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Ubisoft Points Finger At AMD For Assassin's Creed Unity Poor Performance

eddy Re:A highly relevant comment from the previous pos (262 comments)

Here's something that doesn't need 'conspiracy' to understand. Unity is playing bad on the PC because they're issuing 50k draw calls on DX11.

The game (in its current state) is issuing approximately 50,000 draw calls on the DirectX 11 API. Problem is, DX11 is only equipped to handle ~10,000 peak draw calls. What happens after that is a severe bottleneck with most draw calls culled or incorrectly rendered, resulting in texture/NPCs popping all over the place.

Ironically, instead of blaming AMD for this, AMD is actually providing a solution. I don't like it personally, but the Mantle API specifically solves this problem today while we wait for DX12/OpenGL Next.

Of course, it's only available on AMD hardware and besides, because Ubi is in a company wide PR deal with nVidia to use GameWorks(TM) THEY CAN'T USE IT!

So instead of blaming AMD, Ubi should either go sit in a corner (because they know what they did wrong), or they need to look into a mirror (because they don't recognize that they're the real problem)

about 2 months ago

Google Announces Motorola-Made Nexus 6 and HTC-Made Nexus 9

eddy RIP Nexus 7, you were the best. (201 comments)

I just wanted a new 3rd gen Nexus 7 with a spec bump. Cheap but durable. For in-home (bed) use; wifi-only is fine. $199. Sold.

Maybe next year. Or maybe not.

I don't need nor want a big tablet. I can't replace the 7" tablet with a 6" phone (no upside). The 9" I'm sure is a nice size and all, but it's going to be at least twice the price. No go.

about 3 months ago

The IPv4 Internet Hiccups

eddy Oh, that explains things. (248 comments)

Probably why I couldn't reach NeoGAF for most of yesterday, unless I went through tor. Which I did, because I'm a man and I have my needs.

about 5 months ago

Russia Prepares For Internet War Over Malaysian Jet

eddy Active ops (503 comments)

Seeing a lot of pro-russian "psyops" on one local forum attached to a news outlet focused on economics, so much so that it's pretty obvious that it's organized. Massive amounts of downvotes on anything negative to the pro-russian side, and weak conspiracy theories written in broken english moderated up.

Not sure why they're wasting their time, but there you go. I guess the proud Cheka men have nothing better to do than troll forums.

about 6 months ago

$3000 GeForce GTX TITAN Z Tested, Less Performance Than $1500 R9 295X2

eddy Re:So glad it's over (151 comments)

The Titan-Z was and is a PR product. It was conceived simply to create buzz around nVidia. They had the misfortune that AMD put out a better card before they could get the darn thing to market though. First they delayed it, then as pressure mounted they finally sneaked it out without much of the ado they were hoping for. I doubt there exists or will ever exist more than a couple of hundred Titan-Zs IN THE WORLD.

Anyone who tells you that this card "is for X" where X is something else than PR is wrong and/or lying. It doesn't make sense anywhere.

about 7 months ago

Crucial Launches MX100 SSD At Well Under 50 Cents Per GiB

eddy Re:Well under $.50 per GiB? (107 comments)

Very disappointing. So it's almost exactly the same price as the products that are already out but using 2x nm NAND. Oh well, I guess it's my fault for thinking Crucial would actually make a move here.

about 8 months ago

Mathematical Model Suggests That Human Consciousness Is Noncomputable

eddy Sounds like complete bullshit. (426 comments)

There seems to be a step missing from A (that's not how memory works) to B (therefore uncomputable). The premise that memory isn't lossy sounds like rubbish, even IF it's perhaps not so simply a question of 'read errors'

I recently watched this talk, Modeling Data Streams Using Sparse Distributed Representations, which seems to be able to represent memory in a layered and lossy way perfectly fine in a computer.

about 9 months ago

New Shape Born From Rubber Bands

eddy WMV fail (120 comments)

Windows Media Video 9 files without any identifying suffix in the downloadable archive. Good going.


about 9 months ago

Apple Fixes Dangerous SSL Authentication Flaw In iOS

eddy Re:warning about unreachable code (101 comments)

Sorry, it's not there. It's silently ignored, which is the WORST POSSIBLE SOLUTION to the problem. Ugh.

The -Wunreachable-code has been removed, because it was unstable: it relied on the optimizer, and so different versions of gcc would warn about different code. The compiler still accepts and ignores the command line option so that existing Makefiles are not broken. In some future release the option will be removed entirely.


about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Are We Still Writing Text-Based Code?

eddy Need the expressiveness (876 comments)

It's a bit like asking why we aren't all writing novels with a markov chain generator.

about a year ago

Is Choice a Problem For Android?

eddy Broken premise (361 comments)

Ignoring the premise that Android is "impossible to navigate" (which is false), as for this specific quote:

That’s fun for them; but they’ve made the mistake of not understanding how their motivation differs from the rest of us

No, I understand perfectly well, it's just that I don't care about your needs. Why should I put your needs first? Are they more important than mine? What's the end game here? If Android copies iOS then it's called out for that by people like you ("no innovation!"). If it doesn't then it's "impossible to navigate because it's not exactly like iOS".

Is there a middle road where tinkerers and "normals" can coexist on one OS? Perhaps. But maybe it's okay that to have the existing distinction between the OSes. Or maybe iOS should be more open to tinkerers? Why don't you head over there and suggest that they simply don't understand that iOS is too hard to tinker with.

(Again, I don't think there's acutally anything major that'd make Android hard to use. In fact, I recommended an Android phone for my mother, knowing full well that I risk being the designated support (which I don't want to be).

about a year ago

How The NSA Targets Tor

eddy Re:How about the nodes (234 comments)

One slide mentioned this. It said that the node exploitation route was improbable due to technical and legal difficulties.

about a year ago

Declassified NSA Docs Shed Light On Cold War (And Modern) Operations

eddy Unmasked (83 comments)

The on-site computer (a CP 818) REDACTED and demodulated the signal, then scanned the plaintext transmissions for key words. The system would alarm on . recognition of high-interest text, and the operators would react with special processing and forwarding routines.

So it DECRYPTED and demodulated the signal you say? :-\

(1st para, p.18 / 373).

about a year ago

Misinterpretation of Standard Causing USB Disconnects On Resume In Linux

eddy Re:USB sucks (280 comments)

I did that yesterday.

Then I yelled at the phone for not charging.

about a year and a half ago

Google Blocks YouTube App On Windows Phone (Again)

eddy Re:youtube.com/my_subscriptions also deleted today (629 comments)

Yes, this is the real crime here. Make youtube absolutely dreadful to use in a normal web browser on the desktop. I haven't seen that kind of UI degradation since shacknews abandoned black and orange.

about a year and a half ago


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eddy eddy writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I've been very lazy with the book reviews this year, but here's the first one out.

Short version: Not perfect, not educational (unless you're a newbie), but entertaining none the less.

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