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6 IT Projects, $8 Billion Over Budget At Dept. of Defense

dropzonetoe Re:Call me crazy but... (113 comments)

I joined the Army in 03 just in time for Emilpo to be released. I was the pivot class(42F) not trained on the old and not having any training on the new but we had AIT for just as long for no reason. In 05 I started hearing about its replacement coming down the line and when I finally left in 09 it was still "just going to be released soon"

more than 2 years ago

A Few Million Monkeys Finish Recreating Shakespeare's Works

dropzonetoe Re:Dupe.. (186 comments)

Damn you John Titor!!!

more than 2 years ago

Court Rules Dungeons and Dragons Threatens Prison Security

dropzonetoe Re:Usual Slashdot Timeliness (353 comments)

Shiv - please, ever step on a d4? I still have the scar.

more than 3 years ago

Which Shipping Company Is Kindest To Your Packages?

dropzonetoe Re:No surprise here (480 comments)

Add the Army too... I worked in a postal unit for a month and saw everything just get thrown in the back of the truck. Fragile got thrown harder.

more than 3 years ago

When DLC Goes Wrong

dropzonetoe Re:Fuck you, developers. (261 comments)

Taking a different hobby of mine - miniature wargaming as example. There are a lot of commercial products out there, and a lot of homemade free systems. But once a person develops a set of rules and tries to give it away for free no one wants to try it... they move to making people spend a couple bucks for it and all the sudden there is interest in it. Even at a $1 it is worth more to than free to the people getting it. I don't know if that price makes people feel they are getting a "real" product or what. But most of the people who go on to make smaller rule sets all say that until they start charging for it no one want it.

more than 3 years ago

When DLC Goes Wrong

dropzonetoe Re:Compare to boardgames and RPGs (261 comments)

I agree with you, I really don't get upset about the DLC in games as long as they don't give the upper hand by having them. I mean that if the games play is skewed by player one downloading the BFG that does extra damage and the only way for player two to have a chance is to buy it as well to keep the arms racing going. I am against something like that. For the boardgames and RPG's I think it is more of a mindset of time. I can pull out my boxes of munchkin now or 2 years down the line and use all the expansions and have fun. I can start a 2nd ed AD&D campaign now or in 20 years and it is still the same. Video games are more disposable I think. Not taking into count the people who still throw in the classic and play them on their loved NES's or Dosbox out some Populus. Take for example Call of duty MW2, I have bought the game 2 times - For the PS3 and the 360 I have also bought the map-packs for both of them. Math wise it was something like ... 60+60+15+15+15+15 = $180 on one game. Now I have spent around 30 full days playing the game on the 360 and something like 10 days on the PS3 that is 960 hours of game time. I feel that I got my money's worth for what I paid. Now BLACK OPS is out, will I go back and play the DLC on the older game... most likely not. Will my buddies around the world want to link up and play it? Not really. It will gather dust in the corner. I can leaf through my old source books or shift through my game boxes but DLC is not physical. It sits there as long as the game's servers run. At a point it is forgotten about like that old ring-tone you bought when you first got your phone.

more than 3 years ago

Windows 8 To Be Released In October 2012

dropzonetoe Re:Let me be the first to say to Microsoft... (337 comments)

When it first came out I had friends/family members go out and buy it as it is the "new: windows and they had to have it. In the early days if you got it on a new system built with Vista in mind it wasn't bad. The problems came with all those that tried to upgrade had issues getting drivers for hardware, software that ran just fine on XP was having problems, and it forced people who were sitting on almost 10 year old computers to have to buy new ones to be able to run it. So really the problem was early adopters had trouble until support started rolling out, so they told friends how bad it was and to avoid it. Those systems that I got to run Vista never seemed to as well as stock Vista systems, but then again they were XP systems barely keeping up with the system needs.

more than 3 years ago

Amid Controversy, EA Pulls Taliban From Medal of Honor Multiplayer

dropzonetoe Re:Ugh. (495 comments)

Take care when you say military outcry. Six years in the Army myself, one tour to Iraq under my belt. I keep in contact with my far flung buddies by playing MW2. My whole friend list is comprised of only military members from across the different branches, and MOS's. From a Marine that was injured in Fallujah, to a National Guardsmen(11B) who lost a highschool buddy to a IED on their deployment one vehicle in front of his, MP's, Medics, Admin, Infantry, even one Ranger. Not one of them has a problem with playing against the taliban(or as them either). From what I had read it was a mother of a fallen officer who wants the game pulled as it offended her... Granted I don't know every member of every branch and their moral outrage at the topic but from every soldier, marines, airmen and sailor I have talked to none have had a problem with it.

