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Best 1990s Sci-fi show?

draxbear Re:X-Files vs. Bab-5 - ouch! (475 comments)

They've let her drive a couple of times too! Generations = ship crashed, Nemesis = ship badly damaged and collides with bad guys. :)


Ask Slashdot: How To Bequeath Sensitive Information?

draxbear Re: encrypted file on flash drive (208 comments)

Setup automated "are you still alive?" checking with http://www.deadmansswitch.net/ Have it email your password if you don't respond to a few checks in a few months. In lieu of the password, enough clues for family to reconstruct it if you're worried about these guys seeing it should do the trick. E.g First pet name + second pet name + wedding anniversary + favourite color etc etc.

about 7 months ago

UK Government May Switch from MS Office to Open Source

draxbear Re:Privacy Issues (273 comments)

If they don't like it chuck 1% of the 200m pound previous spend to a summer of coding style competition...

about a year ago

You Can't Bypass the UI Formerly Known As Metro On Windows 8

draxbear Re:That's fine because I plan to bypass... (444 comments)

Mod parent up already! That link is very useful. Its a shame opting out of Unity is not a simple button but I guess they want to channel people into trying it and hopefully adopting. Now at least I know what to search for on the forums for other options "gnome-panel" here I come...

more than 2 years ago

New Laser Makes Pirates Wish They Wore Eye-Patches

draxbear Re:I have a better idea (645 comments)

I'm amazed someone hasn't organized a Survivalist Cruise Ship of some sort and loaded the boat up with a bunch of trigger happy types who will pay hard cash for a chance to be shot at and return in kind (and then some). A few innocent looking luxury ships that suddenly bristle with well armed "sports fishermen" itching to test out various high-powered ballistics would no doubt go a long way towards curbing the problem in a pay-for-itself kind of way. Insurance would be an issue, but perhaps at this rate it already is if you say where you're planning on sailing. Perhaps a deal could be cut there anyway given how beneficial the insurers may see this activity...

about 4 years ago

What Nokia Must Do To Stay Relevant In Mobile

draxbear Re:Did the author completely overlook,,, (289 comments)

The problem with Nokia is that their customer is my Telco, not me.

Apples customer is me.

My Nokia E51 is skinned with the Telco's branding and for a non-techie is pretty hard to remove. It's menu/button arrangement results in me spending money/credit with my Telco if I hit the general "exit" button one time to many getting out of the sub-menus.

It still crashes after a few days and won't show the main menu until after a reboot. Is there a firmware update? Probably, if I go hunting for it. Have Apple been auto-distributing firmware updates since day one? Yes.

The infrastructure is not only provided by Apple to do so, but it's slanted towards the customer not the Telco in what it delivers.

more than 4 years ago

Why Apple Is So Sticky

draxbear Re:Apple "It Just Works" (595 comments)

I reckon you're on the right track.

Throw in the infrastructure in place in Apple OS and their willingness to let any application use that infrastructure.

An address book in windows that all apps can interact with because they know it will always be there and comply with a set standard? Hell no, Microsoft Only ftw!

Apple isn't reliant on competing over software so they leave the welcome mat out.

more than 4 years ago

Cacti 0.8 Network Monitoring

draxbear Re:Cacti is one helpful tool (45 comments)

I was wondering how Cacti relates to Nagios. Do the both do the same job or compliment one-another?
In four words the post you're complaining about answered that question nicely.

more than 4 years ago

How To Diagnose a Suddenly Slow Windows Computer?

draxbear Re:Hmmmm. (835 comments)

I usually recommend friends spend the extra AU$40 and go for 4GB even though they're running XP. It'll make the improvement that much more pronounced when I throw Ubuntu on there a year or two when XP becomes (more) unusable.

Strange, no hits here searching for McAfee, that's usually the source of sudden performance issues on any machine I've had the misfortune to be running it on...

about 6 years ago



Australian piracy scare campaign begins

draxbear draxbear writes  |  more than 7 years ago

draxbear writes "To kick off a new advertising campaign against piracy in Australia, local newspaper The Age reports that winning a local music award (ARIA) could result in unemployment for Australian musicians thanks to illegal downloads. To round out the spin a trove of industry loss statistics are bandied about, capped off with veiled threats of impending lawsuits."
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