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Positive Ebola Test In Second Texas Health Worker

dr_dank Re: Just tell me (463 comments)

And, boy, are his arms tired!

about 3 months ago

UK Ham Radio Reg Plans To Drop 15 min Callsign Interval and Allow Encryption

dr_dank Re: Scrap all the rules (104 comments)

As a young ham, myself and another member of our club were rebuked for what we thought was a clever workaround to a persistent jammer. We came up with a list of repeaters, assigning a number to each. When a jammer would come along, we'd simply say "meet me on number 4" and we'd QSY to that repeater to continue our QSO.

At a subsequent meeting, one of the OM officers of our club told us to knock it off as it could run afoul of the "codes & ciphers" prohibiting of part 97.

about 5 months ago

Big Pharma Presses US To Quash Cheap Drug Production In India

dr_dank Re:Wouldn't it be something (255 comments)

Returning to the days of snake oil is not the solution.

Take a look at the market in "herbal supplements & remedies". Snake oil never really left, just got a free pass as long as they slap a tiny disclaimer on the bottle or TV screen.

about a year ago

Critics Reassess Starship Troopers As a Misunderstood Masterpiece

dr_dank Re:It tried to follow the plot (726 comments)

When Starship Troopers was performed at Rifftrax, they couldn't alter the movie in any way. To get around this, they had the cameras cut away to a silly diversion (Gorilla-grams!), while a non-offending corner of the scene played out in stage right. If you were live in the Belcourt theatre, you got to see the film in all its glory.

about a year ago

Tesla Model S Can Hit (At Least) 132 MPH On the Autobahn

dr_dank Re:huh? (410 comments)

Forget it, he's rolling.

about a year ago

A Math Test That's Rotten To the Common Core

dr_dank Re:Failure is expected result (663 comments)

Your subject line is 100% on the mark: Failure is the expected & intended result.

Low test scores that result from this test make a great lever to use to privatize schools and/or get rid of teachers that can't get their kids to pass this charade. Corporate America gets to cluck their tongues at the crop of obvious dolts-in-ye-making an lobby their pet congressperson to allow ever more H1-B and offshored/temp labor to compensate.

I'd say this is working as designed.

about a year ago

US Executions Threaten Supply of Anaesthetic Used For Surgical Procedures

dr_dank Re:Hint (1160 comments)

Agree completely. I must point out (again) that the automatic appeals process costs taxpayers at least $2 million dollars, therefore life in prison/no parole is economically cheaper for taxpayers.

I fear that this would be fixed by getting rid of the appeals instead of doing away with capital punishment entirely.

about a year ago

Sexist Presentations At Startup Competition Prompt TechCrunch Apology

dr_dank Re:Should have done it on MTV (762 comments)

Mod this up for the worlds first twerking strawman!

about a year ago

Pre-Dawn Wireless Emergency Alert Wakes Up NYC

dr_dank Re:Did they find the Lexus? (382 comments)

Amber keeps getting into strangers cars. When will she ever learn?

about a year and a half ago

DEF CON Advises Feds Not To Attend Conference

dr_dank What about the hacker ethic? (250 comments)

Openness to all & the free exchange of ideas and information with curious people doesn't seem compatible with the exclusion of any one group.

about a year and a half ago

Book Review: Exploding the Phone

dr_dank Re:Captain Crunch!!! (64 comments)

As in he never responded to the questions sent. Either that, or the dog ate it.

about a year and a half ago

India To Send World's Last Telegram

dr_dank Re:not the world's last (205 comments)

Looking at the sample telegram, you can tell that theres at least one diehard Twilight Zone fan in that company.

about a year and a half ago

The Coming War Against Personal Photography and Video

dr_dank Re:They have this interview of a detective on yout (221 comments)

I saw that lecture by the lawyer and cop also. The trick that you describe is that the cop & suspect walk into an interrogation room, he starts pulls out a tape recorder and starts doing paperwork. The silence and nonchalance

about 2 years ago

Build a Secret Compartment, Go To Jail

dr_dank No-win situation (1111 comments)

Once this guy knew who he was doing business with, it gave him two crappy options:

1) Turn informant for the government. His customers would know in a moment that he flipped once they see that he's moved out of his house and suddenly has the money to open a fancy storefront with all the bells and whistles (bugged to the gills). Once they figure that out, he and his family are as good as dead.

2) Take your chances in court. Since the federal government moved the venue to Kansas, that'll practically secure a conviction for an LA Latino who can easily be painted as a gangster living large while working on spec for the drug lords. Also, this sets an example for those who refuse uncle sams generous offer to turn informant.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do I Explain That Humans Didn't Ride Dinosaurs?

dr_dank Re:Sigh (278 comments)

This is a great April fools joke. A slashdotter with a GIRLFRIEND! Makes the man and dinosaur thing look downright plausible.

about 2 years ago

Do Nations Have the Right To Kill Enemy Hackers?

dr_dank Good luck! (482 comments)

I'm behind seven prox++++++NO CARRIER

about 2 years ago

V&A Scraps Napalm Death Gig For Fear Decibel Levels Will Damage Sculptures

dr_dank Re:Real reason for cancellation (79 comments)

I heard it was a puppet show scheduling conflict.

about 2 years ago


dr_dank hasn't submitted any stories.



Favorite Slashdot Stories?

