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Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

drgould Re: Maybe, maybe not. (749 comments)

this kind of ruling encourages multinationals to never set up business in the USA.

I'm not sure it's quite that bad.

IANAL, but I can imagine a foreign corporation setting up a wholly-owned subsidiary in the USA.

Of course US operations would be subject to legal warrants and subpoenas, but all foreign operations should be outside the reach of US legal authority.

If a warrant is served for data from the foreign operations... sorry, the US subsidiary doesn't have access to it. It doesn't matter how many people they throw in jail for contempt.

But what do I know.

about a month ago

Senator Bernie Sanders Asks NSA If Agency Is Spying On Congress

drgould Re:Well, uh... (363 comments)

What IS going on:

we are spying on all members of Congress and everyone else.

And it's all legal, according to their interpretation of the law.

You forgot that part.

about 8 months ago

Google Acquires Boston Dynamics

drgould Re:An acquisition I did not expect (104 comments)

it makes me more than a little curious what Google plans to do with their new toys.

Well, they already have autonomous vehicles and if they can add autonomy to "Atlas", then they can replace FedEx and UPS package delivery.

Although that's something I'd expect Amazon to experiment with.

about 8 months ago

U.S. 5X Battery Research Sets Three Paths For Replacing Lithium

drgould Re:Why not? (172 comments)

Why not produce a liquid electrolyte (charged) and sell it as we do today with gasoline?

If I understand your question correctly, the answer is a fuel-cell.

And yes, they're working on it.

about 9 months ago

NASA's Robonaut Gets Its Legs; Could a Moonwalk Be In Its Future?

drgould Is "robonaut" the best choice? (63 comments)

That is, if you're going to send a remotely guided robot to the moon, is a bipedal walker the best choice?

As opposed to a conventional wheeled or even a quadrupedal rover.

I assume a bipedal walker is going to need sophisticated stability control (computational and mechanical) for every step it takes over rough terrain that a simple wheeled vehicle can just roll over.

about 9 months ago

Autonomous Dump Trucks Are Coming To Canada's Oil Sands

drgould Re:Will they run Windows? (165 comments)

I'm looking forward to the remake of "Christine" with a truck the size of a house in the title role.

More like a remake of Killdozer.

about 10 months ago

Snowden Shortlisted For Europe's Top Human Rights Award

drgould Choices (273 comments)

If I were Snowden, I think I'd prefer to have a guarantee of sanctuary somewhere in Europe than a piece of paper.

But that's just me.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Video Streaming For the Elderly?

drgould Re:Get them a used Wii (165 comments)

Does it have built in storage? If so, how much?

No, but it does have one USB port so you can plug in a USB harddrive or thumbdrive. I understand that some people have connected up to 1TB drives to their S3100.

I have the BDP-S390, which is the previous model, and usually copy videos to a thumbdrive for viewing.

It's also DLNA compatible so you can use any DLNA server on your network to stream pictures, music or videos. Sony has a free DLNA server called HomeStream, which is based on the popular Serviio DLNA server.

One problem is that Sony players are not compatible with all combinations of video file and codec formats. Most of my videos play fine on my S390, a few don't. I don't care enough to figure out why.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Video Streaming For the Elderly?

drgould Re:Get them a used Wii (165 comments)

I think a PS3 slim is a better console alternative if you want Netflix.

Sony also makes some Blu-Ray players like the BDP-S3100 which is cheaper than a used PS3, but plays Blu-Ray discs (obviously) and streams Netflix (along with all the other on-line streaming services that PS3 handles).

about a year ago

Opposition Mounts To Oracle's Attempt To Copyright Java APIs

drgould Re:Groklaw's Gas Pedal analogy (187 comments)

Let's not "dumb down" the issue by making analogies that don't really apply.

Analogies are like scabs. If you pick at them, they bleed.

about a year ago

Opposition Mounts To Oracle's Attempt To Copyright Java APIs

drgould Re:Be careful where you tread (187 comments)

If Java API's are copyrightable, does this mean that Oracle has a copyright interest in every program ever written that uses those APIs?

