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Polar Flares To Be Visible Tonight

ebingo Re:Science Pron (88 comments)

That would explain the M rating

more than 4 years ago

State of Sound Development On Linux Not So Sorry After All

ebingo Re:What are we trying to achieve? (427 comments)

I don't see what you see in Amarok that makes you think it's an iTunes wannabe. I see all the contrary. But I am with you with the fact that Amarok 2 is unstable and cumbersome. For some reason, going from 1.4 to 2 was a big regression in term of usability. But try Amarok 1.4, it's great, and far from being an iTunes clone. I hate iTunes, but love my Amarok 1.4.

On the other hand, Rythmbox IS an iTunes wannabe, for anyone who wants an iTunes clone on Linux, I think Rythmbox is the way to go.

more than 5 years ago


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