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Microsoft Researchers Study "Cyberchondria"

droopy16 Nailing Google (144 comments)

not big fan Google myself, but something tells me this research has something (more likely: everything) to do with Google's "Google Health" service http://blogoscoped.com/files/google-health-login-large.png . I don't trust either monstrosity with my health, but usually results of MS studies that undermine competition are somewhat biased ;)

P.S. People who look for ways to prove they're sick will find those ways regardless of medium (nobody closed libraries... yet ).

more than 6 years ago

Is Open Source Software a Race To Zero?

droopy16 GPL+Integration services+Support (729 comments)

As far as I can tell your best option would be:

1. release your product under GPL (note GPL doesn't imply no money exchange)

2. Watch closely OSS competition "improving" your product, integrate changes while releasing your product with your own "patches" to clients. now you get both of both worlds - your level of innovation, edge over competition and income.

3. Sell integration services: every customer runs some unique combination of software selling services to help them integrate your solution with those products is the key. (you can safely release result as GPL product later)

4. Sell your expertise (consulting)/support and help your customers with configuration and maintenance.

more than 6 years ago


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