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NSA Surveillance May Have Dealt Major Blow To Global Internet Freedom Efforts

dragisha Re:They need a better PR firm. (327 comments)

Is it too late for the NSA to spin this as just a huge misunderstanding?

I mean PRISM was obviously intended to be a redundant backup of the entire Internet.

Exactly! http://archive.org/index.php is not personal (or social, or whatever, you know what I mean) at all. With only partial backup of public Internet, it does not provide services at personal level, and we need it, surely!

about a year and a half ago

ReactOS 0.3.15 Released

dragisha What a waste of talent (252 comments)

ReactOS is.

To clone a system we can't get rid of on so much new computers. What is benefit there?

To be free of token license fee Microsoft demands for basic OS, when Office & MSQL & ... is what they really are leveraging for. And ReactOS is as good for leverage into M$ dominance as M$ OS is.

And so on.

Stupid. Waste. Of. OSS. Talent. ReactOS.

about a year and a half ago

Android Malware Intercepts Text Messages, Forwards To Criminals

dragisha Not clear - "forward to criminals" (137 comments)

I would like to know why Google keeps this forward-to-criminals API in their SDK?? I hope they are responsible enough to pull this API and keep only forward-to-police one.

I don't feel well when my device can communicate with criminals in any way, and I believe Google will address this!

TIA Google!

about a year and a half ago

BitTorrent Sees Sync Users Share Over 1PB of Data

dragisha Re:How can they possibly know that number? (56 comments)

They are also CPU hogging. I shared few folders just for fun of it, and set automatic start on reboot and everything. Few days later, my laptops are idle for hours, and they are still guzzling power. Fast check, it's btsync, and I presumed idle means no CPU usage, at least no 35%.

So I killed all four instances I set up for my test. For my needs, one closed source (d***box) solution is more than enough. At least it is not grabbing CPU when presumably idle. What I really need to do, most probably, is to spend time on http://sparkleshare.org/ .

about a year and a half ago

Mozilla Is Considering Revoking TeliaSonera Trust For Sales To Dictators

dragisha Surely, no American company would stoop so low... (123 comments)

As to sell services to dictatorships?! Of course not!

But those Swedes (and Fines == Swedes in disguise... Or it's vice versa?) they are capable of anything. Just remember that Finish (his mother's tongue is Swedish, ha!) guy who invented Linux, and you will understand what they are capable of!

Mozilla, please stop them!

about 2 years ago

Geeks On a Plane Proposed To Solve Global Tech Skills Crisis

dragisha What a reference... Mice for MS? (303 comments)

Those are some great people. Good thing they built this think tank and thank God we have such great people to rely on!

about 2 years ago

Seniors Search For Virtual Immortality

dragisha My choice: Aubrey de Grey (209 comments)

I will trade longer life for longer remembrance every day :).

about 2 years ago

ESA Seeks Software Innovators For Orbiting Laboratory

dragisha Re:Do you need Unprecedented Power (35 comments)

As other posters said: for one, algorithms involved can grow very big and very demanding, very fast. That is why they are enlisting external help - to devise new things to do with their sensor data.

Also, more complex algorithms possible will give more quality results, with less bandwidth (to transfer raw data to Earth for calculations) spent. There is no way all sensor data can be streamed downside, for any reasonable set of sensors installed.

But, this is European project (as per TFA). Plus half of EFTA (Switzerland and Norway). So, nothing of direct interest for 90+% of people on Earth/here.

about 2 years ago

NOAA Report: World Labor Capacity Dropping Because of Increased Temperatures

dragisha Large population drop projected (337 comments)

In other news...

Resulting from average temperature and humidity growth, 98% people are 72% less inclined to indulge in sexual activities. Scientists from UN IPCC's climatodemography subcommittee agreed on 82%-91% less babies will be born in next 20 years than expected. 20 years after that, figure is a bit more fuzzy and goes from 86%-100% drop in new births.

Dig deeper, sleep cooler, ... and keep your genes in global pool :)

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Handle SPF For Spam Filtering?

dragisha SPF only a hint, graylisting a must (187 comments)

Antispam measures are effective only when methods are combined, with no single method being more important than everything else.

Also, graylisting in front of your mail server is one of most effective methods to defend. Legitimate mail infrastructure will rarely (if ever) use different IP address for every delivery tried.

