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Responding to US Gambling Law, Antigua Set To Launch "Pirate" Site

dontmakemethink Re:Payment processors (377 comments)

They can however forbid US payment processors from processing online gambling payments. If that is how they're stopping Antigua now, I can't imagine this warez site will be different. Do you think US payment processors will handle these payments?

Do you think there's nobody outside the US that buys movies/music/software that are under US copyright protection?

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: To AdBlock Or Not To AdBlock?

dontmakemethink Re:Just block all ads and don't worry about it (716 comments)

I love advertising. I block it because it's the opposite of what I want.

Some may say I'm doing the adverse of what I want.

Some may say that to get people to do the adverse of what they want would be called "advertising".

I wouldn't know, cuz I'm an idiot and block out all the good shit, why listen to me!

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: To AdBlock Or Not To AdBlock?

dontmakemethink Re:Just block all ads and don't worry about it (716 comments)

Lemme get this straight, you were seriously looking to buy a diesel Beetle, and you found out they were making one from an ad?! The only reason they decided to market a diesel Beetle is because people like you got off their asses and demanded it. You speak like the ads brought your diesel Beetle to you. That's just so un-Fahrvergnügen.

I've long been a defender that the next generation Beetles aren't gayer than a treeful of chickadees, but I'm not sure I can extend my persuasive powers to include the diesel model after what I've read here. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: To AdBlock Or Not To AdBlock?

dontmakemethink Re:Just block all ads and don't worry about it (716 comments)

Advertising literally means to get people to do what they do not want to do, the adverse. If they were just promoting one option over another that would be called divertising, to divert you to the preferred option over the other.

Fact is that most of what advertisers do is the promotion of what they're paid to promote. But the industry still chooses to use the term 'advertising'. It's like running for political office under the "Totalitarian Fascist Party" pitching to represent the constituents' best interests. Okay, bad example...

Let's try the obligatory car example. It's like claiming that the car you're selling is the best way of getting around despite all other sustainable means that undermine the infrastructure that make cars necessary, which other departments in your company are battling unmercifully. Err... that doesn't work either...

Umm, maybe it's like the farmers in India who were persuaded to use genetically modified seeds... Err, sorry, they're not around anymore to comment.

OK I got it! It's like knowing what you want to do, but getting paid to do something else, and then it bites you in the ass. But that NEVER happens, right?

about 2 years ago

Judge Rejects Settlement In Facebook Sponsored Stories Case

dontmakemethink Re:Why is it legal at all? (47 comments)

The bigger question is how people still see ads at all. Is their ad blocker malfunctioning?

about 2 years ago

Mozilla Adds H.264 Support To Android Firefox

dontmakemethink It won't run on a Mac SE/30 either (77 comments)

I declare shenanigans! This conspiracy of not automatically updating the hardware of obsolete devices must be rooted out!

more than 2 years ago

Google's Self-Driving Cars: 300,000 Miles Logged, Not a Single Accident

dontmakemethink Re:what is the issue??? (465 comments)

Wise man say, when crossing one-way street, look both ways. There are very many hazards that automated cars undo as well. I read an amazing essay about life with all fully automated vehicles, where you don't own a car, instead you punch your cargo and travel plans into a website, and the appropriate vehicle shows up and takes care of your travel needs. If it's a mile or so to the grocery store, a wagon shows up. If it's to the remote cottage an SUV shows up. If it's to a wedding a limo shows up. If it's to an airport a shuttle bus shows up with room for you and your baggage along with others etc. Think about how much time your car is parked and think about how many fewer automated vehicles it would take to service a large population. MASSIVE CO2 emission reduction, especially if most of them are fully electric, as they could easily recharge themselves automatically. The ramifications are really stupendous.

