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Tech Jobs For a Student?

dotgod Already been answered (399 comments)

I came in to offer a few suggestions, but they've already been made. You can't really expect to get a programming job at your age/experience even if you know how to program. Your best bet is to do open source development, try to get on a research project if you live near a university (professors love free labor), or to get a job at a computer repair shop. If you haven't had a job yet, working a "normal" job for someone your age is actually a good social experience that I would recommend. I used to want a technical job, but only worked at restaurants until the end of college. Looking back now, I value the social experience I had that I know I wouldn't have received doing tech work. I would recommend you get a regular job for someone your age and spend some of your free time doing open source work and/or learning more about programming on your own.

more than 8 years ago


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