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New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids

dudeman2 Nice feature but goes in the wrong direction (205 comments)

I have a Sienna. I'm perfectly capable of yelling at my kids loud enough so everyone in the car can hear. Hearing my soft-spoken daughter in the third row is another story entirely. If the radio is on or a window is open, forget it. I'd like this system in two-way mode so she can talk to the driver and front passenger more easily.

about 6 months ago

White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales

dudeman2 Re:He cant or wont? (382 comments)

He should declare war on local car dealers. That'll fix em.

about 6 months ago

A Skeptical View of Israel's Iron Dome Rocket Defense System

dudeman2 I'm in Israel - I can HEAR the intercepts (379 comments)

I'm in Israel with my family this month. We've had to go to shelters several times over the past week (f- you very much, Hamas). You can hear the difference between successful Iron Dome intercepts vs. the rockets that land (most, presumably, in unpopulated areas). The system is working and saving lives; that's good enough for me.

about 7 months ago

DHHS Preparing 'Tech Surge' To Fix Remaining Healthcare.gov Issues

dudeman2 Ooh, I love nothing more (429 comments)

than having an intelligent discussion of the U.S. healthcare system with a bunch of 25 year old single Libertarians who, by and large, have never faced a personal or family health crisis in their lives.

Seriously, the amount of GOP + Cato institute propaganda I see in this thread is mind boggling. WTF people?

about a year ago

BlackBerry Will Sell Itself For $4.7 Billion

dudeman2 Re:Prediction: (149 comments)

Watsa may know a lot about investing, and I'm sure he has plans for the company, but I sincerely hope that restoring BlackBerry's former image/reputation/market share are not on his list. It can't be done, and you can quote me on that. Corporations are moving to BYOD on iPhone/Android, and the non-corporate market is completely lost to BlackBerry. How is Watsa going to make a profit on his investment? Selling off the corporate assets piecemeal, or selling the whole thing to a Greater Fool (sure, Ballmer would qualify..) or who knows. It'll be interesting to watch.

about a year ago

BlackBerry Will Sell Itself For $4.7 Billion

dudeman2 Prediction: (149 comments)

In 2 years time, watch for this news headline:

"Fairfax Financial announces a $4.6 billion writedown on the value of their BlackBerry acquisition. Layoffs are proceeding. Fairfax Financial has announced plans to sell off all corporate assets including BlackBerry's patent portfolio. A buyer has not been identified at this time."

about a year ago

Android Co-Founder: Fragmentation "an Overblown Issue"

dudeman2 Here is one thing that I do notice (289 comments)

As the owner of a non-upgradeable Android 2.3 phone (Motorola Defy XT) I find that most apps I care about work fine on the phone... with the exception of all the new Google apps and updates to said apps.

Google Maps
Google Now
all of these apps are either not available, or are only provided in downlevel versions. You have to be running 4.x to get the latest and greatest apps.

Meanwhile, Google produces versions of their apps to run on iOS 6, which is available on every iPhone back to the 3GS from 2009.

about a year and a half ago

Fox, Univision May Go Subscription To Stop Aereo

dudeman2 Re:What am I missing? (306 comments)

Wrong. Aereo provide DVR functionality (time shifting) and place shifting (although to subscribe in the first place you must live in the broadcast area).

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Can I Explain To a Coworker That He Writes Bad Code?

dudeman2 Re:Old code (683 comments)

Doesn't matter if he can understand his two-year-old code if no one else can. If he quits or gets hit by a bus, what then? I agree with above posters that this is something for his superiors to handle, not you. If it's affecting your work, point it out to them, and if they can't see the problem, perhaps it's time to look for a new job.

about 2 years ago

Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense Shield Actually Works

dudeman2 Re:Proportional response? (861 comments)

Untrue. Wikipedia says:

>By 20 November, Gaza health officials said that 113 Palestinians had been killed since the operation began, of which: 53 were civilians, 49 militants and 1 a policeman

Note that is an estimate from a Palestinian source.

Carpet-bombing, or anything close to it, would have resulted in a far higher number of Palestinian deaths. Any loss of innocent life is tragic but these numbers show a commitment to minimizing civilian casualties on the part of the IDF. Unlike Hamas which intentionally targets civilians with their rocket strikes.

more than 2 years ago

After Recent US Storms, Why Are Millions Still Without Power?

dudeman2 Re:visited to USA recently (813 comments)

Might have something to do with the fact that the population of the USA is far less dense overall than places like Western Europe (map). In dense population centers like New York City, utilities are required by law to bury the power lines. Utility companies have a captive market - where else are you going to buy your power, so in the absence of legislation, they don't have an incentive to spend the huge upfront costs of burying power lines in exchange for higher reliability.

more than 2 years ago

iTunes' Windows Problem

dudeman2 Re:Podcasts... (332 comments)

Once I started using Downcast, I've ignored Apple's substandard podcast features completely. Only shame is that Downcast can't integrate with the builtin Podcasts category, so when I play via my car head unit, I have to put the head unit into "iPod hands on" mode and manually navigate to the podcast on the iPod touch.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Store Umbilical Cord Blood — and If So, Where?

dudeman2 Donate to the Public Bank (321 comments)

We did this for all 3 of our kids. Here in New York it is free to donate and store, if you or someone else needs them, the cells are available. I have no desire to enrich the private banks.

more than 2 years ago

Kurzweil: Human-Level Machine Translation By 2029

dudeman2 Re:Ray Kurzweil's predictions (186 comments)

Google Translate is now crowdsourcing corrections to its translations. You can see how this would help particularly for idiomatic expressions. With enough crowdsourced input, I don't see why it'd take more than 5 years to get to human-quality translations of most prose texts.

more than 3 years ago

Stuxnet's Legacy: Get Back to Basics or Get Owned

dudeman2 Re:Security is hard (162 comments)

Actually, those centrifuges were never on the public Internet. Stuxnet was cleverly designed to infect the workstations running Step 7 PLC programming software, hijack the communications with the PLC to install its payload on the PLC. I don't know if the Step 7 workstations were on the Internet either; they may have been infected by sneakernet - USB keys, CDROMs, and the like.

more than 3 years ago

Adobe Evangelist Lashes Out Over Apple's "Original Language" Policy

dudeman2 Re:Who didn't see this coming? (789 comments)

Sorry, the ipod connector could not have been mini/micro USB. Unless you have some way to pass analog audio and composite video via USB without an additional set of a/d/d/a. Now, it could have been mini/micro USB PLUS analog line out/ composite out, but that's something else entirely.

more than 4 years ago



JP Morgan Chase online banking offline all day

dudeman2 dudeman2 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

dudeman2 (88399) writes "JP Morgan Chase, a U.S. bank with over 16 million customers, is still trying to restore online banking service after hours of unplanned downtime due to a "technical problem." Their spokespeople are not giving any additional details. Any Chase IT insiders here? What's the story?"
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