I can't find a link to the essay (I'm unwinding after a long day and I get 3 hrs sleep before a 17 hr day tomorrow), but I'm sure other /.ers have heard of it.

more than 2 years ago

Australian Agency Rules Facebook Pages Responsible For Comments

dontmakemethink Re:Good. (141 comments)

This has censorship written all over it, as well as reactionary anti-censorship. The responsibility must be limited to deliberate republications of the comments beyond the automatic publication by the social media. Otherwise it invites antagonists to cause undue penalties to an organization by posting offensive comments, and/or suppresses controversial subject matter from supporters of an organization for fear it may cause them penalties.

more than 2 years ago

Finding Fault With Anti-Fracking Science Claims

dontmakemethink Re:Motivated reasoning? (505 comments)

Always be wary of motivation vs fact. Motivation is measured in dollars, fact is measured in labs, but only perceived by the public through the media, which are all motivated by dollars and not facts.

The key question is this: is there enough money to be gained from fracking to change publicly perceived facts? Absolutely. My problem is that if it turned out that fracking was actually OK, I'd have heard about it by now. I know folks in the field, and they don't know anything about any new scientific findings. They're reluctant workers getting paid mad cash to do what they hate for the sake of their families. They're not idiots, and they keep a close eye on this shit. Big media says it's ok? Fuck that.

more than 2 years ago

Asus Delivers Speed Boost With USB Attached SCSI Protocol

dontmakemethink Great for audio (93 comments)

This finally resolves the biggest problem for USB interfaces and hard drives for audio. The primary factor for performance in audio has always been access speed (seek time), and not throughput. Audio software has to access dozens of separate audio files in a very timely manner frequently, and the overhead of the USB protocol has always been a wrench in the gears. From what I'm reading, UASP offers the same advantages NCQ (Native Command Queuing) offers in SATA, which allowed for much higher track counts on the same drive rather than spreading files across several drives, which was a pain in the butt. It was only with NCQ in ~2005 that SATA finally caught up with SCSI-2 (ca 1994) in audio performance, provided the drive was 7200rpm or faster. Firewire has some form of queuing system built into the host, so it's always been better than USB for audio, but it is vanishing from laptops and desktop motherboards, even Apple products.

Now watch how long it takes before audio hardware manufacturers adopt it, and feel our pain. The first Firewire audio interfaces came out about 4 years after Firewire was standard on Mac desktops...

more than 2 years ago

Why You Shouldn't Write Off Google+ Just Yet

dontmakemethink Re:Google What? (286 comments)

It's 'kinda' bullshit in that they're only 'kinda' spying on you. Do they harvest as much information about you as the law allows? Yes. Do they push the limit on this harvesting? Sure. Are they hiding the extent of how much information they harvest? Of course. But they are doing it on a systematic basis, and don't care about any one person in particular. Their objective is not to study any individual in particular, but to study a potential advertising market as thoroughly as possible. It's not like they're sending out people to follow you, more like you leaving bread crumbs for them to map.

The danger of this is only in how the information is abused, and the fault there lies in the security of the information and abuses of government access thereto. That's something to worry about, sure, but I see it as an inevitable evolution of the internet motivated by irrepressible marketing forces. If Facebook and Google+ didn't do it to this extent, surely some other social media would have. It's definitely a "don't hate the players, hate the game" situation.

So if you're that concerned about abuse of your personal information, I don't blame you one bit for avoiding social media. Myself, I only worry a thief may see that I'm out of town and take a shot at breaking into my house, but otherwise I'm not afraid of what can be done with what I post, and I'd say about 25% of my revenue stems from research and communications over Facebook. Works for me, might not work for you. I don't see the need for alarm.

more than 2 years ago

Canadians To Get Unbundled Cable TV Channels

dontmakemethink Re:The Downside .... (195 comments)

As long as there are commercials there will be channels telling studios what kind of crap they want to shove down our faces to assemble demographics to match their potential advertising base. Channels should be paying us for allowing their garbage into our homes.

more than 2 years ago

Asking Slashdot: Converting an SUV Into an Hybrid Diesel-Electric?

dontmakemethink Re:Use a Lupo engine (543 comments)

I own an ford expedition and a ford f150 supercrew (4 real doors).

