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Microsoft Considered Renaming Internet Explorer To Escape Its Reputation

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Totally misread the title (426 comments)

Microsoft Considered Renaming Internet Explorer To Netscape Its Reputation

about a month ago

Chaos Computer Club, Others Scoff At German Email Security Move As "Marketing"

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Re:pgp (135 comments)

That's /one/ alternative.

about a year ago

vTel Deploying Gigabit Internet In Vermont At $35/Month

e065c8515d206cb0e190 This is why (146 comments)

Governement should not subsidise anything. Ensuring proper regulation and competition is enough.

Am I the only one appalled by such counterproductive use of tax dollars?
Don't get me wrong, I like fibre and hate the usual suspects (TWC, Comcast, ...). But seriously? $8,500 per home and that's if the home actually subscribes to the service?

about a year ago

French Intelligence Agency Forces Removal of Wikipedia Entry

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Re:Le effect Streissand. (179 comments)

1- Maybe they would spell Streisand correctly?

2- Let's imagine (crazy idea, I know) that their goal is the application of local law... they certainly know that this will create unwanted attention in the short run, but maybe that's a sacrifice they're willing to make to have wikimedia comply with local law?

about a year and a half ago

Discovery Increases Odds of Life On Europa

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Re:We were warned (164 comments)

I was totally going to post that.

about a year and a half ago

Seagate To Stop Making 7200rpm Laptop HDDs

e065c8515d206cb0e190 They're free to do as they please (261 comments)

To all the whiny complainers above: they're free to decide what they want to sell or not. As a customer, you can always choose to buy somewhere else if unhappy.

about a year and a half ago

IBM's Watson Goes To College To Extend Abilities

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Really? Extend? (94 comments)

I mean... like... you know, like... no!

about a year and a half ago

Australian Prime Minister's Spoof "Apocalypse" Speech Goes Viral In China

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Copying without thinking (225 comments)

Luckily this is something that happens only with news stories.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Do You Still Need a Phone At Your Desk?

e065c8515d206cb0e190 I would ditch the mobile for a Cisco IP phone (445 comments)

In favor of Cisco IP: latency, coverage (barely any cell reception in my office), sound quality (especially in speakerphone mode), office directory, sturdiness, cost, cost, and cost

about 2 years ago

Firefox 20 Will Finally Fix Private Browsing Mode

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Re:Private mode as default (186 comments)

How do you handle logins and passwords to various sites?

about 2 years ago

Firefox 20 Will Finally Fix Private Browsing Mode

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Re:I Don't Care Anymore (186 comments)

You realize you can configure it to do just that, right?

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best File System For Web Hosting?

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Use the standard and focus on what matters (210 comments)

Whether your focus is on performance, reliability or both, you have other areas that require much more attention than the FS.

about 2 years ago

Microsoft Makes Direct X 11.1 a Windows 8 Exclusive

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Re:So? (553 comments)

Windows XP support will stop in 2014. It seems strange that Win 7 updates to DirectX would stop in 2012.

about 2 years ago

More Than 25% of Android Apps Know Too Much About You

e065c8515d206cb0e190 Re:If only! (277 comments)

Still better than on the PC, where any application can read any of your files.

Maybe you should blame it on your OS.

about 2 years ago



Human Rights Groups Join Criticism of WikiLeaks

e065c8515d206cb0e190 e065c8515d206cb0e190 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

e065c8515d206cb0e190 (1785896) writes "Several human rights organizations contacted Wikileaks and pressed them to do a better job at hiding information that endangers civilians from their leaked documents. Wikileaks editor Julian Assange issued a strong rebuke. From the article:

Mr. Assange then replied: "I'm very busy and have no time to deal with people who prefer to do nothing but cover their asses. If Amnesty does nothing I shall issue a press release highlighting its refusal," according to people familiar with the exchange.


Link to Original Source

Google CEO forecasts end of anonymity on Internet

e065c8515d206cb0e190 e065c8515d206cb0e190 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

e065c8515d206cb0e190 (1785896) writes "In yet another scary statement on privacy, Google CEO Eric Schmidt explains the amount of information that is out there can successfully identify individuals.

From the article:
"If I look at enough of your messaging and your location, and use Artificial Intelligence," Schmidt said, "we can predict where you are going to go."
"Show us 14 photos of yourself and we can identify who you are. You think you don't have 14 photos of yourself on the internet? You've got Facebook photos! People will find it's very useful to have devices that remember what you want to do, because you forgot...But society isn't ready for questions that will be raised as result of user-generated content.""

Link to Original Source


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