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Microsoft's Annual Report Reveals OSS Mistakes

dominick True Innovation (348 comments)

I had to say something, it was bothering me :) First and foremost, I have yet to see true innovation from Microsoft. If anything, I've seen innovation ripped from the free and open source company by companies such as Apple and Microsoft. Look at the various GUI features that Apple and Microsoft both scream about, yet how many of these features were available in the Open Source and Free Software communities long before they implemented them? Also, is it not funny that Microsoft is creating a server with no GUI... Where in God's green earth did they get this idea? I'm not saying Microsoft didn't contribute their fair share. They made personal computing available to the masses. Yet, was this truly innovative? Or did they steal their ideas from Apple and Xerox? I think Mr. Ballmer is scared because he realizes the threat of the F/LOSS community. Various projects are maturing at a rapid pace thanks to the free time of developers, graphic designers, usability engineers, computer scientists, and just people who do it as a hobby. I guess he doesn't realize that people from all over the world do it for the fun of it or to scratch one's own itch. I do not think F/LOSS will replace Microsoft anytime soon, but I definitely do think that they have been eating a big market share and Microsoft is definitely seeing some damage. So... in conclusion... ::: Gives Ballmer the Finger ::: ::: Ducks to Avoid Flying Chair :::

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