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Ubuntu: Where Did the Love Go?

druke Re:flamebait (778 comments)

Agreed, what the hell is this?

Here's my try:

Slashdot: where did the quality go? Used to be, slashdot was the was the big geek hero, theshining knight that would drive geekry onto every desktop and kick bad old productivity to the curb. But now slashdot sucks. What's going on, are the typical trolls all that's left, or is the joke that is the random mod system is finally being shown for what it is.

my take:

Ubuntu has always been a gateway niche, and canonical has always used Ubuntu as a vehicle to make 'linux for human beings'. That is a nicer way of saying dumbed down linux.


slashdot has always sucked. It's not anything new.

more than 3 years ago

Minnesota Moving To Microsoft's Cloud

druke Re:Is that you, Mr. Ballmer? (345 comments)

Updates all software. (any distro with repositories) Sanely configured user accounts (UAC is leaps and bounds, though) Sets up wifi/ethernet stuff (without having to go online for the drivers) sftp access, ssh for that matter I don't have to start IE up that one time to go grab Firefox/chrome. Also my linux desktop doesn't set my background black and constantly tell met hat my windows copy may not be genuine...

more than 4 years ago

IE9 Team Says "Our GPU Acceleration Is Better Than Yours"

druke Re:So? (360 comments)

css3 doesn't exist yet, you can't tout anything for being standard complaint with css3.

more than 4 years ago

Does the GOP Pay Friendly Bloggers?

druke Re:"the fact that it is an overtly political blog (759 comments)

Exactly, and the other team does the same things. "Just say no republicans" (I could be considered a liberal).
The issue is that we have become afraid, terrified even, to agree with each other. Anything positive Obama is anti-american, anything anti-Obama is racist dribble.
Try this, talk issues

  • Government "Corruption"
  • Idiotic spending
  • Bad Tax policy

I think we can all agree that those are issues. No one will openly argue against getting rid of redundant programs, or political openness.
Everyone can talk about the issues; they can point out the problem. But no one is giving ideas on how to fix the ideas, or rather ideas are being introduced but we are so polarized that we refuse to discuss them for fear of breaking the line.

more than 4 years ago

US Students Struggle With Understanding of the 'Equal' Sign

druke Re:Maybe they just haven't learned algebra yet (1268 comments)

agreed. article should read, %70 of middle schools kids don't know basic algebra. Middle school is 5th-8th grade. Algebra is core for 9th grade, but you can get it in 8th grade if you're in honors/ap math. I'm from Texas so I think I can speak for most of the nation :p when it comes to curriculum.

more than 4 years ago

Extreme Memory Oversubscription For VMs

druke Re:Leaky Fawcet (129 comments)

You make it sound like this is some sort of conspiracy. Generally when you'd want to do something like this you would be doing VM servers anyways. they didn't do much (anything, actually) in the way of 'desktop programs' beyond X...

Why does this matter anyways, it's not the vm dev's job to fix memory leaks in openoffice. They have to go forward assuming everything is working correctly. Also, if they're all sharing the memory leak, it'd be optimized anyways :p

more than 4 years ago

Firefox 4.0 Beta Candidate Available

druke Re:Firefox is the most unstable program in common (366 comments)

I would also point out that this crash information isn't available from some other browsers, so to say firefox is the most unstable is a bit silly if we don't have all the crash information.

To take the other end of the argument, you can't say that "flash crashes aren't firefox's fault" then turn around and say "I hope version x improves flash performance". In the end I would argue that most of the stability issues with these plug-ins are likely in the interface, so crashers could lie on either side of the aisle (and be fixed, sloppily, from both sides as well).

As far as os level memory allocation goes, in theory memory allocation is abstracted. In theory a software developer doesn't need distinguish where the resources are stored. There is theory then there is actually using C .

more than 4 years ago

Valve's Failed Experiment: Steam on the Mac

druke better summary: (1 comments)

"There is a small bit of fault that lies with Valve. They really wanted their network to work on the Mac, but they didn’t try at all to “Apple-fy” their app

]They also did a somewhat poor job of porting the games as well – the overlay will sometimes refuse to work.

