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My Automobile Gets __ MPG

dontspellsogood I don't care! (1141 comments)

My wife of 5 yrs left me last week for her new (err 5 months?) boyfriend. That's ok, in half an hour Im taking delivery of my brand new 2010 Charger SRT.

So frankly right now I don't care what gas mileage it gets. It can do 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, still has a backseat to bring the kids over to my new place on weekends, and the chances of infidelity are nill.

more than 4 years ago

Arranging Electronic Access For Your Survivors?

dontspellsogood Spreadsheet + hardcopy (335 comments)

Im more concerned with the leaving my survivors with enough access to settle my accounts; I'm somewhat anal about this having seen relative's spouses go through weeks/months of discovering files and accounts and lots of pain when really they should just focus on their loss.

I keep track of my family finances (my wife really doesn't care so long as the bills are paid and I can tell her how much she can spend every month) in MS Money and various spreadsheets. They're all backed up and my wife knows where they are.

I have a spreadsheet that itemizes all accounts whether they are bank accounts, loan/mortgage accounts, credit cards, reward plan, frequent flier, utilities, bills etc. including:
account #, payment frequency, the login** for online access, and whether or not statements/news/notices are mailed, or emailed and to which of my accounts they are sent, and if a password reset/identity check security question is asked, what it is; ** my wife knows the passwords I rotate between for my online accounts, as well as the answers to the various securty questions; there's also a copy of this password list left with my parents should we both befall tragedy) This account list gets printed out every few months or when it changes and stored at the front of the filing cabinet for easy reference.

All of these files are backed up weekly, and every 6 months or so all of them are burned to DVD (along with all of our other personal docs, digital photos etc) and sent to one of our parents.
Neither of us have a will yet, but when we do, it will contain instructions on how to retreive these files and how all accounts should be settled (before the kids get their cut that is)

more than 6 years ago


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