar :)

more than 3 years ago

UK National ID Card Cloned In 12 Minutes

doktorstop Advertizing (454 comments)

I think that will boost Nokia sales in the UK!

more than 5 years ago

Navigating a Geek Marriage?

doktorstop Simple! (1146 comments)

You don't need books to read about how a marriage works.
Believe me, all you need is love for your spouse and respect for each other. If you both have that, any problems (yep, don't believe anyone telling you that a marriage doesnt have its rainy days!), can and will be solved.
Don't look into books, look into yourself, and your partner as the most cherished person in the world. That's all.
Hey, worked for my 20 years of marriage, lol!

more than 5 years ago

An Early Look at the NASA MMO

doktorstop bad move (208 comments)

Isn't the goal of a space agency to promote scientific advance for space travel? If they are tryng to get additional funding, they'd better team up with someone serious, like Blizzard, who knows the market, player's expectations and... how to make a successful game.
If the goal is to increase common Joe's awareness that you need to recycle etc, a boring game won't do this either.
Waste of taxpayer's money in a field where NASA has no history, no experience and ... really not such an innovative idea for a gameplay!

more than 5 years ago

Internet Communications While At Sea?

doktorstop Innovative methods? Old ones work best (504 comments)

A data transfer protocol described numerous times...
send messages in a bottle! Seems to work, search Slashdot for rubberduck stories!

about 6 years ago

Google Chrome Is Out of Beta

doktorstop Bummer (444 comments)

Followed the link, went to Google page, actually READ the announcement.. got all excited... had a quick argument with myself why it was time to ditch Firefox and won it.... looked ant whether I have a system backup just in case... sighted... pressed the Download link...

*drums* ... only to discover that it is Windows-only! So we people with Macs and Linuxes can have a bit more time before we get totally googelized.

more than 6 years ago

The Myth of Upgrade Inevitability Is Dead

doktorstop Upgrading - not an option? (597 comments)

People do not upgrade "just because". Well, sure, a small percentage do (you know, people who just have to get the latest and shiniest... YOU know what I mean, right?).
For the majority, either they upgrade "by accident" - when buying a new PC that, accidentally, comes with a new OS.
For businesses, it is not an accident, they evaluate that the OS 1) runs all the soft they use and 2) complies with hardware they use, and 3) is sustainable (security patches, support etc).
Because of that, businesses WILL have to upgrade, together with us, once XP support stops (hey, 2014 is NOT a long way out!), they buy new hardware (oops, sales printers don't have XP drivers anymore, or can't sync with the latest BlackBerry thingies!!!). Last, but not least, they upgrade MSOffice, servers and then, surprise, to use the new features they need components that are Vista-only.
Moving away? Macs or Linux, *IF they comply to the same requirements: newest hardware, stable support and problem-solving, and of course playing nice with the latest corporate drones gadgets!

more than 6 years ago


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Accelerated sexuality

doktorstop doktorstop writes  |  more than 9 years ago Has it occured to anyone that what gets pushed by the modern society is a fast-paced acceleration of sexual behaviour and priorities? Once you arent minor, suddently what you face is way more than pure sex. You have to suheddently select not only the possibility to have sex, but you are literally forced to make known your preferences. Its not enough nowadays to have sex. That isnt interesting any longer, it's not the meaning or the purpose.
You have to choose a fetish. Just looking at the old plain pictures is almost obscene. Games like Sociotron, Second Life etc basically press you into gay, BDSM, all kinds of deviant activities. Weird?
I would argue that this is quite logical... in a world where sexuality is a product, the laws of specialization and market segmentation apply in the same sense as in, let's say, soap production. Therefore, sexuality is broken down into parts, the market emerges with every possible preference and diversity of tastes.
Hey, what's your fetish? If you don't yet have any, start thinking about it, so that you can survive in this new proud economy!

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