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Wiimote as Multi-Touch Display Controller

duckpoopy Re:My project (107 comments)

You should know that the wiimote does not emit infrared like normal remotes - in case that was your angle. The wiimote is an infrared camera. The IR emitters are in the sensor bar on top of your TV.

more than 7 years ago


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duckpoopy duckpoopy writes  |  more than 10 years ago So many people have journal entries where they whine about the moderation system. So I have decided to have my own journal entry where I whine about these people.

This is just a website. It is not your life. The other posters are just people. Excellent karma will not let you live longer, or make more money. This is like a game, but less important, less interesting, and less fun. Metamoderate if you must, but try not to take this crap so seriously. If you feel greivously offended by the moderation made to your comment, then you probably value your own opinion too much. If you always check the moderation that has been made to your comments, or read the responses, then you probably need a higher workload, a hobby, or a pet.

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