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 6 years ago I'd have to say that this one is one of the most insightul ones I've seen during my time here. Overall, career threads on slashdot are usually extremely informative and interesting, but that one more so.

Which threads do you find yourselves reading time and again?


Series 2 of IT crowd

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I'm surprised that this hasn't made the rounds of Slashdot considering thats how I found out about the series in the first place, but the second season of IT Crowd has begun on UK's Channel 4 and is available by the usual channels.

While the writing is still crisp and funny, with the same geek flavor, the camera work seems more dramatic than the consistent use of long shots and some new set decoration. Even though, very much worth checking out. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?


Millionth user?

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Has Slashdot finally crowned user 1000000? I see lots in the mid-to-high nines, they must be close.


April Fools

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 9 years ago

April fools again. I hope /. will have bizarro moderation where first posts and IN SOVIET RUSSIA crap gets modded +5 insightful.


Journey - An Informal Survey part 2: Electric Bugaloo

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 11 years ago

The 1970's yielded many rock acts that toured the nation and flooded the airwaves. Some have gone on to become classics. The music of Journey is one such example.

Whether you like to "Be good to yourself" or not, "only the young" will be unable to resist their power chord charms belted out by Neal Schon. Whether you pine for Steve Perry or find that Steve Augeri is just as good, tell us about your favorite Journey tunes.


Hall and Oates: an Informal Survey

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Tucked away in the back of the minds of most modern folks is at least one song by the hit duo of Darryl Hall and John Oates. Whether it be the strains of "Rich Girl" or all of the words to "Man Eater", nary a person alive today has been untouched by the song stylings of these men.

What Hall and Oates song does it for you? I'd like to know as well as your fellow Slashdotters. There is nothing to be ashamed of, so please don't be shy. I may cover Journey or REO Speedwagon at a later date as interest allows.

The timing of this JE has nothing to do with the copious amounts of Percocet that I have been taking for my wisdom teeth extraction, although a parallel could be drawn by the casual observer.


Rest in Peace: Wesley Willis

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 11 years ago

According to Jello Biafra, groundbreaking musican/songwriter Wesley Willis died yesterday at the age of 40.

Willis left behind a body of work spanning fifty albums, many of which advocated fellating various animals. Funeral arrangements are unavailable.


Zaurus Roundup

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I'd like to hear from the Sharp Zaurus owners in the house. Reply with your model, rom version, add-ons, or whatever you feel. In-depth discussion is highly encouraged. I'll start the ball rolling:

Sharp Zaurus Sl-5500
Openzaurus 3.2
Ambicom 802.11b c/f
PNY 128mb SD card

I like running Kismet on it, but I find that it doesn't beep when it discovers a new net like it does when it runs on the stock Sharp ROM.


Slashdot Vacation Day?

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 11 years ago Pointing my browser at Kuro5hin turned up this message:

K5 is on vacation for the day

Yesterday those of you who were around might recall seeing the site down or really slow for a good chunk of the day. There were some database problems, then a really bizarre thing with the Scoop servers which was solved by rebooting them, but after the reboot one came back up without sshd running so I can't get in to configure it, and then some kind person decided to DoS us mildly. Oh, and I upgraded the database somewhere in there too.

So we're on one Scoop server at the moment, and the database really needs to be archived more. I wrote a script to do archiving a lot faster, but it needs to run for a while, and it's 4AM here and what with everything else I think I'm just calling today a maintenance day so I can go to bed.

It's summer, and I'm sure many of you have things you've been meaning to get to. So now's the time. Enjoy your K5 vacation day, and we'll see you bright and early on Wednesday.


This got my wheels turning: what would happen if Slashdot were to go offline for an entire day? No available stories, just a "Gone fishin'" sign. How would you spend the time normally spent here?


Paging the Captain?

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Am I the only one that has been waiting with baited breath for the Captain Crunch interview that was put out nearly two months ago (April 15, to be exact)? Is he among the living?


IRC forum digest

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 11 years ago If you missed last nights IRC chat with the powers that be on this site, heres the Readers Digest breakdown:
Submit patches.
Read the FAQ.
Next question.
I was going to ask about Jon Katz' mysterious Afhan confidante, Junis, but wasn't on IRC at the time. What did you make of the chat? Transcript here.


dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Whats your favorite planet?

Mines the SUN! Its like the king of planets! I stared at the sun with a pair of binoculars for over an hour. Just curious I guess.


These look familiar....

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I received a package from an E-bay vendor with a sticker on it from a company called u-pic. Take a look at the icons on their site and draw your own conclusions. Comments welcome, of course.


Icy Hotness

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 12 years ago Its like a car crash. They're abhorrent, but you can't stop yourself from looking.

It is this combination that makes the Icy Hot Stuntaz so morbidly fascinating.

I decided to take a better look at them while investigating Fark photoshop contest cliches. I peeped Ellen from the Apple ads, Domo-kun, but was still drawn to the bastard Vanilla Ice lovechildren staring back smugly or as they say: "Izzat in my Shizzat".

If I had functioning audio at work, I'd check out their music. If its anything like the venerable MC Hawking, I'm sure it will be a treat.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for nerve damage.


Mod status, Baby!

dr_dank dr_dank writes  |  more than 12 years ago

After over a year of Slashdot visiting and journal bitching later, I was granted MODERATOR STATUS.

Like any virgin worth his salt, I blew it all right away on karma whores.

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