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Which Is Better, Adblock Or Adblock Plus?

eWarz Re:Chrome? (436 comments)

This. Actually qBitttorent is superior in every way. It even closes when you hit the close button!

about a month and a half ago

35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

eWarz Re:So! The game is rigged! (570 comments)

Not a fan of banks, but you are welcome to start your own bank...all while not relying on a credit score...just make sure to have your bankruptcy lawyers on speed dial.

about a month and a half ago

35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

eWarz Re:Lack of ability to challenge bad debt (570 comments)

If this is true, you have both a lawsuit against the original creditor (fraud or negligence), the collection agency (violation of the FDCPA), as well as TransUnion (FCRA violation). Most lawyers will take this pro bono if you can prove with any level of intelligence that you don't owe the original debt. Take advantage of this! I've known people who've easily collected 50k between the supposed original creditor, collection agency, and moronic credit reporting agencies like TransUnion...and that's after attorney's fees. Should you feed into litigious america? I'd normally say no, but fuck that, big corporation needs to learn not to mess with consumers.

about a month and a half ago

New York State Proposes Sweeping Bitcoin Regulations

eWarz Re:Thanks, but no thanks (121 comments)

Aren't most of the bitcoin companies out there foreign anyway? State law isn't going to do a thing for companies that don't operate within the US.

about 2 months ago

Was Watch Dogs For PC Handicapped On Purpose?

eWarz Re:Last Ubisoft game I will ever buy (215 comments)

You lost me at 8 cores...the i7 960 is a quad core chip. Intel has never released octa core chips. Nvidia Geforce 660s are crap, as are most non maxwell nvidia chips. (NVidia finally sold me when they released maxwell, i've never seen such a low powered high performance graphics card). Don't blame ubisoft for shitty ass hardware from yesteryear...even if their shitty ass software can't run on it. P.S. for all the other gamers running actual decent hardware....UBISOFT WHAT THE HELL, are you TRYING to get me to not give you my money?

about 3 months ago

One Developer's Experience With Real Life Bitrot Under HFS+

eWarz Re:Clueless article (396 comments)

As someone who has 20 mb hard drives from decades ago...I find this whole bit rot thing a bit hard to swallow. While i'm not saying it's not's not as likely as people claim. What has more likely happened is the amount of improper power ons/offs/resets damaged the data as it was being written to disk to begin with.

about 3 months ago

Physical Media: Down, But Maybe Not Out

eWarz Re: stupid premise (116 comments)

1) rent movie from red box for $1.50. 2) rip said movie using MakeMKV. 3) ???? 4) profit!

about 3 months ago

Intel Wants To Computerize Your Car

eWarz Re:Please no (191 comments)

I do. I just want a better user experience. I hate having to rely on my cell phone for GPS (due to expensive map updates), music (cause pandora is better than satellite radio), voice control, and more. Car manufacturers are trying too hard to make 'infotainment' into something profitable, instead they should focus on making a fantastic user experience (oh shit, your gas is running low, here is the cheapest, most reliable gas station in your range)

about 3 months ago

Ten States Pass Anti-Patent-Troll Laws, With More To Come

eWarz Re:Like applying bandaid to a gushing wound (64 comments)

Making 'patent law' a nightmare IS the goal behind the laws. If laws are different in every state it makes patent trolling much harder (which makes things unprofitable).

about 4 months ago

Percentage of Elderly In Japan Continues to Grow as Number of Children Drops

eWarz I Agree (283 comments)

My wife and I had our first child around the time we turned 30. Many of our friends hadn't had children yet. We had our second 8 months ago (I'm 32) and I find it shocking that people are still waiting. Quite a few people I know are going for their masters and above in college...they aren't even considering children prior to being 35-40. Scary stuff.

about 4 months ago

$42,000 Prosthetic Hand Outperformed By $50 3D Printed Hand

eWarz Obamacare exists because... (288 comments)

