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Graphene Could Be Dangerous To Humans and the Environment

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:This time will be different! (135 comments)

That's why all recent cars with diesel engines have Diesel Particulate Filters. Which cost a bloody fortune to replace!

about 3 months ago

Microsoft Continues To Lose Money With Each Surface Tablet It Sells

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:The gap seems reasonable (179 comments)

I'm one of these Surface RT toters (and I like it), and Office 2013 RT was free. There's no way in hell I'd move to Office 365 -- Word and Excel are mature, I'm used to the ribbon, and I can't really see what more they can do to make it worth the subs money. If I need to edit a Word doc on the go? I have my tablet. Forgotten that? Google Docs in a bind, but I'm no worse off than before they went to a subscription model.

about 3 months ago

Australia Declares Homeopathy Nonsense, Urges Doctors to Inform Patients

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:Homeopathy doesn't work that way (408 comments)

Pretty sure sugar pills that once had some water applied to them, but then it evaporated, will dehydrate you.

about 3 months ago

UK Company Successfully Claims Ownership of "Pinterest" Trademark

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:Like what Budweiser did back then... (133 comments)

"As a consequence, EU banned the US Budweiser from ever using this name in Europe" Balls. I can buy it in English supermarkets. Did you mean The Czech authorities banned it (before they joined the EU who have trade agreements that would preclude that from happening)?

about 7 months ago

British NHS May Soon No Longer Offer Free Care

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:My spider sense in tingling.... (634 comments)

Also, $299 per eye. Typically it's 5 x that cost. So either, someone's got an old instrument from eBay (and will have poorer outcomes and greater risk because of it), or there's other costs that are in there that that advert isn't telling you about. Some refractive surgeons in the states are no better than used car salesmen!!! In no way is that a good example.

about 9 months ago

The Price of Amazon

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:How selfish do you want to be? (298 comments)

Well, where I'm from (the UK), the shops that replace the butchers, bakers, record stores, are charity shops. But only so many stores can be (goodwill?) stores. So the rest become vacant, and inevitably, vandalised. Not all towns have teens rich enough to regularly buy sweet skateboards and excellent coffee to maintain a town centre's retail economy. Not following your tax logic. Nobody is paying high taxes to maintain town centres. The town centres just decline. Although if the consumer money was being spent there, in your town, employing people and generating wealth, rather than going with tax-avoiding online vendors with robotic-controlled warehouses, the government's tax-take would be higher -- they could tax the individual less. Again, it's society's choice. This seems to be the way things are going. Don't pretend it is all nice and good, and has no consequences.

1 year,14 days

The Price of Amazon

drunkenoafoffofb3ta How selfish do you want to be? (298 comments)

I think the point of the article is about: Do people want the changes that are happening to the main street to continue?

From a purely consumer standpoint, sure, cheaper is better. And as long as there's no development of monopolies or other devious practices, that's fine for consumers.

But. Stores closing down in your town leads to decrepit town centres; decaying cities aren't nice and have other, unpleasant consequences. Massive corporate tax avoidance (partly why Amazon has such great prices in the UK?) actually is a bad thing too -- for infrastructure, and for your own personal tax bill. So yes, these changes have a cost -- to society. But, damn, that USB memory/ LED monitor/ Android tablet is cheaper there. Yay!

1 year,15 days

IPhone 4 Survives 1,000 Foot Fall From Plane

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Grammar Pedantry (222 comments)

"but it isn’t clear whether the case protected the phone from the fall or the fact that it was cushioned by the brush that it hit"

What, the brush was moving too? It (actively) hit the iPhone 4? That's one Fandroid bush!

more than 3 years ago

Disarm Internet Trolls, Gently

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:Pfft (417 comments)

Sadly, I think Charlie's having a prolonged manic episode. People enabling somebody that's probably bipolar to do batshit crazy things constantly is wrong, however amusing people find it.

more than 3 years ago

The Return of the Microsoft Kin

drunkenoafoffofb3ta US data plans cost too much for this to work (92 comments)

In the UK, PAYG phones are getting data thrown in for free with top-ups. The equivalent of ~$16/month in top-ups will get you unlimited internets + some reasonable amount of mins and texts to go with some reasonably inexpensive but good smartphones, like the Sony X10 mini. If that sort of pricing went down in the US, this phone would have a chance. I thought it was quite nifty.

more than 3 years ago

UK Anti-Piracy Firm E-mails Reveal Cavalier Attitude Toward Legal Threats

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:...deliberately does not target TalkTalk or Vir (200 comments)

Sorry, I thought you had read my original post above in this thread. EMI own Virgin Records. NTL own Virgin Media (the broadband provider). There is no link there. Hey, Virgin Media can collude with *iaas, I don't know, but I do know the label and the telco share only a name.

more than 3 years ago

UK Anti-Piracy Firm E-mails Reveal Cavalier Attitude Toward Legal Threats

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:...deliberately does not target TalkTalk or Vir (200 comments)

No, you're being confused by the Virgin name. Virgin Media (the broadband provider) was sold to NTL. Although Branson owns shares in the company, it's not the same company as the record label -- indeed Virgin Media pay Branson a yearly fee just to use the Virgin brand. Further, the Virgin record label was sold off to EMI years ago.

more than 3 years ago

Today's Children Are Officially Potty Mouths

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:disgraceful (449 comments)

My nephew (aged 3) was singing "America: Fuck Yeah" -- turns out he can operate DVD players with the Team America: World Police DVD in the drive. Mind you, I was trying to teach him the word "bollocks" from the age of 18 months... heh.

more than 2 years ago

Recycling an Android Phone As a Handheld GPS?

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:Motorola Droid, not so good as GPS (328 comments)

I had the same idea with my HTC Desire on a recent trip to Belgium -- without a mobile network, the GPS was useless -- the phone goes into roaming mode -- no data -- and with no (expensive, roaming) data, no GPS fix. However, I'd previously unlocked the device; got a local pay as you go sim, bought 10 euros worth of data -- all good. YMMV in other countries -- but it's nice to be able to use Wikitude/Facebook/Twitter etc. as a tourist in a foreign country.

more than 3 years ago

Dog Eats Man's Toe and Saves His Life

drunkenoafoffofb3ta The dog did it? Aye, right. (207 comments)

Man gets so drunk, he passes out. Gets a toe injury. While blisteringly drunk. No memory of losing a bit of toe. I don't think blaming the dog for it is the logical conclusion. It's not like blaming the dog for a particularly noxious fart, you know.

more than 3 years ago

Toshiba Demos Dual-Touchscreen Netbook

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:Ah, the Microsoft Courier hardware (132 comments)

No, I wasn't being sarcastic (I usually use ellipses when I am...) -- this time, I was ignorant of the DS emulator.

more than 4 years ago

Toshiba Demos Dual-Touchscreen Netbook

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Ah, the Microsoft Courier hardware (132 comments)

Sadly lacking the Microsoft Courier OS. Oh well. Any Nintendo DS emulators out there for Windows 7?

more than 4 years ago

Cows On Treadmills Produce Clean Power For Farms

drunkenoafoffofb3ta Re:1.3 billion treadmills needed (640 comments)

Mod points if I had them. This is terrible science and not worthy of slashdot.

more than 4 years ago


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Slashdot vs Digg

drunkenoafoffofb3ta drunkenoafoffofb3ta writes  |  more than 5 years ago You know, I learn stuff here-- on matters as wide as Wii controller mods, to politics to stem cell biology.* On Digg, I feel like I'm the feckin' expert on everything compared with most of the posters there. * and I've worked with stem cells...

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