more than 3 years ago

GameStop Pulls Medal of Honor From Military Bases

dropzonetoe PX? (362 comments)

So Gamestop stops selling it, most bases have Gamestop right outside their PX - I am sure the Soldier can walk the extra few feet to the Electronics section and pick it up there... Where is the problem other than Gamestop making a stupid choice? I mean it's not like they are not going to sell it in any gamestops around the Pentagon, or near ground zero right?

about 4 years ago

Louisiana, Intelligent Design, and Science Classes

dropzonetoe Re:This is clearly a hoax (989 comments)

I wholeheartedly agree with you. If you want to teach religious view in schools don't stop at just your religion.

more than 4 years ago

Estimating Game Piracy More Accurately

dropzonetoe Re:But... (459 comments)

I stopped pirating games years ago, but once I got a steam account I purchased a number of games that I had pirated in the past.

more than 4 years ago

Need a Favor? Talk To My Right Ear

dropzonetoe It makes sense (288 comments)

My wife has always slept with that ear away from me.... Now I know why. Any tips on getting a spouse to swap sides of the bed :)

more than 5 years ago

Defining an Interactive Physical MMO For the iPhone

dropzonetoe Re:God no! (124 comments)

What about if the gps coordanates were used to determine what you see, Kind of like monster rancher, or one of the upc code scanner games. rather than where you are in the VR world?

more than 5 years ago

The State of Sci-Fi MMOs

dropzonetoe Re:It's simple (194 comments)

I generally agree to your points, but would argue that there is a nice sliver of people that enjoy playing the less useful class. I typically fall into that camp. I often times much prefer a support role in games rather than the "star". Playing the medic, the supply depot, or sitting back and just watching the map and directing the other players to victory is often times much more enjoyable for me than getting right into the combat. Often times it is playing the much weaker class/choice that is more fun as you know your going to lose but the game is to see how good you can do before that happens.

more than 5 years ago

Sony Charges Publishers For DLC Bandwidth Usage

dropzonetoe Re:I support this (127 comments)

so to be quite honest, bug free games these days aren't a realistic expectation.

I would have to disagree with that statement. On a PC yes, but on a closed system no. It's not like they have to facter in different hardware set-ups. They know what specs they are programming it for, it should come out at least 99% bug free. 99% as massive playing of any game will find some random bug or another down the line. There is no reason for a console game to be crippled by major flaws from the start.

more than 5 years ago

Sony Makes It Hard To Develop For the PS3 On Purpose

dropzonetoe Re:Call him Monkey Boy all you want (616 comments)

I am in that camp. I have had my 360 for ages but just yestereday bought a PS3 for a blueray player... a blueray player That also happens to play littlebigplanet. I looked thru the game list again to see what all I might want game wise and found only 3 games that I was interested in, and LBP was one of the three. I do hope that they do produce more games but I do have my 360 to game on in the meantime.

more than 5 years ago

City of Heroes Mission Creator Explained

dropzonetoe I can see it now.... (54 comments)

- Stand back fools, I Dildomaster have taken control of this building for my feidish plot. You think you can stop me, I have something for you. Peter, Dick; Get those troublemakers boys. Give them a good pounding, ...So you have defeated my henchmen, Prepare to be rattled by my vibro-pummel!!!

more than 5 years ago

The Most Influential Games In History?

dropzonetoe Re:No oldies (254 comments)

I am not able to goto the site from work but as I have been reading the posts I have seen no love for GoldenEye. Console gaming at it's best. If the game is not included in the list then the list is dead to me.

more than 5 years ago

Gamer Claims Identifying As a Lesbian Led To Xbox Live Ban

dropzonetoe Re:Mod parent up (1182 comments)

My friends list is mainly composed of people in the military. I'm in the military and enjoy playing some COD4(Did enjoy, currently deployed) with like minded individuals. I'm here to play a game, don't really care that LeetA$$HuntR69 is gay or not. It really has no bearing on the game at all. I am also surprised that this is MS's policy. Everytime I play any game on Live, everyone is calling everyone a fag. I just assumed that I was surround by was gay.

more than 5 years ago


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