- I do not like being at "car level". I feel more secure at "truck level". Better visibility. - More metal. Real bumpers. I do not feel safe in a small plastic car.

How many car accidents have you been in recently? Most cars have excellent crash test ratings these days compared to even 10 years ago. A friend recently slammed into a rock cut at about 40mph, her PT Cruiser did a 360 in the air and landed back out on the road. She walked away with belt burn and a bruise on her neck from the air bag. Also, SUV's are most prone to rollovers. Airbags don't help much when the passengers have been ejected from the vehicle.

- MPG. Even if I could get a car with more metal and size, many car models are not significant improvements over my SUV and offer less convenience.

City mileage drops fast with less weight, highway mileage drops fast with better aerodynamics, both drop fast with a smaller engine. Your 5.4L Expedition gets a reported 13mpg city 18mpg highway, so actual is probably more like 10/15. My 3.4L minivan (Pontiac Montana) gets 20/26 actual.

- 4x4. When I want to go, I go.

Many car models offer 4x4, Subaru only makes 4x4's for example.

- Interior room. I have 3 kids. Ever put 3 child safety seats into a small plastic car? - Kids have "things"... backpacks, class projects, game cases. 3 kids + any friends gets cramped in cars. - Minivans, the only real alternative to SUVs. Ugly. Expensive. Nuff said

Many cars handle this fine, so far I'd direct you towards a Ford Flex AWD

-.Environment? Meh. I drive a 2 cylinder for the better part of 9 months out of the year. It's a Harley.

Catalytic converters reduce smog emissions by a factor of 430. By my math (880cc/5.4Lx430) your Harley emits about 70 times as much smog as your Expedition. You're not doing us any favors...

more than 2 years ago

Canadian Supreme Court Entrenches Tech Neutrality In Copyright Law

dontmakemethink Re:Fill me in, eh (54 comments)

Well put. Similarly the Supreme Court can strike down a law passed by the House Of Commons or provincial Legislative Assemblies on the grounds that it violates the Constitution, Charter Of Rights & Freedoms, or provincial jurisdictions etc, however the Supreme Court can't introduce new law, only alter existing ones to suit evolving judicial interests and the Constitution and Charter. That's gotta feel pretty good, the "I know better, nyah nyah" part. That's why they don't wear pants under the robes.

more than 2 years ago

GM Car Owners With OnStar Now Can Be Their Own Rental Agencies

dontmakemethink Re:Important reminder (195 comments)

Insurance companies insure cars, not drivers. If you lend your car to someone else, and they run over an old lady, you can be sued just as rightly as the driver. You are responsible for your vehicle unless it is stolen. How RelayRides insurance fits into that I don't know, but definitely some fine print worth reading.

about 2 years ago

Church of Scientology Enlisting Followers In Censorship

dontmakemethink (628 comments)

Pop scientology into Google groups search for some good creepy laughs. It's a shame it only goes back 4 years, the early 2000's saw many a scientology recruiter trolling that group.

more than 2 years ago

Hollywood Agent Ari Emanuel Wants a Magic 'Stop Piracy' Button

dontmakemethink Re:im certain (269 comments)

WOW. I am fucking stunned. How is the systematic distribution of copyrighted data not the "carrying away" the "personal goods" of artists?! If you break into an artist's home and steal the master CD he sent away to be legally marketed, that's theft, but to distribute the EXACT SAME DATA you ripped off without license is what, a fundamental human right? Yeah sure, we still have our copy, but IT'S FUCKING WORTHLESS BECAUSE ANY IDIOT CAN NOW DOWNLOAD IT. Ice to eskimos? Hello?

And since I am an artist and you're too dense to figure that out, let's pretend I'm smart enough to figure out that you're not an artist. Let's run down a list of possibilities of what maybe you might be:

Plumber: suppose any idiot could take a magic X-ray picture of a house you worked on, and magically project it onto another house, so that they got paid for your work, and didn't pay you a damn thing. Since it's magic, you can't sue them. How long would you continue to be an unpaid plumber?

