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Want a PC With 192 GB of RAM?

draevil Please ban the word "leverage" (353 comments)

"Apple are all bringing out computers that leverage Intel's new Nehalem architecture"

Please tell me I'm not the only one that cringed at this example of newspeak? The word is *use*. "Apple are bringing out computers that **use** Intel's new Nehalem architecture".

The sentence isn't made any more profound, important or meaningful - no extra information is conveyed - by using faddish terms like "leverage"; designed exclusively to make MBAs sound like they have something to contribute (they usually don't).

Besides all that the topic is pointless since everyone knows we won't need more than 640K. ;)

more than 5 years ago

Election Dirty Tricks About To Begin

draevil Re:No, the real trick (942 comments)

The situation is even worse in the UK where our executive branch is embedded in our legislature.

By definition here, the party in government enjoys a majority within parliament and for the last 11 years that majority has been very large.

In essence it means that unless the government wants to do something which is so appalling that even their own party can't bear it then they can do whatever they want.

Like the U.S. we operate a first past the post system with huge majorities being returned for nothing like an absolute majority of the vote and this tends to lead to see-saw politics as the country has to be so disgusted with the ruling party that they choose to exercise the nuclear option of clearing they and all their works from power.

The truth more often than not though is that many people who vote for a party are reasonably happy with some of what they've done and would have, at an earlier moment, exercised a vote showing their displeasure at a particular direction or measure had they thought that it could make a difference. With proportional representation that is an option. With first past the post, no such subtlety exists.

Many detractors of PR point out that it can lead to weak government which is really only yet another euphemism designed to imply that there's something awful about a government which actually has to compromise with competing interests in society to arrive at a result which is inherently more democratic.

For a country that was forced into a war it didn't want to take part in, has been forced to fund the development of an ID card system it doesn't need and has seen many traditional freedoms curtailed, I for one can't wait for 'weak' government.

more than 6 years ago



Spaceplane Concept Receives Euro Funding

draevil draevil writes  |  more than 5 years ago

draevil (598113) writes "BBC News reports that the novel "Skylon" spaceplane design of British firm Reaction Engines has received funding to proceed with its proof-of-concept design for an air-breathing rocket engine.

If successful the Sabre rocket engine will be able to take the Skylon with 12 tonnes of cargo from a runway, to orbit and then back to that runway without the need for disposable components or a piggy-back ride on a larger aircraft.

Should the design prove viable then it could see first use within ten years."

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Indy Games Developer Moves to Support Linux

draevil draevil writes  |  more than 6 years ago

draevil (598113) writes "After months of work indy games developer S2Games have ported their latest title Savage 2: A Tortured Soul to the Linux platform — expanding the already impressive list of titles available natively on Linux.

Slashdotters can try out a demo of the game here and do their bit to support both indy game developers and those companies willing to put the work in to port their titles to Linux."

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EULAs Under Investigation in UK

draevil draevil writes  |  more than 6 years ago

draevil (598113) writes "The BBC has the news that Britain's National Consumer Council has completed an investigation into the practice of software End User License Agreements(EULAs) with the conclusion that many consumers are signing away their legal rights and agreeing to unfair terms which they could never have scrutinised before purchase.

Their report also acknowledges that even if the EULA were available prior to purchase it would be unreasonable to expect an average consumer to understand the terms to which they were agreeing. The full report can be found here and a summary is provided here.

While many Slashdotters will be familiar with the issues raised, it's always good to hear that some action is being taken."


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