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MySQL's Creator On Why the Future Belongs To MariaDB

drfrog Re:stirring the pot (208 comments)

just because something is popular doesnt make it the right choice

AFAIK mysql/maria still relies on innodb for transactions ! plus all the myriad of mysql type mishandling of null values.
its a horror show of popularity.

use a proper database and stop having to work around dysfunctional programming

about 2 years ago

Thomas Jefferson: Scientist, Inventor, Gadgeteer

drfrog Jailed in turkey for smuggling hemp (220 comments)

along w the rest of the founders he was an avid supporter of growing hemp and smoking weed

and yes he was jailed in turkey for smuggling mandarin hemp seed

more than 2 years ago

What Needs Fixing In Linux

drfrog audio subsystem (865 comments)

i think this is the biggest area of contention right now

sooo many audio apis,and we only need one

what would it be like if the xwindowing systemm were splintered so?

one vid card one windowing system

one audio card one audio system

sometimes rhythymbox wont play properly becuase i was watching youtube in firefox

or i cant play quake 3 while listening to rhythm box becuase quake3 uses openal

its ludicrous, and it wouldnt be so bad excpet this has been this way for over a decade now

more than 6 years ago


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