Cook: suppose any idiot could take a magic X-ray picture of a meal you cooked, and magically project it onto another plate, so that they got paid for your work, and didn't pay you a damn thing. Since it's magic, you can't sue them. How long would you continue to be an unpaid cook?

Taxi Driver: suppose any idiot could teleport via Google Street View? How long would you continue to be an unpaid taxi driver?

Politician: ok, bad example...

My point is that you don't seem to understand the DIGESTIVE TRACT of an artist. We need to EAT. Live gigs pay the exact same as they did in the 70's. We can't sell recordings to save our lives without coughing up HUGE percentages to labels (iTunes takes 85%). I'm doing fine because I'm diversified and established in many facets of the music industry, but it was a BITCH to get here, and I'm very lucky to have SURVIVED to this point, because I seriously would have killed myself trying if things didn't work out the way they did.

But go ahead and keep being the pirating armchair quarterback for artists. It won't make a dent in my need to create, it just causes suffering among the people you claim to respect. Might wanna ease back on the generalizing from the specific though, because it may take both hands to count all the artists you know that are happy to starve for the sake of their art, but it takes Facebook's $60B IPO to tally up all the depraved whores like yourself who have the crust to steal from artists and then tell them how they lack commitment.

Whatever he replies, please mod this fuckhead insightful again. It's part of my training to become a "true artist".

more than 2 years ago



Apple most valuable US company - briefly

dontmakemethink dontmakemethink writes  |  more than 3 years ago

dontmakemethink (1186169) writes "Apple briefly surpassed Exxon Mobil as the most valuable company in the U.S. Tuesday afternoon before settling back slightly lower. But the two are now so close that the change of guard is likely to happen soon. Apple Inc.'s stock gained 5.9 per cent to $374.01 on Tuesday, bringing the iPhone and iPad maker's market capitalization to about $347 billion when the market closed. Exxon Mobil Corp. shares, meanwhile, closed up 2.1 percent at 71.64. That gives the oil company a market cap of $348 billion as of the market's close. Other big-name corporations, such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and General Electric Co., don't even come close. Apple overtook Microsoft, the previous No. 2, just last year."
Link to Original Source

Pentagon to monitor/influence social networks

dontmakemethink dontmakemethink writes  |  more than 3 years ago

dontmakemethink (1186169) writes "The US Defense Department has been budgeted $42M to engage in monitoring of social networks like Facebook and Google+ for the purpose of identifying "adverse influence operations" and making efforts to counter them. If you're like me, you suspect this sort of business has always been going on, especially in the middle east, it's just surprising that they're announcing it publicly and spending so much on it."
Link to Original Source

"Brain-like" computers are born

dontmakemethink dontmakemethink writes  |  more than 4 years ago

dontmakemethink (1186169) writes "Discover Magazine has published an astounding article about new "Neurogrid" computer chips which offer brain-like computing with extremely low power consumption. In a simulation of 55 million neurons on a traditional supercomputer, 320,000 watts of power was required, while a 1-million neuron Neurogrid chip array is expected to consume less than one watt. The type of processing is different, like the brain vs a computer, but the potential for extremely complex computations is amazing, and power savings like that are definitely welcome these days!"
Link to Original Source

Active lobbying in US for slavery and child labor

dontmakemethink dontmakemethink writes  |  more than 4 years ago

dontmakemethink (1186169) writes "Rachel Maddow of MSNBC reports of a shocking trend related to new proposed customs bills hidden behind the overshadowing economic crisis. It appears that business groups are trying to sneak away legislation banning products made with slave or child labor, calling the matter "trivial" and undeserving of criminal penalty:

“Business groups are worried by the potential effects of provisions banning the import of all goods made with convict labor, forced labor or forced or indentured child labor that were included in a recent customs bill." — quoted from Inside Trade, a subscriber-only industry publication

"And on the Heritage Foundation‘s 'Overcriminalized' blog, the Heritage Foundation, too, singles out the Child Labor Safety Act, which levies fines and jail time for companies using child labor as an example of what they call 'trivial conduct that is now often punished as a crime.'"

