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Laser Weapon Shoots Down Airplanes In Test

drgonzo59 Re:Quick question (627 comments)

> It's when the government knows they are there and do nothing about it. The Taliban didn't just "house" Al Qaeda , they harbored them.

No shit soldier. Get your rifle and head on to Washington. Because the US of A should be getting ready to get a whooping from you. Here is a list of terrorists that US harbors. So go and take down that country son, make you momma proud:

Pedro Remon
Guillermo Novo
Louis Posada Carriles

more than 5 years ago

Why Doesn't Exercise Lead To Weight Loss?

drgonzo59 Re:Unfortunately not (978 comments)

That is not true. In starvation mode the body will use the fat first and then the muscle. A body without muscle and all fat is useless. In other words, look at the victims of famine, they usually can still move even though they are emaciated, _but_ they are not fat. If muscle would burn first, they would just end up as sacks of lard + bones completely unable to move. If such an organism ever evolved it probably, it would have quickly died out out as it would not be very efficient.

more than 5 years ago

Why Doesn't Exercise Lead To Weight Loss?

drgonzo59 Re:Hackers Diet FTW. (978 comments)

Good point. Also some studies have shown that those who exercise don't lose as much weight because they perceive exercise as this great calorie burning activity, then they go and eat more to reward themselves for the 'great job' they've done. In other words they think they are way ahead and have plenty of calorie budget while in reality they didn't really burn that many calories. All in all, if humans would have burned as many calories as we think we burn exercising we wouldn't be here. We would have starved ourselves to death, just by hunting or gathering berries. I think it is completely ridiculous to get eat giant American-sized portions (spend more money on food) and then spend hours and hours in the gym (paying for gym membership and paying with lost time) just to burn all that excess fat off. Now, don't get me wrong, I think exercise is good for health. So people should exercise, but it is just not the best way to lose weight.

more than 5 years ago

Soviets Built a Doomsday Machine; It's Still Alive

drgonzo59 Re:A more likely possibility (638 comments)

Yet Soyuz keeps chugging along while the Shuttle is being retired. There were over 850 launches of the Soyuz launch vehicle with very few failures. I would say Russian space engineering is not worse than American space engineering when it comes to safety and reliability. Now when it comes to fancy features and gadgets, they are definetly behind.

more than 5 years ago

Folders vs. Tags For Shared Email Accounts?

drgonzo59 Tags (148 comments)

Go with tags, they are more powerful. Folders will force you into a hierarchy (if you can even have sub-folders).

With tags you can create arbitrary categories. So a "status" tag can be assigned to an email that already has a "report" tag but also to the one that has a "meetings" tag. In other words it is like being able to put the same object in two different folders.

One drawback of tags is, that it is harder to visualize. Google does a good job with searching but I can't think how you can visualize it (as a graph/hypergraph actually might work).

The other drawback is that people are more used to folder because they dealt with file systems before ("I'll make a folder for dates, then inside we'll split them by topic" kind of thinking).

more than 6 years ago


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