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Jobs Finally "Happy" With Unannounced Apple Tablet

doxology Re:Jobs is happy with it? (303 comments)

iTunes is only available for a few select platforms...

about 5 years ago

GDocs vs. ThinkFree vs. Zoho vs. MS Office

doxology Re:File format! (Equation editor) (226 comments)

Have you tried latex2rtf? I don't know what it does with equations though...

more than 6 years ago



Scientists create di-positronium molecules

doxology doxology writes  |  more than 7 years ago

doxology writes "The BBC reports that scientists have been able to create di-positronium molecules. A di-positronium molecule consists of two positronium atoms, exotic atoms which are made from an electron and a positron (the anti-particle of the electron). A potential use of these molecules is to make extremely powerful gamma-ray lasers, possibly on sharks."
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Sun profitable for third consecutive quarter

doxology doxology writes  |  more than 7 years ago

doxology (636469) writes "The New York Times reports that Sun Microsystems has posted a profit for three consecutive quarters after five quarters of losses. While product revenue declined by one percent, revenue from services increased by three percent. Is Sun's open-source-everything-we-own strategy working?"


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