The only "failures" he details from Valve... seems pretty inane.

However, the biggest problem lies with Apple, and their refusal to let anyone else make their drivers for them. This is because Apple is a closed company, with a closed system...

damn you valve!
so... steam doesn't look like itunes, the overlay breaks (sometimes?), and the drivers aren't that great... way to fail Valve!

more than 4 years ago

Google Researcher Issues How-To on Attacking XP

druke Zero-day? (2 comments)

How is this a zero-day exploit if it was already reported to MS, 5 days ago? Is zero-day just getting tossed around trivially now?

more than 4 years ago

Wikileaks Was Launched With Intercepts From Tor

druke Re:So what? (157 comments)

god damn.. I already used my mod points

more than 4 years ago

Google Reportedly Ditching Windows

druke Re:something wrong with TFA (1003 comments)

more to the point, a Linux 'normal user' can code pretty freely without admin rights. The only time I've ever had to 'sudo' was when I was running a socket on port 80. I just changed to 8000 and carried on. Sure I have admin power, but I make a point to not have it needed in my code, EVER.

more than 4 years ago

Blizzard Boss Says DRM Is A Waste Of Time

druke wait... (2 comments)

"Starcraft 2 will require a single online activation using the company's Battle.net servers, after which players will be allowed to play the single-player game to their hearts' content, without being forced to have a persistent Internet connection."

Isn't that still DRM?

more than 4 years ago

iPhone security broken by just plugging into Linux

druke I get that it's a bug, but... (2 comments)

I get that it's a bug, but is this really that bad? How many people really keep sensitive data on their cell phones? And if the number is large, I'm not sure that the iphone's security is the issue as much as the fact the people are putting sensitive data on them. Perhaps that's unfair if the iPhone uses "we secure your data" as a marketing bullet point, I've never looked into buying an iphone so I don't know. In my mind, "yay I can access iPhone as a hard drive, and sync [b]without itunes[/b]", and that seems more valuable than PIN based encryption.

more than 4 years ago

Linux Users Donate Twice As Much As Windows Users, On Average

druke Re:Have fun eating my Cock. (145 comments)

Actualyl looking back, I shouldn't have said every day, I should have said 2-3 miles, 2-3 times a week. Every day is actually a bit rough (unless you plan on running 5ks and such and competing).

more than 4 years ago

Linux Users Donate Twice As Much As Windows Users, On Average

druke Re:Have fun eating my Cock. (145 comments)

[paraphrase]You're wrong because I can name off n bad experiences[/paraphrase]

I'll actually meet you on MW4, but it is a general trend for games coming of of MS's game studio to not work on wine. As for all your other games, sorry you've had bad experiences Dungeon Seige has a platinum rating, Alpa Centari a garbage rating, and civ 2 a silver rating. The point is, my parent said it was impossible to do any games better than 10 fps, and I called BS on that. I went further to say that many mainstream games work great. To which you grudgingly reply "oh yea? well... civ 2 doesn't work". I'll leave that there.

[paraphrase]CD check drm doesn't work well.[/paraphrase]

the is simply not true for all games; some yes, most, not at all. TF2/source games, not at all. This issue simply doesn't hold water.

[paraphrase]Hah.. you're so wrong about mac stuff being hard, it's all unix and psoix and c workds and opengl works and yadda yadda yadda[/paraphrase]

Okay smart ass, then you tell me how to run this itunes.dmg installer. I glossed over the topic of it being slightly complicated (I admitted it in the post). But if you want to break it down, yes you can compile anything on linux, man if you're willing this much effort into compiling obj-c mac stuff on linux, yet you complain about wine difficulties? Sorry but your counter argument right here tells me you don't know what you're talking about, great that you laid the acronym penis measurement on me, maybe if I had more in my op I'd not have been so wrong?

