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Book Review: Pro Drupal 7 Development, Third Edition

eclipz Only a "few" errors? (74 comments)

For a book with "Pro" in the title, I expect more than "...and there are only a few places where the code does not match the narrative, or the code is incorrect in some other way". I'm rather surprised that a book that is attempting to be a learning guide would let *major* errors such as that through. I suppose I'll go for my learning somewhere else.

more than 3 years ago

Time Dimension To Become Space-like

eclipz Re:Mayan Calender (587 comments)

I am also not a professional. However...

The paper describes the time dimension heading toward a singularity. So, we'll get the universe rapidly expanding outward faster and faster. However, there will be a point at which there is a "big freeze", where time will stop. However, there is no 'experience' of time stopping. Instead, we would experience time as normal as we are attached to it, and would have no clue that we can go no further. There is a very interesting description of this in "Einstein's Dreams".

So, putting it into your explaination, all that spaghetti rotating in the forth dimension would keep doing so. Only an observer *outside* of time could ever see the change in the brane-space and only they would ever see the stuck versions of ourselves at the point of the signature change.

more than 7 years ago



eclipz eclipz writes  |  more than 8 years ago

eclipz writes "Recently, a group has formed called SEA, or Scientists and Engineers for America. Slashdotters may find this interesting, as many of you follow a scientific frame of mind. They have a Scientific Bill of Rights, and stances on many issues. It appears they'll also be posting important races so that their members may focus on where they can do the most good.

SEA's advisory board includes two of Bill Clinton's former science advisers — John Gibbons and Neal Lane — and eight Nobel laureates. From their homepage: "Scientists and engineers have a right, indeed an obligation, to enter the political debate when the nation's leaders systematically ignore scientific evidence and analysis.""


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