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Conservatives' Trust In Science Has Fallen Dramatically Since Mid-1970s

dzerkel us vs them (1128 comments)

"We" have never agreed with "them". "They" are clearly out to get "us".

more than 2 years ago

Apple's New Patent Weapon — Location Services

dzerkel Re:Steve would have never done that (323 comments)

I call BS.

Like it or not, every company in this market is grabbing every patent it can get. Every CEO MUST do this, or get face the wrath of the board for leaving the company with its pants down. Every board of directors must do this or face the wrath of the share holders. It is not a choice for any company, it is a requirement.

As long as the US laws are written by corporations for corporations, there is no way out of this. A non-corporation must step in an stop it, and the corporations will be grateful. It is a huge waste of money to defend your products from potential patent litigation.

more than 3 years ago

EU Scientists Working On Laser To Rip a Hole In Spacetime

dzerkel Re:The 8th Dimension (575 comments)


Just stay away from the 8th dimension or it will be Orson Wells, all over again.

Better now?

more than 3 years ago

Nanomaterial May Allow Devices to Rewire Themselves

dzerkel Needs of consumers? (61 comments)

Without the Steve, no one will have a clue what this even is. At least until someone steps into his shoes...

In the meantime, it should read "needs of the corporate/government surveillance industry". Seriously, "Open the pod bay door, HAL." "Fuck you Dave, I changed the codes while you were out. Good luck floating home."

Of course, we can always encourage the hacker-elite by making "changing the function, aka programming" ambiguously legal.

more than 3 years ago

Fed Goes Hunting For Malcontents

dzerkel Trustiness (193 comments)

enough said.

about 4 years ago

Man Builds His Own Subway

dzerkel Unlikely (174 comments)

...given the type of construction used and the state of the tools in the tunnel.

more than 3 years ago

Lost Ends

dzerkel Re:Answers (955 comments)

If you are looking for answers to ANYTHING, you shouldn't be watching television AT ALL.

more than 4 years ago

Legislation To Overhaul US Patent System

dzerkel Patented already (336 comments)

I'm afraid you are all infringing on my patent on "Whining in a long, well thought-out post on slashdot about pending legislation, but never finding the time to email your representative."

License terms to follow.

more than 7 years ago


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