Oracle's purpose in claiming the copyright on the Java API is not to claim derivative copyright interest on programs written in Java. Well, maybe later.

Oracle's purpose is to collect license fees from anyone who uses the Java APIs.

And since Android uses the Java APIs, that includes Google and all Android developers.

about a year ago

FBI Releases Boston Bombing Suspect Images/Videos

drgould Re:False flag (416 comments)

Where are the pictures of them dropping and leaving the backpacks in the exact spots the explosions took place?

They mentioned that on one newscast. They suggested that the FBI didn't want potental witnesses to get confused by what they saw personally and what they saw on TV.

Imagine at trial months from now, the defense attorney cross examining a witness, "Now Mr/Ms So-and-so, are you certain you personally saw my client place his backpack at the scene of the explosion or are you just remembering the video the FBI distributed after the incident?"

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Best 3-D Design Software?

drgould 123D Design from Autodesk (218 comments)

123D Design from Autodesk is free and compatible with 3D printers.

Here's a guy who used it to replace a critical piece of a mounting bracket for his TomTom GPS.

The video gives you some insight into the workflow from design to 3D printing.

about a year and a half ago

Richard Stallman's Solution To 'Too Big To Fail'

drgould Re:Sherman Act (649 comments)

However your statement that "The greatest enemy to capitalism are the capitalists... If you want to keep capitalism healthy simply make sure there are plenty of capitalists" appears to contain a contradiction. Were you being sardonic?

I think his point is that capitalists will always work to restrict competitors from entering the market, often by encouraging more government regulations to increase barriers to market entry. Hence, "the greatest enemy to capitalism are capitalists.".

Therefore the perhaps not obvious way to reduce this tendency is by encouraging more capitalists, thereby reducing the power of individual capitalists.

about a year and a half ago

Is Safe, Green Thorium Power Finally Ready For Prime Time?

drgould Re:nuclear "green" energy (258 comments)

Did you notice the scale of that spill? Not even 2 miles long. Not fun, but living beneath a dam of any kind and is certainly a planned activity. Evacuating 100 sq miles is not.

And yet even less than 2 miles long the spill caused significantly more damage than TMI, the worst disaster at a commercial nuclear plant in the US.

about a year and a half ago

Is Safe, Green Thorium Power Finally Ready For Prime Time?

drgould Re:nuclear "green" energy (258 comments)

When a coal plant blows up? Extremely localized damage and you can safely walk the site immediately after any fires etc.

Actually a coal plant blowing up is not the worst thing that could happen.

The worst thing that could happen is a coal fly ash slurry spill such as happened at the TVA Kingston Fossil Plant on December 22, 2008.

Coal fly ash is nasty stuff and, depending on where the coal was mined, slightly radioactive and/or contaminated with heavy metals.

And, as far as I can tell, once it's remove from the coal plant exhaust, not regulated by the EPA.

about a year and a half ago

Laser Fusion Put On a Slow Burn By US Government

drgould Re:An issue with Navy funding. (143 comments)

So I was both elated and disappointed at the news that things seemed to be working as expected but that they were going to spend a couple more years doing engineering and science with WB-8.

On the bright side, in today's economy, maybe it's better for the Navy to scape together $5M and limp along than fund the full $200M and risk being cut out of the budget altogether.

Moreover, the basic principles of the Polywell are established. Maybe we'll hear about the first working full-scale prototype out of China or India or even Iran!

about a year and a half ago

Laser Fusion Put On a Slow Burn By US Government

drgould Re:good riddance to NIF and ITER (143 comments)

His research group is still around, but the Navy was pulling funding, last I heard,

According to Wikipedia:

As of August 15, 2012, the Navy had agreed to fund EMC2 with an additional $5.3 million over 2 years to work on the problem of pumping electrons into the whiffleball. They plan to integrate a pulsed power supply to support the electron guns (100+A, 10kV). WB-8 has been operating at 0.8 Tesla. The review of the work produced the recommendations to continue and expand the effort, stating: "The experimental results to date were consistent with the underlying theoretical framework of the Polywell fusion concept and, in the opinion of the committee, merited continuation and expansion."

Which I think is encouraging.

about a year and a half ago


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