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EU Debates Installing a Black Box On Your Computer

eXlin Re:Excellent Kiddie Porn Producer (459 comments)

Yeah, real question is who starts monitoring those suit-mans so that those suit-mans doesn't get too exited while crawling throught that material...

What a great change for pedofiles to watch those photos and be not touchable by law and who else would like to spend ones days doing stuff like that...

more than 2 years ago

I typically run Windows ...

eXlin Mac & Linux (417 comments)

At work Mac and many Linux servers, in home i use Ubuntu.

more than 2 years ago

Amazon, Not Developers, Will Set New App Store's Prices

eXlin Re:Didn't do the math (294 comments)

No. In case seller try's to set certain % cut for developers. No matter what price they sell it forward. And making possible discounts go from developeres wallet not theirs.

If you make cookies and sell one pack of cookies for 1€ to my shop, i will pay you 1€ per pack.
After that i can charge from those cookies to consumers whatever i want.

What would you like if afterwards tell you (your flour per cookies cost 0,8€/pack, just to demonstrate) that i decided to give discount from cookies and tell you that i decided to pay only 0,5€/pack to you.

In many cases manufacturers try to "suggest" retail pricing by labelling price into products prior shipping.

So truly it should go developers tells their price and vendors decide how mutch "profit" they want to add into price. And in many cases retail into retail pricing affect manufacturers willingness to set certain price+profit for their product and local competition usually keeps cost reasonable.

more than 3 years ago

Have I Lost My Gaming Mojo?

eXlin Civilization (418 comments)

Try civilization (IV is prob better than V and you can buy that by 10€), or some another turn-based strategy game. Other game witch addicted me is minecraft. I would encourage you to give a try for either one of them or both.

more than 3 years ago

The ~200 Line Linux Kernel Patch That Does Wonders

eXlin Re:Wasn't there a desktop friendly scheduler rejec (603 comments)

Well, if it is something trivial use it. I mean 16 core's isn't that uncommon anymore, especially in servers but also desktops are catchin up that limit quite fast.

more than 3 years ago

Best Mobile Computing Options For People With RSI?

eXlin Magic Trackpad (178 comments)

I have heard a lot of good about Apple's Magic Trackpad. It should have decent support for it in ubuntu maverick 10.10 too... (

more than 3 years ago

DX11 Coming To Linux (But Not XP)

eXlin Re:An insider view (370 comments)

That were great blog post from him and i agree, we are better off without directx

more than 3 years ago

Texas Opens Inquiry Into Google Search Rankings

eXlin Re:Choice (178 comments)

Maybe i need to clarify. I know google is best search engine out there but i hope that there would rise new competitor even equal to google. And by abusing power i meant, i don't know if google is giving results over others that suit's its financial or political goals. Either way google has way too mutch power in internet.

about 4 years ago

Texas Opens Inquiry Into Google Search Rankings

eXlin Choice (178 comments)

Google might be abusing it's power but what we really do need is real choice.

We have basically bing and google and every other search site have licenced their engines.

I personally am not really happy about bing and there seems to be no true alternative for google. I welcome more competition into search engine market.

about 4 years ago

India Now Wants Access To Google and Skype

eXlin Re:S/MIME (366 comments)

So basically i can get indian into deep trouble by sending someone of them encrypted email without providing them means to open it?

about 4 years ago

Lenovo To Launch Chinese Gaming Platform Called Ebox

eXlin Re:I smell a turd... (71 comments)

Lenovo did not invent PC, IBM did.
IBM just sold their desktop pc and laptop manufacturing parts to Chinese HW manufacturer.

about 4 years ago

More Evidence For Steam Games On Linux

eXlin Re:Maybe it's not for playing per se (256 comments)

Why would "traces" be in mac client then?

I can't see any logic to keep same script and even maybe common client base if meaning for linux is only for delicated server usage.

more than 4 years ago

More Evidence For Steam Games On Linux

eXlin Re:What an understatement (256 comments)

You are forgetting that valve's graphics engine is being ported to mac. Do i need to say what opengl support would mean for posibility of linux client?

more than 4 years ago

Don't Talk To Aliens, Warns Stephen Hawking

eXlin Re:slow space travel (1015 comments)

And forgot to mention that even if we would take hit from new kind of diseases they carry why wouldn't it go another way around also?

more than 4 years ago

GIMP Dropped From Ubuntu 10.04

eXlin Re:Why I Quit GIMP After 2 Minutes (900 comments)

You might be right that it's how its expected to be, but it doesn't mean that its best way of doing things. If you do things some way because it's how you have done it and your dad, grandad and so on.... ...things will never develop.

more than 3 years ago

Did Microsoft Borrow GPL Code For a Windows 7 Utility?

eXlin Gpl violation (493 comments)

Microsoft has had open source code earlier also. But it's been licenced with bsd kind of licence. The problem is that if there are gpl-licenced code taken (doesn't need permission of project owners) microsoft has to give all changes they made to public. Gpl can also touch so depends what they've done with/to that they might also need to distribute more code of theirs. There is also organisation who's trying to track down and sue corporations violating OS licences (can't remember name), maybe they get some job to do.

more than 4 years ago

Terrorists Ban Musical Ringtones

eXlin Re:Cool! (24 comments)

Yea i thought same thing :)

more than 4 years ago

Comparing Microsoft and Apple Websites' Usability

eXlin Size of site might affect also (314 comments)

I agree, but we need to remember that Microsoft's site is mutch larger than Apples. Small sites are always easier to keep in way that navigating between sites are easier and you always find site you are looking for.

about 5 years ago


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