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Review of HTC Desire As Alternative To iPhone

dybdahl Battery drain - how to prevent it (544 comments)

I use a Google Nexus, almost equivalent to the Desire, and I can recognize the battery drain. However, after a few weeks, the phone easily holds a day - probably because "moderate; use" is really "let's see what this device can do; use".

Also, some apps are written badly and consume a lot of power when in the background. If you are experimenting a lot with your phone, chances are big that you have installed one of these. There are two solutions:

1) Uninstall the bad apps.

2) Use a tool, like task killer, which can kill the bad apps when the screen turns off.

Additionally, if you are always online, and have enabled wifi, it will consume power. Quick solution: put a wifi on/off widget on your front screen, and keep wifi off under normal use.

more than 4 years ago

Denmark Chooses OpenDocument Format

dybdahl Danish government doesn't comply with own decision (198 comments)

Currently, the situation is, that ODF and OOXML must both be accepted, but there are several examples where only Microsoft dataformats are received. Therefore, it can not be expected, that this new decision will have full effect quickly.

more than 4 years ago

Denmark Chooses OpenDocument Format

dybdahl Untrue story - Denmark did not pick ODF (198 comments)

This slashdot story has the same headline as many Danish stories, but the decision did not exclude OOXML, and did not specifically pick ODF. However, the criterias that were decided upon, currently only fits ODF in the minds of most people, but Jasper Bojsen fra Microsoft also thinks that Microsoft OOXML complies with the criterias.

So basically, ODF is in, OOXML may be in, too.

more than 4 years ago

Tales of Conversion - Using Ubuntu at Work

dybdahl Applications are more important than the OS (542 comments)

Most office workers use more apps than e-mail and websurfing, and if 100% compatibility with Excel macros is required, you're going to run Microsoft Excel, no matter what. The same principle can be applied to most other apps in an office.

Ubuntu is still far behind Microsoft Windows, when it comes to Windows compatibility.

more than 7 years ago


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