Graylisting, combined with RBL, combined with spamassassin (with SPF and most other methods used through it)... And you have decent solution. What remains is to define your policies and your spam problems are terminated, for looong time.

about 2 years ago

Have a Wi-Fi-Enabled Phone? Stores Are Tracking You

dragisha Re:I Smell a DOS prank (323 comments)

All they need is median analaysis to clean outliers from their datasets. See john tukey median. This solves problems your DOS will cause to their data collecting effort.

about 2 years ago

A Humanoid Robot Named "Baxter" Could Revive US Manufacturing

dragisha As TFA says, more productivity, less jobs... (414 comments)

Meaning: more robots, better electrical services (as some other poster mentioned), lower shipping costs... leads to better productivity at lower costs... leads to less money earned anywhere, leads to less customers being able to buy products being produced anywhere.

Only imaginable scenario where it is good to have have less jobs (and less customers) is where you in fact have (a lot) less people. Then you get "ideal situation" where rich class and enough population to support them is supported by machines (powered by clean energy so air and water are clean meaning less in supporting costs...).

And so on. It _is_ distopian, but not unreal - not remotely enough.

about 2 years ago

What Debris From North Korea's Rocket Launch Shows

dragisha Re:whats the big deal (223 comments)

Of course their first steps are primitive, and their rockets too. But rocket
engine is only a part of a space launch. Lots and lots of items of the space
launch checklist are done for NK, and they will make non-perfect items
better in future. It is great for them and great for lots of other countries
as they have shown to everybody what is attainable with resolve and normal
amounts of money. All of that under embargo of any kind imagineable.

Prices of space launch are most probably inflated beyond recognition because
of small to nonexistent competition. With more space launch capable nations
(even NK is a plus), and companies later on, more nations and companies will
be able to exploit space and we will all profit from that. From cheaper
communications to more data about our planet (more invasions of privacy as
side effect, too), real development of space technologies is probably coming
- at last. $200,000 per ticket space tourism is not a development, it is
- just one more entertainment venue for super rich.

more than 2 years ago

Coral Reefs In Grave Danger, Say Climate Simulations

dragisha If simulation said so, then... (313 comments)

It is really very grave!!! OK... MAYBE!

Simulation is a software fed with some input data, then said software performs calculations, iterations, and so on.

If political agenda is part of input data, then whole simulation becomes a lot trickier. It is tricky from start - as we assume software writer had good model, programmed without errors... When input data is biased towards particular political goal, then all bets are off. And anybody following whole climate "discussion" knows how objectivity is long dead.

Never cry wolf, it was said... I hope we will not pay gravely for past abuse of cry-wolf.

more than 2 years ago

Ad Blocking – a Coming Legal Battleground?

dragisha As long as they pay my mobile data bill... (686 comments)

...I'll be happy to look at whatever they send to me.

And vice versa.

They probably can kill AdBlock Plus (legally). As they tried to kill libdvbcss, at least. When this happens, people will find other ways to block. And advertisers will find new ways to attack blockers, and to pass their ads through. And so on.

more than 2 years ago

Amazon Overcharging Publishers For Tax

dragisha Thank you very much for well timed tip. (184 comments)

I am almost-buyer of Kindle and practically all I need from it is science and math... Thanks for tips, and I hope this is read widely. Maybe next year, or decade... But not before all devices are updated to normal-math, acceptable-tables and acceptable-pdf.

There is another problem I was already aware of - PDF display is, by default, _awful_. I understand why's but I think it is not acceptable at all.

more than 2 years ago

Private Key Found Embedded In Major SCADA Equipment

dragisha Simens is suicidal (105 comments)

It is obvious by now.

To provide "mission critical" and then share weaknesses around.

To insert single point of privacy/authorization failure...

And all that from a German company.

Still puzzled.

more than 2 years ago

"Exploding" Termite Species Discovered

dragisha Re:maximum age crystals (158 comments)

Scientists have discovered small crystals embedded in the ants' palms that turn to a different color when the ant's maximum age has been reached. However, in one colony they observed two ants trying to escape this fate by running away from the colony and finding sanctuary. Other ants were tasks with hunting down the two runners and terminating them.

I heard they termitted them, eventually.

more than 2 years ago


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