Rachel gives a spirited conclusion:
"But unless you‘re going to make your case for things like that in total secrecy, know that the case against you is there to be made, too, and that that will apply to any member of Congress who sides with you as well, you child labor-endorsing, pro-slavery freaks."

Link includes video and transcript"

Link to Original Source

Bank bailout money going into executives pockets

dontmakemethink dontmakemethink writes  |  more than 5 years ago

dontmakemethink (1186169) writes " reports that of the $125B bank bailout funds already dispersed, 1/3 of the major banks have earmarked $20B for year-end bonuses, with 2/3 yet to report how they plan to allocate the funds. Most curious is Goldman Sachs, who is issuing bonuses greater than the bailout funds they are to receive, and is the former employer of the US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Jr. By my math, that could mean half the bailout money is going directly into the pockets of bank executives, extra incentives for a job well done. Like they haven't fleeced us bad enough yet!"
Link to Original Source

More clinical support for subliminal messages

dontmakemethink dontmakemethink writes  |  about 6 years ago

dontmakemethink (1186169) writes "A recent British experiment had 20 people watch a series of images, each of which was accompanied by a subliminal message lasting 33 to 50ms, too short to be consciously perceived, which indicated whether the image had value or not. The participants then played a game where they bet on the images using only instinct. Some participants scored far better than others, indicating a susceptibility in certain people, and as a group 63% chose images that corresponded with the subliminal messages.

While it's not rousing support for the practice, I find it disturbing that the use of subliminal messages is still being studied. Some scientists just want to make a quick buck I guess.

Here is the last Slashdot article on the subject."

Link to Original Source

CTV: Class-action lawsuits for incoming SMS fees

dontmakemethink dontmakemethink writes  |  more than 6 years ago

dontmakemethink (1186169) writes "CTV reports that class-action lawsuits have been filed against two major Canadian cellular service providers, Bell and Telus, for imposing fees on incoming text messages. While there has been very vocal opposition to the introduction of the fees, those who cannot change providers due to binding contracts feel the situation is actionable in court.

Some of those not bound by contract, such as myself, have given their service provider notice that they will charge the provider for having to contact them to have charges reversed for unsolicited texts. Because service providers are aware of the volume of unsolicited texts, we feel they are liable for the inconvenience to their clients for preventing spam charges, and more importantly under no circumstances should service providers profit from spam. We also feel that requiring us to buy text bundles to avoid the inconvenience of reversing spam charges constitutes extortion. They can charge me for texts when they stop the spam."

Link to Original Source

BBC catches China violating UN embargo in Darfur

dontmakemethink dontmakemethink writes  |  more than 6 years ago

dontmakemethink (1186169) writes "

The BBC has found the first evidence that China is currently helping Sudan's government militarily in Darfur. The Panorama TV programme tracked down Chinese army [trucks] in the Sudanese province that came from a batch exported from China to Sudan in 2005. The BBC was also told that China was training fighter pilots who fly Chinese A5 Fantan fighter jets in Darfur. China's government has declined to comment on the BBC's findings, which contravene a UN arms embargo on Darfur. The embargo requires foreign nations to take measures to ensure they do not militarily assist anyone in the conflict in Darfur, in which the UN estimates that about 300,000 people have died.

And in other news, from the CBC:

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court [ICC] will ask for an arrest warrant to be issued next week that names the president of Sudan as a suspect in genocide and other crimes against humanity, diplomats and UN officials said Friday.

And if you're wondering why China would do such a thing, you can always count on the usual suspects:

China National Petroleum Corp. owns 40 percent — the largest single share — of the Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Co., a consortium that dominates Sudan's oil fields.
- Washington Post, Dec 23, 2004


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