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Norway Mandates Government Use of ODF and PDF

eBunny Re:Highly Competent _Government_ (187 comments)

This might sound to some like an oxymoron of epic dimensions, but then again, I bet you're not feeling the effects of this policy since you're not living in Norway. The interesting thing about this policy, is that it actually have come to pass.

The magic sauce you ask? The secret is having a Minister of Government Administration and Reform, where the minister, Ms. Grande Røys have a Political Advisor that happens to be one http://no.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=J%C3%B8rund_Leknes, a card-carrying geek if there ever was one;

Top 10 finalist in Norwegian programming championship, elected replacement representative to the legislative assembly since 2001, Opensource advocate and also bronze finalist of 2v2 StarCraft championship in 2000. He's even on Facebook. Did I mention he's probably younger than a lot of you guys, at 25?

Read this one over once more and cross out everything that would not be possible in the US, and you'll see.. Garbage In/Garbage Out. it holds true also for government (internet+tubes, anyone?).

more than 7 years ago



eBunny eBunny writes  |  more than 8 years ago

eBunny (907385) writes "DoCoMo have come up with new tech, that could possibly be a first in delivering useful 3D on handheld units. The use of a tiny cam determines the viewers location relative to the screen, and presents 3D based on viewing angle as the screen is held different ways. Refreshing new solution to a known problem, much like the WII, gotta get one of each.. http://www.esato.com/news/article.php/id=1140"


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