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Taco Bell Programming

duggy_92127 Re:which language is best? (394 comments)

UCSD's CS program was particularly good, I always thought.

Also, I was a UCSD CS TA at one point... what year were you?

more than 4 years ago

Yahoo! Music Going Dark, Taking Keys With It

duggy_92127 Re:People are still buying DRMd music. (396 comments)

Just sell the shit cheap and shoot for volume instead, no protection needed, especially if the consumers actually think the product is worth the price and prefer to buy it.

That is a perfectly valid theory, that I pretty much think would turn out to work great. However, the simple truth is that you don't know how that would actually work in the real world. I don't, either; nobody does.

They've been running their business a certain way for a long time, and making a killing. Now we're in the digital age, and the context is different and changing rapidly. Expecting them to one day up and use a totally different pricing model than they've been making a killing with up to this point is silly. Of course they're going to try and do things the exact same way as they always have.

And they've got people assuring them it's possible. These companies that are making the DRM 'software' are also making a killing, and it's mostly because the media people believe what they're selling, which is the ability to keep doing things the way they always have, in this new and scary age. I have no idea if the DRM companies know what they're doing in futile or not; that depends on how cynical you are.

That's all I got.


more than 6 years ago


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