Obamacare exists because the poor can't be bothered to pay $90 for a doctors visit. Instead they rack up a $900 bill at the local hospital (because hospitals are required to see you, doctors aren't) and they never pay it. This means that the hospitals must raise their fees for everyone in order to accommodate the losers that don't pay. Obamacare fixes this by requiring that everyone have health insurance. if everyone has health insurance, the majority of the bill gets paid, which should stabilize healthcare costs. This also ensures that a 'union' (health insurance companies) puts downward pressures on the prices sought out by healthcare providers.

about 5 months ago

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

eWarz Dear Dice.... (642 comments)

As somebody who initially HATED your beta and your purchase of Slashdot (wasn't kidding about my comments disappearing early on. You guys should PROBABLY look into that one) I'll say that the beta has come a long way, and I like it. I've been trolling slashdot far longer than my uid claims ( i was googling google and impressing the girls since the 90s son!...before which, the true geeks knew that altavista and hotbot were the hot mess :P) and i'm genuinely impresssed by the beta. Keep up the good work.

about 5 months ago

British Domain Registrar Offers 'No Transfer Fees,' Charges Transfer Fee

eWarz In the US.... (77 comments)

In the US we file what is called a charge back. Quite simply, if you didn't explicitly agree to the charges, you can file (and win) a charge back. The burden of proof would be on the merchant to prove that you consented to the charges. Combined with the fact that they are required by ICANN to transfer the domains, the merchant in question really has no legal standing. it's only the morons that would pay this transfer fee...but there are QUITE A FEW morons in the world.

about 5 months ago

More Than 1 In 4 Car Crashes Involve Cellphone Use

eWarz Re:A person prone to distraction (367 comments)

If it's obviously their fault....ban them for 3 years from driving, throw people that violate the order in jail for 3 years. The problem will quickly resolve itself. Just this morning i witnessed a woman this morning on the way to work chatting away, holding a cell phone to her head.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

eWarz They are going to call me a troll. (531 comments)

Office 2010, Photoshop CC. Sublime Text 3. Google Chrome. Ruby 2.x. Steam. ConEmu. Can't live without them.

about 6 months ago

FBI: $10,000 Reward For Info On Anyone Who Points a Laser At an Aircraft

eWarz Re:missiles (445 comments)

I was going to say...How about firing a weapon in the direction of the laser, I bet the morons will be weeded out pretty fast.

about 7 months ago

Windows Replacement? ReactOS 0.3.16 Gets Themes, CSRSS Rewrite, and More

eWarz Re:10 year old software? (179 comments)

"crappy ribbon bar" is a matter of opinion, many of us like the ribbon. The real reason is that office 2007/2010 tends to be much more complex due to the shear amount of extra code. The biggest issue with ReactOS is stability. You still (to this day) can't use it for even the most basic tasks. I've been with (and coded for) ReactOS since before it was's sad that it still has yet to break out into something much better. I hope that it will eventually flourish, but as of right now i will not get my hopes up.

about 7 months ago

PC Makers Plan Rebellion Against Microsoft At CES

eWarz Re:Morons (564 comments)

No offense bro, i'm definitely not 'for' android replacing a desktop OS, but yes, it can do all those things and more. The latest versions of android on most premium smartphones come with an office clone that reads and writes various office file formats. There are bazillions of apps out there for reading and writing PDF files, etc. In addition, as far as printers...remember. Android is Linux. Printer vendors for the most part keep their printers Linux compatible. I can even write Ruby/Ruby on Rails code if i choose to do so on an android based device.

No, the real issue with Android? It's designed for a touch based device. Production level PCs are currently mouse and keyboard based devices. It will be very hard for any company to change that. Instead, if an OS vendor wants to succeed, they need to cater to that market.

Oh and to anyone claiming that microsoft is catering to that market, they aren't, and they've admitted as such, and are working to remedy that in the next major Windows release, due out in 2015.

about 9 months ago



Stardock brings the start menu back to Windows 8

eWarz eWarz writes  |  about 2 years ago

eWarz writes "One of the biggest complaints about Windows 8 is the removal of the start menu. Stardock has recently remedied this with an updated version of their Start8 software. In addition to adding a start menu, Start8 allows you to boot to desktop, remove hot corner functionality, and fix various other oddball functionality, all while still allowing you to use the Metro (okay, "Windows Style") UI."


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