[paraphrase]On a final note: shut up guy on the internet, you don't know what you're talking about.[/paraphrase]

There is always this chance when you take up arguments with random people online. I could not know what the fuck I'm talking about, in fact everything before, imagine I made it up. Personally I think it's more likely you don't actually know as much as you seem to think you do.

[predicts]I'm a system admin for unix, veteran of n years, shut up kid[/predicts]

I'm sorry, but that gives you no authority on running modern games on linux with wine... None at all. Okay, you have about the same authority on the subject as random guy on the internet. I personally have a beef with self proclaimed 'unix sys admins' because my father in law is one... and I have to deal with his handycap (he thinks he knows what he's talking about) all the time; thus making me an expert on unix sys admins.

more than 4 years ago

Linux Users Donate Twice As Much As Windows Users, On Average

druke Re:Have fun eating my Cock. (145 comments)

Let's be more specific then: have fun running any game from the last ten years at anything better than 10 seconds per frame..

Okay Mr. Expert, I call bullshit. Games that run beautifully (some needing more work than others based on hardware and lack of support channels, but that's not saying it cannot be done):

  • World of Warcraft (I don't play it personally, but I know many that do)
  • Team Fortress 2, my mic even works without extra setup thanks to pulse audio (that's right, praise to PA!)
  • Eve-Online
  • Dragon Age
  • I said Tf2 already, but really anything that runs in the Source engine.

In fact.. I can't think of a game that I actually want to play, that doesn't run on linux (given enough work). I'm not saying that it is super easy to make all these work, but a high and mighty sys admin should see this as child's play; and only be, slightly, complicated to the neophyte convert. So once again, no better that 10 fps... Bullshit. Go eat a dick, and come back when you've shaved that neckbeard.

To everyone else: gaming is far from perfect but it is not this absolute paradigm shift that certain people make it out to be. All it takes is -minimal- support from developers (more if the studio is deeply tied to .net and super direct3d stuff), and BAM shit starts to fall into place. (see WoW, EvE, and the source engine stuff).

After typing out this long post, I see that this is initially in reply to 'virtual' environments, the posts being modded down, and your's being 5: insightful (thereby not being hidden). I agree, virtual environments for gaming ,while it can work, is a shitty idea. It's similar to fixing a leaky faucet by installing a new faucet. Bandaiding the issue, while ignoring the larger problem. If you're post was specific to virtual environments, I'm sorry, disregard all the negative things I said about you, I didn't fully read the hidden comments.

As more games move to working on mac and windows, we'll see a larger shift in games that work well in linux (not because mac apps are easy to run in linux, that's not actually true; It's easier to run windows applications than it is mac applications applications. The reasons are slightly more complicated; Just take my opinion, as a guy on the internet, and regard it as fact.). Steam is the first big -potential- example, The fact of the matter is that the industry thinks linux support is super hard, when it's not as hard as they think it is. (it's comparable to the average man running 2-3 miles every day, it's really not hard at all, you just have to get up and do it). And with companies now actually considering mac versions, linux versions look much much easier.

more than 4 years ago

Ubuntu Linux 10.04 Review (Lucid Lynx)

druke Re:Perhaps... (567 comments)

What hardware are you running into that you have these issues? Older laptops maybe? Anyways, it is actually a bannable offense in any Ubuntu chat medium (forums, irc, etc) to belittle people like that. In fact that is why I am a member of the Ubuntu community. Ubuntu doesn't have some magic that other distros don't have. The fact of the matter is that Ubuntu has a much smaller bag of dicks compared to other communities. If you ever experience someone being a jerk, report their asses so they stop poisoning our community. If you start a thread on the ubuntu forums, I'll gladly help you myself, to the best of my abilities. Just link the thread in a reply.

more than 4 years ago

De Icaza Responds To Stallman

druke Re:Analysis of Miguel's article (747 comments)

but doesn't that apply directly to the c# standard and not to the mono implementation of a .net framework. basically we wont be at risk for copying c#, we'll be at risk for copying .net. This was my understanding of the subject.

more than 5 years ago


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