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Evolution Bounty Stirs GPL Concerns

dot-magnon Slashdot food? (214 comments)

As far as I can see it, this really is an internal debate. The complaints have been made, and resolutions are starting to take place, and THEN it ends up on Slashdot? Where's the BS filter gone? This is completely irrelevant for someone outside of the community to solve, and it's the community that will eventually resolve this. In addition, there are multiple discussions that have been mistaken for one here: The bounties are not directly involved with the copyright assignment debate at all.

Just leave it already. Seems that this passes pretty unseen amongst outsiders anyway.

more than 10 years ago



dot-magnon dot-magnon writes  |  more than 7 years ago

dot-magnon writes "The Liberal Party of Norway (Venstre) passed a unanimous resolution that advocates legal file sharing. The party wants to legalise sharing of any copyrighted material for non-commercial use. It also proposes a ban on DRM technology, free sampling of other artists' material, and shortening the life span of copyright.

The Liberal Party is the first Norwegian political party, and the first European mainstream political party, to advocate file sharing.

From the press release:
— The laws today make a whole generation criminals, while we have yet to protect artists' interests. We've had systems to compensate copyright holders since the photocopier was invented, but new technology has been left behind. The laws must adapt to the citizens and modern technology. I believe in this resolution to create a radical, modern policy on culture and IT, while still protecting the interests of artists, says Trine Skei Grande, Vice Chairwoman of the Liberal Party.

Cultural spokesperson for the Young Liberals of Norway, Jonas Stein Eilertsen, also supports the measures drafted in the resolution. — New opportunities exist. We want to use technology and the possibilities in file sharing. We want to encourage the use and spread of any culture for non-commercial purposes.

The Young Liberals of Norway, the Liberal Party youth wing, proposed the resolution.

The resolution, in Norwegian: Slipp kulturen fri!
The full translation can be read on Young Liberals' website: Culture wants to be free!
Press release from Young Liberals of Norway: Liberal Party Advocates Legal File Sharing"


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