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I think next winter will be:

ebcdic Stupidest question ever (52 comments)

Next: I'm going to toss a coin, which way do you think it will come down?

13 hours ago

Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

ebcdic Health effects (471 comments)

I predict a great increase in users' blood pressure due to constantly checking their heart rate.

5 days ago

How the Ancient Egyptians (Should Have) Built the Pyramids

ebcdic Dodecagons, not dodeca-something (202 comments)

They are not "dodecadrons", nor are they dodecahedral. They have a cross-section which is a dodecagon.

about three weeks ago

Interviews: Bruce Perens Answers Your Questions

ebcdic Re:Protecting the Weak from the Strong (224 comments)

"Ireland" can mean either the island or the country called the Republic of Ireland, which is about 80% of the island. The Republic is not part of the UK, it is a completely independent country. Northern Ireland (the northern 20%) is part of the UK. The "Irish Free State" was the name of what is now the Republic of Ireland in the 1920s and 30s and is not a term used any more.

about 3 months ago

On MetaFilter Being Penalized By Google

ebcdic I might care... (108 comments)

... if I'd ever heard of MetaFilter.

about 4 months ago

Dorian Nakamoto Officially Denies That He Created Bitcoin

ebcdic Re:I don't blame him (102 comments)

If you were the maker of Bitcoin, you could afford it.

about 6 months ago

NSA and GHCQ Employing Shills To Poison Web Forum Discourse

ebcdic Is this what happened to Usenet? (347 comments)

Usenet is much harder to control than web forums, so making it useless by posting endless rubbish would be attractive.

about 7 months ago

GM's CEO Rejects Repaying Feds for Bailout Losses

ebcdic Re:Right and wrong (356 comments)

I know it will affect my future buying decisions.

But if you don't buy GM products, they will need another bailout. You have to pay them whether you like it or not.

about 9 months ago

Why There Shouldn't Be a Chess World Champion

ebcdic Why? (284 comments)

Why does chess need a "clear and predictable yardstick for greatness"? It's a game, not engineering.

about 10 months ago

Do You Need Headphones While Working?

ebcdic Not at all (262 comments)

I only go to work to talk to the people there.

about a year ago

Linking Mass Extinctions To the Sun's Journey In the Milky Way

ebcdic What we need to know... (199 comments)

... is when we pass through the next one!

about a year ago

Linus Responds To RdRand Petition With Scorn

ebcdic Re:Marital/Money problems??? (566 comments)

Given a random source, you can produce another source correlated with it.

1 year,5 days

Linus Responds To RdRand Petition With Scorn

ebcdic Re:Marital/Money problems??? (566 comments)

*Unless* the other source is correlated with the random one.

1 year,5 days

Compared to my 1st computer's memory ...

ebcdic More than 30,000,000 times (587 comments)

It should be clear you've got the choices wrong when the mode is at one end. My first computer had 384 bytes of RAM. This one has 12GB.

about a year ago

Man Of Steel Leaps Over Record With $125.1 Million To Mixed Reviews

ebcdic Confusing name (364 comments)

I had assumed that "Man of Steel" was a film about Stalin.

about a year ago

Charge Your Cellphone In 20 Seconds (Eventually)

ebcdic Too much current (295 comments)

My phone battery has a capacity of 2.1Ah. To charge it in 20 seconds would require a current of 380 Amps. What kind of charger could safely supply that?

about a year ago

Major Advance Towards a Proof of the Twin Prime Conjecture

ebcdic Re:Trivially constructive (248 comments)

it provides the contradiction by constructing a list of numbers at least one of which must be a new prime. It's simple to test each of them. If you want to construct an infinite list of primes, just repeat indefinitely.

about a year ago

Major Advance Towards a Proof of the Twin Prime Conjecture

ebcdic Re:Trivially constructive (248 comments)

I'm pointing out that the existing proof is constructive, not giving another proof.

about a year ago


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